Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday into the evening - September 3

What? A big alliance? Me?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Breaking Have Not:
  • At one point, Derrick apologized to us for being boring.
  • I think we deserve a bigger apology!
  • Nicole told Derrick that she knows everything she says to him gets back to Cody.
  • Oh noes! I don't do that!
  • Her feelings are hurt.
  • He's deeply offended.
  • Oh my.
  • She said she knows there's a final four deal.
  • He denies it.
  • It's still boring. A boring slight kerfuffle.
  • Derrick so wants to keep that Nicole jury vote.
  • The kerfuffle was interrupted by the BB voice telling them they get to choose a special lunch.
  • Yep, the Have Not phase has been broken!
  • They have to clear out the Have Not room.
  • They got In-N-Out Burgers much to the dismay of Frankie who doesn't eat red meat and Christine who's always snacking yet claims to be allergic to everything.
  • Frankie ended up with a burger.
  • Christine thinks her burger must have touched gluten or they must use vegetable oil for the fries. "It's disgusting!" and she's sick.
  • @@
  • She then whined that her hands smelled like In-N-Out no matter how much she washed him.
  • Huh. I don't see her whining that her hands smell like feet when she picks at her toes and then nibbles her fingers!
  • There was an HoH lockdown which was eventually replaced by the Jeff interviews/clips reels.
  • What's up? What's up?
  • Oh.
  • Apparently they had music for them.
  • They felt let down, too.
  • BB gave them three beers and a bottle of wine.
  • Go, party animals.
  • Holla!

In-N-Out Burger feast

Clean that window!

Nicole helps Victoria study

Cody is one with Dino tonight

Easily led


monty924 said...

Anon 10:29 from the last post... yes she needs to say that and I will stand up and applaud if she calls Derrick out, but she won't.

I have my popcorn ready for the live double eviction. Fingers crossed that Frankie heads out right after Nicole and I will be a happy girl.

Sharon N said...

Except.... Derrick is pushing for Crusty out. :(
I want FJG gone SO BAD!!!
BMC's redneck voice wears thin real fast!

monty924 said...

Derrick can push whatever he wants but it comes down to who wins the HOH. King Derrick might not get he wishes granted.

monty924 said...


monty924 said...

That's why I'm rooting for (sorry) Christine in tonight's DE. I want drama!

Sharon N said...

If it is the wall comp, it's geared more for slight but strong women.
Hate to say it, but FJG meets all the criteria except for female.
I think that would more than likely blow up Derrick's plans too.
He'd have to do a fast soft-shoe! lol

David said...

If it is the wall comp then that will be for next weeks HOH and eviction. The HG's seem to think it will probably be a before and after comp during the live show. If that is indeed the comp then a lucky guess could determine who is the HOH.
Derrick win and he may have to sacrifice Victoria to keep blood off his hands. Cody, and it could be Frankie going home. Victoria, and it could be Christine or Frankie going. Christine and it will probably be Frankie, Victoria, or maybe Caleb. Frankie and it might be Derrick or Christine nom'ed with Christine going.
Could be an interesting night for a change. Here's to hoping for one of the boys to go home.

Sharon N said...

Derrick better stop with that losing comps bit.
People are mentioning more and more how he's never been OTB.
So far, they haven't been worried since he's been losing, but that could come to a screaming halt soon.

It's actually rather shocking that only Nicole realizes (kind of) what Derrick's game is right now. Not that she'd do anything about it... he's her "friend" ya know. @@ Maybe if she was staying, she'd be more inclined, but it's the very reason she's going... courtesy of Derrick.

Always amazes me all the talk of "trust" when there really is NO trust in this game

uncartie said...

Ratings were only down slightly last night,4%,but still respectable.

Sharon N said...

I was wondering if they are doing something special today... like Pandora's Box. But doesn't look like it. Guess it took 3 hours for FJG to get his pink hair dye. @@

Anyone want to place any bets on how soon it will be before the guys get thoroughly ticked-off at Derrick? He's starting to push his luck (agenda) IMO.

It used to be that Derrick would hint/suggest and then say "what do you think?"
But it looks like Cody and Derrick are going to start butting heads now. Cody isn't thrilled with Derrick's latest plan because he feels it could more directly affect Cody.

Meanwhile, BMC just sits there like the meadow-muffin that he is... because he doesn't actually have a plan of his own.

uncartie said...

I'd love to see Derrick go home tonight and wipe that smug look off his face. He's getting way too cocky.