Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still Here

Yes, I'm still here -- just not feeling well today. I also took only a few (bad) photos this past week.

A rather unfocused cardinal

Plus, he wouldn't turn around!

After the sunrise

This morning on one of my many trips down for my Sunday Courier-News which never came (or was stolen). The supposed redelivery also never arrived.

Catnap needed


Indiana Jane said...

Thank you- was so worried. Have read your Sunday blog for so many years. Feel like we are old friends. Enjoy the glimpses into your life. SO different from Midwest rural community. :-)
Take care of you.

Laurie said...

I came by to see today's pics. I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly and hope that doesn't last too long.

The image of the cardinal and the caption made me laugh. It describes me to a T right now!

Big hugs my friend.

Anonymous said...

I was also worried when I didn't see the usual witty insightful Sunday post. Sorry you are feeling badly. Hope your head and everything else heals soon!

auntlisa3 said...

I like your cardinal pic! & the sunrise. I've had a cold for weeks now, can't take it anymore, can only imagine how you must feel. You didn't even get the 2nd newspaper? That's the pits. I heard it's supposed to warm up next week,anyway. & it's RAINING today! When do you go to the dr again?

Becky said...

Hope you are feeling much better. I was under the weather all the past week. I think I over did it the week before.

I also went and checked the pictures on your "I Shoot" blog. Some pretty neat ones there too.

Marybeth said...

Thinking of you Jackie!