Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday - September 3

Another exciting game of pool

Once again, I really couldn't come up with much of an update because there's so much nothing going on in the house right now! Even the strategy talks are treading trodden trails and it's like living Groundhog Day over and over again to listen to them. So, as a result, I'm putting up more screen caps than actual updates in this post. Here ya go:
  • Frankie and Christine really dislike each other. Both claim they were close in the first month, then pretty much decided they didn't like each other.
  • Christine told Cody he's the only one in the house she trusts.
  • She's been hanging out with Nicole and Victoria a lot.
  • But Nicole is going home tomorrow and she mocks Victoria every chance she gets when she's with her Boyz.
  • Derrick is pushing for the Bomb Squad/Detonators to be in the final four just so they could say they made it, much like the Brigade. He seems to be including himself, Cody, Caleb and Frankie with Christine out before the four.
  • He also claims that he and Cody made their own pact on Day Two (whatever) and he wants to honor it.
  • He does seem to be backing off his idea of going to the final two with Victoria. He knows that would guarantee him the win, but the logistics of getting there with her are really iffy now.
  • With his facial hair and a cap, Caleb is looking more like Boston Rob (scruffy version) at times than Eminem/Charlie Sheen.
  • Caleb still has delusions of grandeur.
  • Frankie still thinks he's a beloved star of the show and the world on the whole.
  • Victoria has found out that watching the Israel version of BB in no way prepared her for this summer in the American BB.
  • Christine's incessant laugh and disgusting picking at toes and fingers still creep me out.
  • Holla!
  • Cody was able to change from a long-sleeved, long-pants dinosaur to a short-sleeves, short-panted one. He wears separate dino-paws.
  • Caleb never seems to wear the bunny slippers these days.
  • Could he be over Amber?
  • Well, until the wrap party, he seems to be. He, however, is holding a grudge against Frankie for the lies told to make him turn on Amber.
  • So much talk about "what ifs."
  • I'd like to say WHAT IF Victoria wins HoH?!?! I know it's an improbability, but WHAT IF?
  • I think Cody and Derrick would be the only ones safe with a win by her.
  • I'd like that.
  • We're in the doldrums until tomorrow's eviction(s).
  • Enjoy the pretty pictures!


Ew! She's hugging Frankie for a photo!

Picking at her feet again

His Justin Bieber impersonation

What am I doing in this handbasket?

Strategy-less talk

Don't they ever refrigerate the beverages?

Nicole napped a lot

Nothing to see here, move along!


lynn1 said...

I tried to watch BBAD last night but I quickly became bored with seeing Christine counting stuff on her fingers, Nicole eating and Victoria staring blankly into space.
Jackie, honestly you could recap one of your previous post and it would be spot on. These folks are boring and I am not sure any of them has ever had an original rational thought.

Delee said...

I say do away with the pool table and chess board next year. How about a foosball table? Pinball machines? Something needs to liven up the game. Bring back the food comp and do away with BOB. Still have 2 HOH's at the beginning but then let nominees only play for the veto. One down and new hamster up. Vote on one of four to go out, I believe that would make voting more interesting. Also only HOH can sleep in the HOH room. We do not need another leech like Frankie getting a privilege.

Anonymous said...

I say do away with the show unless they can actually have something unexpected like they promise. What happened to the Golden Power of Veto? What happened to the coup 'd etat, Pandora's Box, competitions that are actually exciting. NOTHING happened this season. NOTHING. Its like a promotional show for Frankie. Thats it. Nothing happened that was twisted like they said excpet having a twisted freak like FJG.

Sharon N said...

Last time we saw the bunny slippers, they were pretty much demolished, so it's a good bet they've gone to bunny-heaven.

FJG's paranoia seems to be working for him, i.e., he's the only one who has figured out Derrick's "weak/friend" schtick... unfortunately.
If it came down to which one of those two to vote out, I'd much rather it be FJG.

Nina said...

Anon 11:49

I had said this before about it being Frankie and his sister's promotion show. Otherwise we would have had the Power of Veto, Pandora's Box etc. that you stated by now, and also more excitement to keep us entertained. So many viewers are saying the same thing. CBS only has today or tomorrow to fix it.

The only interesting thing at this time is the enjoyment I get out of reading Jackie's comments.

I might be wrong but this is just how I see it.

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Frankie get evicted...please dear God.........and then the audience react horribly when he walks thru the door! Give him little to no noise and boos!!!!! That would be the icing on the cake to this sleeze ball ..........please let us have something to look forward to this season. For it has been so awful with nothing this season........I know those of us watching would love to see him SUFFFERRRRRRRRRRER on camera and get his 15 miserable seconds of SHAME!


Sharon N said...

Dana, FJG might get a few BOOs if/when he exits, but I doubt it will be any more than what Aaryn got last year.

We all thought Aaryn would be the recipient of mega-BOOs, but there were only a couple that could be heard in the background of applause. However, Julie did ask a couple of pertinent and embarrassing questions during her exit interview.

IF FJG is evicted before the F2, the question is...
Will Julie ask similar embarrassing questions of him?
Or will the exit interview be scrubbed clean because of some prior contractual arrangement?

David said...

Sharon. I saw where Frankie was kind of figuring out Derrick. And Derrick himself saying the playing weak player/friend thing can only get him so far. Frankie was talking to Caleb about it so unless he makes a move it will not go any further as Caleb will keep it to himself unless he wants to hammer Frankie with it later.
Derrick seems to be the only one thinking past Thursday. They are all going to be lost come Friday without a direction to go unless Victoria wins one of the HOH's and Christine the other. Then they will still try to target the girls. It could get messy in there come Friday depending on the outcome of Thursday.

Sharon N said...

Sometimes, I can't help wonder about BMCowpie too.
We hear that he hasn't forgiven FJG for the Amber bit, but then he goes and saves FJG with the "loyalty" BS.
Then follows that up by acting like FJG is his BFF.
But when FJG questions Cowpie, he acts like he's going to tell everything, but only spills little bits of info... and mostly talks around it. Who knows, maybe Cowpie is smarter than we think?
Nah... can't be.

Petals said...

So the Crust is discovering what it is like to have professed "literal hatred" for every single houseguest. I wonder if literal hatred is part of her church's doctrine? I mean, she seems to use that word, hate, more often that any other utterance (other than the giggle). Tsk Tsk
I heard the Crust's story about a miscarriage a few years ago. Hmm...
That would make her marriage one of the shotgun variety? Yes? Good. Not that we ever thought that was a real love affair. Do I have a teensy bit of sympathy? Hell no. A) I don't believe the slag, and B) if it is true, then God mercifully stepped-in.

Can't we just give Derrick the check and move on to AllStars?

Nick said...

There are numerous issues with the majority of the people left, but the two main ones are 1) They are more concerned with winning America's Favorite than actually winning Big Brother and 2) They have only planned for the alliance to get to the F5 and then it's just "Oh well, good luck to everyone from here." I really feel horrible for Nicole, because this was a terrible season for her to be on. In just about any other season she would have been able to make deals this week and would have worked with those in power to take out a big threat. She just happened to be unlucky and not be picked for the Bomb Squad in the early days.

Sharon N said...

Crusty and her husband do appear to be an unlikely pair.
I know this sounds unkind, but she looks and acts the part of a nagging hag... and he looks the part of a 14 year old boy.
Marriage made in heaven? LOL

Anonymous said...

Next season ALL woman! Then ALL men!! Let's see how that would be!!!! No all guy aliances against the women away like all the rest!!!! Expect the expected is this season!!! Love you Jackie you make even the most unbearable season worth reading about.

David said...

LOL. Because of Frankie all of the other house guests are red meat starved. BB said they will give them a special meal today to celebrate the end of the HN's and everyone just wants Burgers. If they had been smart and got rid of Frankie a long time ago they wouldn't be growing gills and would have been able to eat all the steaks and burgers they wanted.

Anonymous said...

They not only had to share the HOH room with Frankie they have to be on the same food diet.
I swear this is all just some contract that was arranged ahead of time.
The BB show would never take place and all the talk of unexpected and twists was just a big fat lie.
I hope Victoria wins this. That would be the most perfect ending to this shameful season that CBS sucked everyone in to.

Sharon N said...

On the other hand, seems to me that past HGs have had both fish and meat options. So what the heck?
If they had just used their BRAINS, they could have simply asked for red meat... and then let FJG have all the flippin' fish he wanted.
Stupid is as stupid does!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was an interesting tidbit to start "their" day....
Nicole must have done a lot of thinking over-night because she has finally figured out that everything she tells Derrick makes it back to Cody. Of course, he vehemently denied it all and the convo ended up with her crying. BUT I tend to think she now believes he has never been working "for her" at all.

Sharon N said...

The fish-food diet is probably just like the booze situation.
BB told them they could have been having more booze... if they had just asked.
They just didn't ask!

uncartie said...

Petals,Sharon,After seeing Crustie's husband and the way she has crawled all over Cody,the only word I can think of to describe him and their marriage would be Cuckold.

If and when FJG is evicted,any boos,no matter how small,would devastate him. If Julie does not ask him about those disgusting remarks it's just more proof that CBS is helping him.

Petals said...

Anon 2:52 - Now THAT would be funny!

uncartie said...

A few fun facts for us BB wonks courtesy of BuddyTV,com.

"-This is Victoria's fifth nomination. She is one of only 17 HGs to be nominated that many times in one season, a list that also includes Donny and Nicole.

-Derrick has now survived 11 rounds of nominations without ever going on the block, a new record.

-Derrick is only the 13th HG to make it to the Top 6 without ever being nominated. And it has only happened four times since season 6, most recently with Ian Terry. Only six people have ever made it to the Top 5 without being nominated, and no one has done it since April Lewis in season 6.

-Christine, Derrick and Frankie have all made it to 11 votes without ever being eligible to get evicted. Only five other people have ever done this: season 5 winner Drew Daniel, season 7's Janelle Pierzina, season 14's Shane Meaney and Ian Terry and season 15's McCrae Olson.

-This will end Victoria's streak of voting 10 times in a row. This will be the 10th vote for both Christine and Derrick, meaning they join Victoria, season 6's Ivette and season 15's Andy, GinaMarie and McCrae as the only HGs to vote 10 times in a single season.

-This will be Derrick's eighth consecutive time voting for eviction. Only seven other people have ever voted that many times in a row, including Victoria this year.

-This is going to be the third season in a row with at least four men in the Top 6. It also happened in seasons 10 and 12.

-If Nicole is evicted with a 4-0 vote, it will be the eighth unanimous vote of the season, an all-time record. It will also mark the first time ever that everyone in the Top 6 reached that point without ever having a single eviction vote cast against them."

A testament to how predictable this season has been.

Petals said...

uncartie - interesting info, thanks.
And yes - talk about the unexpected! Who would have expected that the season "with more twists than any other" would play-out so miserably.

Sharon N said...

Makes one ponder, kinda like BMC.
What was BB thinking, or are they thinking?
What will they do about this huge faux pax?

monty924 said...

Love the stats Uncartie

monty924 said...

Sharon, I think they will go to work for a fix so that this season's predictability can never play out again. Maybe??? ;-)

Nick said...

It is just very odd (not that I wanna be one of those BB conspiracy theorists) that there was no big twist to shake up the game during "The most twisted summer ever". No Pandora's Box, Diamond POV, or anything that would have potentially turned things around and caused some extra stress and tension. Perhaps production knew that it was a lost cause with an alliance in the house that had that big of a numbers advantage and which consisted of people who really had no interest in playing Big Brother. The ironic thing is that the BOTB twist actually saved Frankie, where in a normal season they could have not nominated him and made a house agreement that whoever won POV would use it so Frankie could be put up as the replacement and evicted. Not that I even believe they would have gone through with it in the end of course...would have been much too bloody @@

Anonymous said...

Twists??? What twists??

BOB?...not exactly a twist, just a change in the game. It went on and on...nothing unexpected about that.

TA? Ho hummmm Just another way for FJG to be front and center.

monty924 said...

I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that they didn't do an America's vote for a coup d'├ętat or a Diamond Power of Veto (and it's diamond, not gold. They have the gold now) this season. That would have or could have shifted the power but not for long. That mega alliance sealed the deal this summer because they never turned on each other early. We can thank Derrick for that.

Nick said...

You just have to wonder if Frankie was on the wrong side of the numbers, would there have been anything to attempt to cause a shift in the house? I still think probably not, because Donny had a following like very few have had before in Big Brother and they did nothing to help him.

As for the twists, BOTB only played into the hands of the huge alliance. Nobody was going to nominate strong players like Frankie and Cody together, so even if one of the alliance members was still up after BOTB, they were going to be up with someone weak and that person would be voted out. And yeah, Team America's only impact on the game was to ensure Zach was evicted. And someone coming back from jury is much more expected than unexpected at this point. Derrick better hope his conservative gameplay and seed planting takes him to the Final 2, because he is going to feel rather dumb if he sat there with this group who had no idea how to play Big Brother and doesn't win $500k for it.

monty924 said...

This is hard to follow because McCrae keeps breaking up on audio, but it puts sort of an interesting insider's perspective on the game at this point.

Dare I say that my one time long ago pool pick could actually pull out a win? NBC could win BB16???

monty924 said...

Yeah Nick, I think if they were going to do it this season then it would have been to save Donny even after the tremendous FAIL by TA with Frankie's play or this week to save Nicole. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when this painful show ends and Survivor starts. I am so disgusted with CBS that I almost don't want to watch anything on that channel.
I will never watch the Talk again.

lynn1 said...

After last season's bigotry and soft porn and this season being a big yawn I am beginning to think we may actually be seeing BB jump the shark.

Anonymous said...

With Frankie's potty mouth I don't think you can eliminate soft porn from this year.
Seems to me at times its being swept under the rug. Frankie has said and done things that IMO rate XX!

Ed in Ohio said...

This may or may not be the worst season but IMO it is certainly the most BORING.

I actually gave up on this show weeks ago and if not for Jackie's descriptive updates & all you 'witty' pool party folks I wouldn't still be here.

I like competiton and this whole season there was oh so very little of it on BB.

I kinda agree with lynn1 above...BB may have jumped the shark!

Petals said...

Lynn & Ed - yeah. Jumped the Shark. But who'd be the shark? The fun seasons, the interesting seasons, the all-star seasons.

I see one easy way to eliminate some of the tedium and dullards of this season: NO MORE RECRUITS!
I don't care how many piercings, partners & political stances - no more braindead, wanna-be-star recruits.
And how about an age limit? Like, no more than 3 HGs under 25.
I mean, c'mon.

monty924 said...

Agree with Petals, but BB knows what they want and what draws the controversy and ratings and they will stick with their method. Sad!

Ed in Ohio said...

Monty you may be right, but if that is true it will be time for me to move along.

If BB17 (if there is one) is anything like 16 I say no thank you CBS.

Robin said...

I'm not sure that production can be blamed with how boring and predictable things have become. Each season is planned well in advance, and I suspect there's really no way to throw in an extra gimmick (Pandora's Box, Diamond Power of Veto, etc.) to tweak a season at a late date. They did come up with the dual HOHs and the BoB--both substantial and "unexpected" additions this year. Team American was "unexpected" and still is "unsuspected" by most of the houseguests, so that was a new twist too. I admit they could have done much better in developing the options for TA tasks.

I think the boredom is primarily due to the way the alliance is playing the game--Derrick's leading quietly and keeping dissention to a minimum. The others are blindly following, believing the party line that Derrick delivers. The outsiders haven't really had a chance since the big alliance was formed very early on.

In a way, we could blame some of the boredom on Devin. He brought Christine and Amber into the alliance, cementing the big alliance and the smaller group of outsiders. He further solidified the alliance by showing what happens to someone who doesn't toe the line.

I guess my point is that I think casting led to the boredom more than the production elements (structure, competitions and twists) did.

Nick said...

I totally agree Robin. There were some decent twists, but they really just played right into the hands of the huge alliance. But there is nothing production could do about that...can't anticipate a mega alliance being formed, with the members of it mostly being strong players, especially physically. I do think they could have done an America's Vote for some kind of power, but not sure it would have changed much overall. These people can certainly claim this is the most loyal summer ever, but not the most twisted!

On a side note, I don't watch live feeds, but read Jokers Updates a good bit each day, and of course Jackie's daily updates. I never saw any mention of that Derrick/Nicole convo in the HN room where she compared him to Dan...which, according to tonight's episode, made him flip back to wanting her out. Was that just a clever edit or did that convo really take place at a time when it made him flip to want Frankie to stay?