Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn - June 28

Clay candy

Conspiracy around every corner! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Audrey's Way or the Highway:
  • Just as I was wrapping up the last live feeds update, Jace streaked through the house and backyard. I included a PG-rated screen cap below. I can't get too risque, y'know.
  • Jace is so impressed with himself because he streaked. @@
  • Yeah, I'm rolling my eyes.
  • Audrey is on the "throw Vanessa under the bus" agenda since completing her "throw Da'Vonne under the bus."
  • Jason, in whispers to Jeff, already likened her to Amanda. He told Jeff that Audrey started talking strong strategy to him an hour into the house.
  • She certainly does like to have her minions.
  • But I'm thinking a minion uprising sooner rather than later.
  • Jason also told Jeff he had originally planned on working with the girls. He no longer wants to do that now that he knows the girls.
  • Steve has been trying to get into a workout regimen. He laughingly said he wants "a six-pack to impress the girls."
  • Have I mentioned I really like that kid?
  • Plus, exercising with the guys works him more into the fold.
  • Vanessa told Clay she wants to work with him and Shelli. She said she can't play her game lying even though it's BB. Clay told her that not the way he wants to play, either.
  • They got alcohol and had a birthday party for John while we got fish.
  • Not that I think that marijuana is such a bad thing (except the illegality part -- I personally think it's less harmful than alcohol), but Jace said he has a medical marijuana card.
  • No wonder Judge Judy has such disdain for people in California with medical marijuana cards! 
  • Maybe Jace should just move to 'rado where it's legal.
  • Heehee.
  • Oh my gosh ... Becky had the nerve to shush Jace about the marijuana talk!
  • "No one shushes me except my mother!"
  • Jace is sure BB put Becky in the house to be his nemesis.
  • Heh. You go, Becky girl!
  • Meg doesn't think she can trust Audrey because Audrey's out there planting too many seeds.
  • Y'think?
  • Jace and Becky eventually made up. I don't see any future showmance, though.
  • Jeff and Jason really trust James. Most people think James is trustworthy.
  • Many are speculating about Audrey and her puppetmaster ways.
  • The target is still Jace this week.
  • If Audrey has her way, it might be Steve soon. She thinks Steve's bumbling socially awkward game is an act.
  • Hmm ...
  • They're still up (the High Rollers HoH bunch) -- Audrey, James, Jason, Jeff, Meg, Shelli.
  • But I'm out.
  • Go to bed, hamsters!
Likes to be in charge, second to Audrey

Not the strongest bond

Meg gets animated

There goes a very white butt

Now being targeted by Audrey


Chacha said...

I am now remembering why I don't like the first week of BB. We don't know what happened before the feeds went live. I am having difficulty following everyone's problems with each other.
In a brighter note I have the Roku so I can view the feeds from my television.
I still don't have a favorite. I feel somewhat bad for Steve. I actually like him. Socially awkward like Ian.
John the dentist who I can't stand in the diary room isn't so bad in the feeds, it's kind of like he really isn't there at all.
Liz/Julia I assume will be exposed before the five weeks are up. People make comments about her now being on different ends of the spectrum.
Hopefully tonight will answer some of my questions.

monty924 said...

Have to miss the party or at least I'll be late tonight. Bummed!