Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday Into the Evening - June 29

Jeff originally wanted to be on BB

Yes, Jeff said that the other day -- he originally wanted to try out for BB while Jackie had wanted to be on TAR, not BB. You can see the differences in their gameplay. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Discombobulated Denizens:
  • James had an epiphany ... he realized that Audrey was the one who leaked info to Jace about a song he planned for his eviction.
  • Well, duh.
  • He's not saying anything to her about it so she won't suspect that he's onto her.
  • He told Jason and Meg. though.
  • Clay told Austin that Liz told him that she's trying to distance herself from him (Austin). He said to watch her.
  • Of course, it might have been Julia saying that.
  • Who knows anymore?
  • Clay also told Austin that Vanessa is trustworthy.
  • But, is Clay trustworthy in saying all this?
  • The jury is still out on that.
  • Steve tried to explain Evel Dick to John and James.
  • Well, that's just silly.
  • Who can really explain Evel Dick? Is there a plausible explanation for Evel Dick?
  • Lots and lots of small talk today -- conversations about previous seasons and previous houseguests, people falling in the pool, 9-11 (as in their lives and in the BB house), etc.
  • James and Meg want to let Da'Vonne in on what they know about Audrey's talking and letting secrets out.
  • An interesting bit -- while mug shots of Audrey, Jace and James hit the internet, Jason said he didn't think he'd get on the show because he was arrested for "dumb stuff."
  • Hmm.
  • Not a heck of a lot went on today.
  • But I suffered, as you must also suffer.

Clay makes a point?

Vanessa must be cold

Dr. Demento?

Look! Becky has bunny slippers!

I think Meg is expendable

Cheap sunglasses

Johnny Mac sighted AGAIN


David said...

I don't think my pool pick (Audrey) is long for this game if she does not change her ways very fast. She seems to have dialed it back today though and nothing serious happened because she was not stirring her cauldron today. I think just about everyone is on to her on some level and her shenanigans. Depending on who the next HoH is, she could be following Jace out the door. (If he is indeed evicted this week)

Thanks for all you do Jackie. =)

uncartie said...

There is an underground plot being instigated by Austin to get Audrey out of the house. However,me being the conspiracy theorist that I am,think production will find ways to keep her. That BB Takeover twist is going to be mighty handy in manipulating the outcomes.

Sharon N said...

I think you are right David, but even though she dialed it back, it might be too late. Several are 'wise' to her game.

uncartie said...

The other hamster pushing to get Audrey out is Jeff.

Dr_Celine said...

Where is JoefromNY? Anyone know?

Petals said...

I'll check on him, Celine...

Dr_Celine said...

Thanks Petals! 😎

Jackie said...

Joe has been at the show blog parties.

uncartie said...

The whole house is now against Audrey with everyone comparing notes and coming to the same conclusion. The final straw was when she woke up James at 3:30 AM BBT to try and get him to call a house meeting to tell Jace that his eviction was planned from the start. Meanwhile Jace is trying to use this as a way to get enough votes to stay. On and on he went for the entire night crying about how he never should have been put up and that he's the victim here.

Jace and Audrey now going at it. That should keep us entertained for the next couple of days and then on to a rip roaring week of Audrey vs the house.

First time I've ever signed up for the feeds. I'm sure getting my money's worth. The most entertaining cast in years.

jessica UNderwood said...

Anyone notice all those bruises on Audrey ??

jessica UNderwood said...

Does anyone know who had a "nip slip" last night ??

Petals said...

Celine, Joe is fine, busy with work. Like Jackie said, he is here, but some nights he is just quiet.

Dr_Celine said...

Huh. Guess I missed him. I'll look for his comments later on. I usually agree with what he has to say.

jessica UNderwood said...

Guess not ...