Sunday, September 21, 2014

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - September 21. 2014

Good Sunday morning to everyone! Welcome to my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way! If you're looking for my latest Big Brother television show lives feeds reports, you can find those right here at this link.

I don't really have much to report on this week. I was on a staycation. I rested. I enjoyed my new refrigerator. I went to the park one day. I rested some more. Onto the photos --

 photo IMG_5950a_zps28f1fd7d.jpg
Stretching my wings

This is but a teaser for the slideshow below. The ducks of Mindowaskin Park will put on a show for any human who comes along.

 photo IMG_5834a_zps27343c42.jpg
Late season bees buzzed about

Enjoy the ducks at the park! If you click on the diagonal arrow on the bottom right, this slideshow will go fullscreen for you.

 photo IMG_5920a_zps5d7f34bb.jpg
Sparrow's markings

I never realized before how similar the markings on a sparrow are to the markings on a duck. As I fed the ducks the bread crust I brought along, the sparrows came, too. I made sure they got a bit. They're probably jealous that the ducks get all the attention!

 photo IMG_5921a_zps86ef98a1.jpg
Duck's markings

 photo IMG_5842a_zps4bad52f8.jpg

Here's my flower slideshow of the week. As fall is indeed upon us (even though the calendar says tomorrow), mums are all about in planters. Included in this slideshow are wildflowers and flowers growing at the edge of the water in Mindowaskin Park.

 photo IMG_5786a_zps0797dc9e.jpg
Commuters getting off the train

The crowds who come home from the direction of NYC in rush hours are much different from those with whom I ride the train. A lot more business-type people dressed in suits and ties. My commute has the male folks generally dressed either business casual or physical labor. I took this photo in Westfield.

 photo IMG_5773a_zps370b4a25.jpg
Why do grown men do this?

Oy! Stripes and plaid/checkered really don't go together! Yet this is a common look with many men around here. Ick. Berckman and East Second Street, Plainfield.

 photo IMG_6027a_zpsa15b7aae.jpg
Vincent at rest

Vincent had a good week. I was his cat couch for most of it!


Petals said...

Happy Sunday, Ms Jackie!

I just love ducks, the "in flight" was so pretty. They must have loved hanging-out with you, you got so many adorable duck faces :)

Becky said...

Love the duck pictures too. I downloaded and found a rubber duck avitar, but then I decided not to change it.

The only part I really enjoyed on Friday's show was Donny. I DID cast my votes for him this morning.

Palmaltas said...

I did enjoy the ducks--fabulous photos--and I'm glad you enjoyed your new refrigerator.

Laurie said...

Oh Jackie! Thank you so much for all the ducks and for capturing their fun and their expressions! You really are the best!!

lynn1 said...

As to why adult men wear plaids and stripes , my theory is that they have to do their own laundry and as long as it is realitivly clean they will wear it match or not.