Saturday, January 24, 2015

Survivor: Worlds Apart - White Collar

I delved into the Blue Collar Tribe (hereafter referred to in this blog as BCT) in this previous post. I'll be tagging all my casting posts for the show with the tag Worlds Apart Casting for easy reference. I'm just thoughtful like that. Yeah. That's the ticket!

Now it's time to take a look at the White Collar Tribe -- WCT for my lackadaisical posting purposes. Sure, CBS calls them Masaya. But what do they know?

Yes! A 52 year old corporate executive from Tampa, Florida. She's originally from Queens, NYC. Already I'm digging the age. She's been married for 36 years (which is much longer than some of her fellow castaways have been on this earth). She has three "successful kids." She likes softball and Hilary Clinton. But, what really caught my interest is that she participates in Tough Mudders. I have some friends who do that. I would never do it; I'd keel over. If she can make it through Tough Mudder events, she should be able to handle any challenge Survivor throws her way.

Definitely not a Florida accent on her, huh? After watching the video, I'm not as sure about how she will be in the social game, especially with those younger than her. I think she might come across as bossy. That said, it would be fantastic if the sole Survivor was a 52 year old woman, wouldn't it?


Joaquin is another relative New Yorker -- from Valley Stream, which is on Long Island adjacent to NYC. He's a 27 year old marketing director. Although his online bio is rather short, I'm getting smug vibes from it. He claims he likes leading the sort of life that allows him to overindulge. Now, I've never known that kind of life myself. (Except when it comes to chocolate, that is.) He says he has little tolerance for people with no common sense. That, I like. He also claims to be smart, social and "unbelievably athletic." @@

After watching the video, I feel the need to up his chances a bit. No, I don't like him -- he's not someone who'd be on my friends list on Facebook, even. I did like that he admits he has "the attention span of a goldfish." While he admits his very smug traits and seems to realize many of them aren't always ones which make a person admirable or popular, he just might have what it takes to go far in the game. I can see him being decent in challenges and underhanded, too.


Here's the guy I really want to watch. Max has a PhD and he's 37 years old currently from Topanga, California. He lists his occupation as a media consultant. But, he's an ex-professor who taught a college class about the show. That is why I'm going to have to see how he does! I like a few more things about him -- he'd love to have a black cat on the island as "you always feel better petting a cat." His favorite on the show was Jonathan Penner, a pretty wise choice. He's coming across a bit smug about his brilliance factor. I'll have to see how that plays out. He's very pale, almost a Cochran level of white.

He comes across better in the video. He seems to have grasped the "important" lies to tell -- about idols and the social game itself rather than what he does for a living. I like that he wants to do honor to the game. Mind you, he's not saying honesty to the game. He means he wants to play the game well. You can't throw honesty into that criteria. It's Survivor, after all. He'll be interesting to watch.


Shirin is a 31 year old Yahoo executive living in San Francisco, California. She's an ex-Google employee who apparently played a big part in making Google calendar the #1 online calendar. She's happy to be able to help her mother financially. She likes Larry David because he's a "hilarious weirdo" and RuPaul. She doesn't like quitters and morons. She will be good at the nasty food challenge and plans to play the "ultimate social game." I don't know. I'm actually kind of liking her touch of crazy, yet dedication to her work and family. Has she won me over?

I think she might be someone I actually LIKE on the show. Mind you, that doesn't necessarily equate to me thinking she will win it all. Other than the food challenge and perhaps puzzle solving, she might have problems with the physical parts of the challenges. No, she's not out of shape. However, she just isn't screaming POWERHOUSE to me. I hope she can work out the moodiness from the lack of sleep. I'd like to see her do well. She's been a huge fan of the show for years.


So, I wish everyone had such easy to spell short names! So is a divorced 31 year old retail buyer currently living in Long Beach, California. (Or do you live ON Long Beach? I'm so confused ... but I digress.) If she were one of the guys, I think I'd say she seems full of herself in her online bio. Instead, for some reason, she comes across as confident. Maybe it's some weird sexist agenda in my head. She thinks she's a mix of Ozzy, Cochran and Parvati. Now, if she is ... just call her the winner now! She says she wants to make big moves and not play it safe. Huh. That's admirable, but it's been the downfall of many.

She doesn't seem as cocksure in her video. I also notice that she claims to be living and working in New York City, contrary to the online bio. Her strategy is to use her intellect, but show the smiling face to the others. She might have a problem when the food deprivation kicks in big time. My personal jury is out on her at this time.


Tyler is a 33 year old ex-talent agency assistant currently living in Los Angeles, California. Reading his bio, I'm a bit speechless. It's odd. He claims to like dressing as a bearded hobo and scaring children as others won't do it. He said "Ha!" when asked about his favorite sport. He claims to be a flirt. He doesn't look too athletic in the photo for the bio, yet claims to have played on seven professional football teams. On the pro side, he's never missed an episode of the show and survived the political cut-throat environment of a talent agency. Oh. But he's not there anymore. He says he has two masters degrees. Maybe the video will clear this up --

Go figure. His video has him living in Pasadena. Plus, he admits to being roughly a secretary at the talent agency. He mentions being an NFL player at one time, but I've never heard of him. Of course, that means nothing as I'm not a fan of the game. I still have no clue how he'll play the game. He seems like he might be able to do well both socially and in challenges. He could be a wild card.

Your thoughts?


Laurie said...

As a pro football fan, I had to look him up. Technically, he did "play" football.
Fredrickson signed a free agent contract with the Seattle Seahawks following the 2004 NFL Draft, but was waived during training camp, after kicking on Monday Night Football versus the Green Bay Packers. A year later, he was in training camp with the Denver Broncos, followed by a stint in NFL Europe with the Amsterdam Admirals.[1] In 2006, Fredrickson re-signed with the Broncos, only to be released once again prior to the start of training camp. Six days later he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys and kicked a 49-yard field goal during a preseason Monday Night Football game versus the New Orleans Saints before being released. Prior to the start of the 2007 NFL season, he spent time with both the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders. Fredrickson has also had tryouts with the Baltimore Ravens, NY Jets, Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Jackie said...

Thank you, Laurie. It does seem he got around a lot, but definitely not a star player by any means. I didn't think to look him up!