Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 New Hamsters - Part One

Okay, the cast has been revealed and the Jeff Schroeder interviews are up for CBS All Access subscribers! This is the first installment of five hamsters for the blog here. Unfortunately, I had to work all day at my real job and now I'm playing catch up.

Before getting into the individual houseguests, I need to say --
  • Where is the diversity? 
  • All young.
  • Mostly white.
  • At least one lesbian and one transgender so far, so LBGT gets some representation.
  • Is there a law against having anyone over 40? 
  • Gah. Very typical Allison Grodner/Robyn Kass kind of casting.
  • Sigh.
Audrey Middleton

My first impressions from the Jeff interview on CBS.com -- Wiggly, chewed gum, not anyone I'd really want to hang out with, extremely confident ... maybe too confident; should tone it down a bit in the house. I did like that she compared her expected gameplay to Dexter Morgan without being a sociopath.

She's 25 years old, single, from Villa Rica, Georgia. While her job sounds fancy, it's basically responding to FB posts for a company. She says she's a super fan of the show and never missed an episode. So, I assume she started watching at age 10? Has she followed the live feeds, the websites? She didn't say. TMZ is reporting Audrey as the first transgender houseguest.


Austin Matelson as Judas

First impressions from Jeff interview: I think I like the dude. I didn't think I would. His pro-wrestling name is "Judas." He said that Austin is good guy, but when the top hat goes on, out comes Judas. Under all that hair, he kind of reminds me of Christopher Meloni (Stabler from Law and Order: SVU) in looks. Rather surprising guy. Beside the Austin/Judas bit, if he wins he plans to give some money to an anti-bullying charity. He was bullied himself as a child and in wrestling circles.

Austin is 30 years old, a professional wrestler from Woodland Hills, California. He didn't mention single or married. In his bio, it's mentioned that his parents let him stop attending school in eighth grade. He now has a masters in medieval history. Huh. He says he's been a fan since the first season. I think he's going to be interesting to watch gameplay-wise and for entertainment value.


Becky Burgess

First impressions from Jeff interview: She says she's optimistic, positive and thinks because her job is a retail manager, she'll have an edge -- she's used to dealing with high school kids (heehee). She thinks she's loud, sill and a bit goofy. I think I like that better than Audrey's (above) qualities. She smiles a bit too much and goes for perky. A long time fan of the show, she says that she knows she'll have to lie at some time in the game. I think that she might just be a bit too "nice" for this show. We'll see.

Becky is 26, single and hails from Denver, Colorado. She's on the athletic side and thinks she's a people person. She thinks she get along well with both the men and the women in the house. Hmm ...


Vanessa Rousso

First impressions from Jeff interview: She's hoping to use skills learned in her poker career such as reading people and strategy. She also studied game theory and hopes that might help her, too. She says she's a big fan of the show. She's very worried that someone will recognize her as a professional poker player and wants to stress her DJ work. (I wouldn't recognize ANY pro poker players, nor would I care. One was on Survivor a few seasons back and he certainly didn't win!)

Vanessa is 32, from Las Vegas and has a longtime girlfriend. She likes Dan Gheesling as a player in the house. Uh-oh. She's scared of flying insects and being publicly humiliated. Does she know what she's getting into?


Steve Moses

First impressions from Jeff interview: Gee, looks like they're trying for Ian II, doesn't it? Aha, a real superfan into the live feeds and all! We gotta like him! He seems like he might have a decent likable, excitable boy strategy, yet he thinks he can be ruthless as well. While he's reminiscent of Ian, I doubt he'll isolate himself as much as Ian did.

Steve is a 22 year old college student from Gouverneur, New York. His favorite player on the show is Danielle Reyes, always a good choice. She would have won her season had they not shown the hamsters the diary room sessions. That stopped that practice! I'm not sure how his innocent yet gregarious strategy is going to work and it's probably not a good thing that he looks a bit like Ian (as far as the other hamsters go, not the show fans). I'd like to see him do well.


Chacha said...

I have watched the videos and I am not too impressed with anyone yet.
I saw a video of Julie saying fourteen houseguests. The problem is the table is set for 16 people..

monty924 said...

My early favorite is Austin as well. He has an Evel Dick only nicer quality about him. I also find it hard to believe there will only be 14 of them with the length of the show and I read somewhere (haven't seen it myself) that the board once again has 16 key slots. I hope we don't have any returning houseguests from seasons past. Last season was nice with all newbies.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed that there was nobody over 33. There's only 14 people, so maybe they'll surprise us with two older people later. Maybe a the mom or dad of these bad kids. LOL


Anonymous said...

The one that's supposed to be transgender doesn't look like a man in any way. This will be rude, but Becky looks more like a man than Audrey.

uncartie said...

I was planning not to watch this year after the Frankie nonsense,but they've managed to pull me back in. My automatic favorite is the poker player,Vanessa Russo. Skilled in deception and the ability to read people via their "tells" will take her far,similar to how pro poker player Annie Duke fared in 2009 Celebrity Apprentice. I can see her forming an alliance with the poker dealer should she recognize her. Could we possibly see an all girl alliance or will we still be waiting for pigs to fly?

Sharon S said...

No matter who I get in the pool, I'm rooting for Steven too. He's from the next town over from where I grew up in the boonies of Northern NY state (up by the Canadian Border). I have to hope he can do St. Lawrence County proud. On a side note, the winner of American Idol this year is from the next town over of where I live in CT. What is the universe trying to tell me?