Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday night into Saturday, 6/26-27

Jeff shouldn't get too comfortable

Oh, geez. We already have the start of a Nerd Herd house divided thing goin' on in the house. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Toys:

  • We have the first named alliance in the house -- The High Rollers -- made up of James, Jason, Audrey, Da'Vonne, Jeff, Jackie, Meg.
  • We'll see how long that lasts.
  • My first impression of Audrey from the Jeff interview is coming true -- she is way too cocky (then into too paranoid) and she's pushy. At least she doesn't chew gum all the time in the house.
  • On the other side Liz, Austin and Jace are drawing in Shelli and Clay. They want more. They think they're the "Cool Kids."
  • @@
  • Becky, John, Vanessa and Steve are just floating around the fringes.
  • Steve thinks (and told us) that if he had to declare a winner now, he'd say Audrey.
  • Apparently the camera people think so, too. Either that or they were told to focus on her. They're getting a lot of Audrey shots -- often so many that I can't tell who she's with in a room of people because they rarely take the camera off of her.
  • Stop that, BB.
  • Austin knows Da'Vonne is not a teacher, but is a poker dealer/player. Not sure how he found out.
  • People shouldn't lie about their jobs unless named Derrick and lying is your job.
  • BB gave them alcohol. Not a whole lot of it.
  • They were also allowed back in the yard.
  • Woot woot
  • Da'Vonne and John might be working up a bond/relationship/dare I say alliance on the side. They spent a lot of time talking over strategies and studying the Memory Wall.
  • Audrey's paranoid meltdown has calmed.
  • The target SEEMS to be a backdoor Jace move when Steve (surely) saves himself with the veto.
  • But I don't think it's the sure thing they think. Jackie just might end up going.
  • Steve discussed the difference between weight, mass and volume. Um. That's different. 
  • Another person besides Austin was saved in the Have Not comp -- Vanessa had saved Austin from nomination/eviction. Well, now it turns out that Liz had been saved by Da'Vonne. Both Da'Vonne and Vanessa are Have Nots. I'm not sure how that all worked.
  • Sigh. My pool pick (Becky) admits to never watching the show. 
  • Meanwhile, it turns out that Jeff likes BB and never watched TAR.
  • And the beat goes on ...
  • Yawnsers.

Hammock summit

If you come to BB, wear flowers in your hair

Austin, you're letting me down!

Storage room strategies

Liz ... or is it?


Tami said...

Didn't DaVonne and Vanessa sit out of the HOH? Maybe they got the power to 'save' another player as their reward? I can't tell these players apart yet. I am reading your summary and I am thinking 'Which one is that?'

Shannon said...

Jeff must have applied for BB and got cast on TAR, like Caleb applied for Survivor and was put on BB.

monique said...

I'm hoping Austin will get it together when/if Jace leaves.
Are they switching Liz with her sister already? I think they are but couldn't prove it. There is something in their expression that is not identical.
Time will tell...

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else fixated on Austin's butt or is it just me

Jackie said...

Tami - I bet you're right! I bet that's the "twist" that Phil Keoghan teased about before the show ended the other night. D'oh. I should have put two and two together.