Thursday, September 04, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday night into Thursday - September 4

Late night (strategic) talk with Nicole

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misery:
  • Christine and Frankie made amends.
  • We'll see how long that lasts.
  • Frankie blamed Nicole for setting them against each other.
  • @@
  • Yeah, right. Blame the girl you're sending home and cannot defend herself.
  • They all got really loud and obnoxious with their little amount of alcohol in them.
  • Christine said her mother grew up in Albany, NY.
  • Frankie said he did a show once in Albany, NY.
  • Christine said what a pretty city it is.
  • Um.
  • I went to college and my first apartment was in Albany, NY. It was long ago and far away, but I think I can speak for Albany, NY -- stay out of town, Frankie and Christine!
  • Holla!
  • Cody still wants Frankie out before Christine for his own game.
  • Derrick would prefer Christine out first, then Frankie, as he wants to keep the guys intact for the final four. He thinks Frankie would remain loyal to them to get to that point.
  • Cody says none of his friends have apartments of their own and he lives with his parents, so he can't really have girls over.
  • My gosh, we have a generation of adult kids living off their parents! I know the economy isn't what it was, but roommates should make moving out doable even with a minimum wage job! Don't they WANT to be on their own?
  • Derrick said that Cody is using his good looks as strategy as he flirts with the girls.
  • Well, yeah, dude!
  • Holla!
  • Christine went into the dark bedroom and molested the Dino head, then molested Cody's hair and head in bed.
  • Ew.
  • Nicole told Derrick that Cody has a good chance of winning over the jury votes, as does Caleb.
  • Now, that's why Derrick would want to bring Victoria to the final two with him instead of his boyz!
  • But the logistics of getting that done get trickier by the day. He might convince them to get rid of Christine before Victoria, but the rest would be hard.
  • D-Bomb! HOLLA!
  • You gotta start winning comps, dude! Holla, it's the truth.
    Independent study

    Hugging the Dino head before snuggling

    It really should be Frankie instead

    Dino teases Nicole


    Stormy said...

    Hope some action happens tonight on DE. I feel like the viewers have been a "have not" all summer long. Oh course we have got to see the "frankie show" all summer to so all we can hope for is a good ending to this year. Go Derrick.

    David said...

    I am surprised that we did not see a jury house segment on last nights show with the popularity of Donny and Zach. Maybe on tonights show as a filler. I want them to keep them in the audiences mind for the AF vote. Sure don't want anyone left in the house to win it.
    Nichole is on target with her assesment of Derrick. Too bad she doesn't have anyone to tell it to that will listen.
    He's hoping for some drama finally to happen tonight. Derick has to be thinking that he has to start cutting the guys if he wants to win. He is just not willing to do it himself which could be his downfall.

    Chacha said...

    If Derrick throws tonight's HOH which has been is game all season he is an idiot.
    Cody and Derrick are going to come to "blows" soon if either Cristine/Frankie doesn't leave tonight.
    I would hope that Derrick would see that Cody has a deal with Christine like he does with Frankie.
    I hope the TA task is for them to switch the votes tonight and Caleb has to break a tie!

    lynn1 said...

    I noticed last night on BBAD that the code word for the twitter contest was #pandorasbox I wonder if that is a teaser hinting that there will be a Pandora's Box coming up soon?

    Chauncey said...

    At this point only derrick can sit in the chair at the end and say how he controled the game and deserves to win. what could the others say to support their case? If by some miracle victoria is in the final i really would love to hear what she would say.

    Anonymous said...

    Victoria for the win! Thats the only ending that would be completely fitting.

    Anonymous said...

    It seems like Derrick’s mission is do-able as long as he can keep Cody and Caleb from teaming against him. The greatest danger to Derrick is being eliminated at F3—which he can mitigate by winning a key comp or by eliminating Victoria earlier than he would really like to.

    Especially with Nicole, Frankie, and Christine gone, Derrick can go to F2 with anyone else and should easily win the jury. To get there with Victoria, Derrick would want to convince Caleb and Cody, in separate talks (as he already so easily convinced Caleb), that they have both played much stronger games than he has, but that Cody or Caleb pose a major threat to the other’s victory, and they each need to take the other person out. That leaves him with Victoria and Cody/Caleb in F3. At that point, he would need to win a comp, which he should be able to do when he finally really tries.

    For insurance at surviving F3, Derrick may want to take Christine and Cody/Caleb over Victoria. He could probably convince all of them that they’ve played the strongest game in the house, but that they all pose threats to one another that his “weak” game would not. It’s not quite the slam-dunk Derrick would have over Victoria, but no one else would stand a realistic chance with the jury, anyway.

    On last night’s show, it was interesting to see how quickly Derrick turned on Nicole, out of respect, when she told him what a great game he has played, and he realized that (unlike the others) she was smart enough to see through his whole game.

    If Victoria is in F2, she should say that she saw the way to the end without ever having to raise her profile. She should basically tell them that, for her, it was all an act, and that, for putting on such a great act, she deserves the win. She might stand a chance with that tack, especially against Cody, Caleb, or Christine.

    Anonymous said...

    Its too bad they are all so annoying. I am sick of hearing about Derrick too. I can't stand him either. What a waste this whole season was.

    Donny, Zach, Nicole, Hayden are the only ones worth a hoot!

    RBennie said...

    I wish I could like Derrick. He really is playing an almost flawless game, but then again considering the people he's playing against..... I just don't like how calculated he is at all times, especially when he's "speaking to America". Too bad for him that we all are not as gullible as those hamsters. If Nicole had not compared him to Dan, she might have been staying tonight.

    lynn1 said...

    Sad to report that Joan rivers passed away. RIP Joan and prayers for her family.

    Petals said...

    Chauncey - good to see you :) And I totally agree.
    Derrick has played a very clean, quiet game, without being a complete a**hole to people.

    Yes, very sad about Joan. End of an era. :(

    Petals said...

    Can you believe it?? Victoria is still in the house. THAT was unexpected.

    Anonymous said...

    Derrick and Frankie both would have never been chosen TA had they taken the vote a bit later in the game.

    Derrick is no genius. He was working with a group of HG who just sat around and did not play the game. Sheep comes to mind. There are actually no genius's in this group to say the very least.

    Petals said...

    Anon, I see your point, but i disagree. Even among sheep, there is always the ONE that has to lead them to the food & water.
    Derrick was the smarter sheep. I credit him for recognizing the idiots he was given as housemates, and for playing on their insecurities, the strengths & weaknesses and for their need to be told what to do & when to do it.
    Did my faves make it to the end? No way, but now I am rooting for a Derrick/Vic F2.
    Why Vic? For spite! LOL

    monty924 said...

    Don't know if we will get any jury house footage tonight or not with the DE. Hoping we do though because I want to see everyone welcome Zach and Donny.

    monty924 said...

    Great... family in from out of town so I may not be able to get to the pool party tonight on time. Love having family in, but they're interfering with my Thursday night DE party :((

    monty924 said...

    Okay, so far so good. They're hanging out in the kitchen, LOL

    Petals said...

    Roger is playing now, I will be in & out.

    Sharon N said...

    Obviously, Monty is going to have to hit the bathroom several times tonight! The one near the bedroom TV.