Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday Evening - June 27

Too cool to fool?

For the most part, this is yet another "stay up all night, sleep until BB forces them to get up" crew.  Most went to bed last night past 5am their time and didn't get up until past 11am. With no comps for the day and nothing really going on ... little went on. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lonesome Losers:
  • The Audrey conversation repeating ended up with Audrey blaming Da'Vonne. Everyone is now thinking she can't be trusted.
  • So much for the Girls Alliance.
  • Austin is (rightfully) scared that his Bro Boi Jace is going to go up on the block if (when) Steve saves himself with the veto.
  • They tend to think Steve is some kind of creeper eavesdropping on them all. It started when he was walking back and forth during their extended lock-in for the PoV comp. Audrey warned him that people thought he was either spying on them or too nervous to knock on the HoH door. He said it was for exercise.
  • Austin said he caught Steve listening at a door.
  • Don't they all do that at some time or another?
  • There was also talk that, before the feeds went live, Steve hid in (or behind) a trash can to eavesdrop.
  • I don't care. I like Steve.
  • For being such a loud dude, John is fairly quiet in the house and seems just about as much on his own as Steve.
  • Vanessa can't figure out if John would be a swing vote or a floater.
  • I'm not sure myself.
  • Vanessa and Da'Vonne think they're both outcasts and have vowed not to ever nominate each other.
  • Shelli spent too much time crying at Clay because Jace might be going home.
  • "I'll miss him so much! He's such a nice guy! I'm heartbroken!" Wah. Honk.
  • Clay told Shelli that he fits in the house because in his own life he finds it hard to trust people.
  • He should be distrustful. After he went into sequester, his home was burglarized. Wanna bet it was someone he knew who knew he wasn't around?
  • Clay doesn't know his house was burglarized. Shh. Don't tell him.
  • Clay told Shelli he doesn't trust James. I don't think I'd trust James, either. But I do find him more entertaining than I thought I would.
  • Clay was kicked out of the High Rollers.
  • He blames Da'Vonne and/or Audrey.
  • Meg was all over Clay in the hammock, not in a sex kind of way, just cuddly and agog.
  • Jace seems to be working on bad-mouthing Da'Vonne so that perhaps she goes up on the block instead of him.
  • When Jeff likened Austin, Liz and Jace to the Three Musketeers, Jason said they were more like the Three Stooges because at least the Three Musketeers showed some intelligence.
  • Ha.
  • Jace thinks they can get modeling gigs after the show.
  • Sorry, kiddo. Maybe Clay could. Cody did well last year. But, you're not quite in that league.
  • Steve and Vanessa talked about the Marcellas Move -- using his veto to save Amy in BB3, then getting the boot. We know Steve is smarter than that!
  • Audrey is a bit like a more active Amanda. She really pushes her mind control games. Now she's sucking up to Meg, telling her she's (Meg) got a great strategy because she's got all the guys underestimating her.
  • Meg buys the bull.
  • Both Meg and Audrey think Liz (Lizia?) would target them and she needs to be gone as soon as possible. Then Steve.
  • Say what? Stop picking on my Steve!
  • Ahem.
  • Steve, meanwhile, told James that he trusts him as everything he (James) said he would do, he did.
  • Steve is also worried about how being on BB might affect his grad school applications.
  • Unless he undergoes a radical personality change in the next three months, I'd say being on the show shouldn't hurt anything. He isn't saying or doing anything which would come back to haunt him in real life.
  • After James left, Steve turned to the camera and whispered to us that he doesn't trust James and is planning on throwing the HoH comp.
  • See why I like Steve?
  • They're trying to get more alcohol tonight, but I don't know if it's going to happen.
  • There. That's the day. How's them bananas?
  • Wait. Wait. Jace is now streaking around the house!
  • That ain't gonna save him.

Her future's so bright she needed shades

And then there were three

Almost Ian-like in hammock use

Oh, Clay! I'll miss Jace if he goes!

The nail polish on Clay's hand are from the nail party the other day. He keeps trying to peel it off.

Jace in all of his coolness. (Gah.)

He's lifting those weights with his stomach

I'm sure I'd break my back that way.


QuixoticElf said...

Thanks for the update. Was hoping Jace would've been better in the house. I'm just not an Audry or Davonne fan
GO CLAY (my pool boy)!!!

Cheryl Sherman said...

Well its looking like my pool pick will be the first one out..jace...but its still along way til thursday..haha..