Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bug Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday Night into Tuesday - June 29-30

Audrey and Clay whisper ... a lot

Jace needs to go home. I have had enough of Jace. He's trying every angle and he's trying my patience. Had he not been the backdoor plan before, he's pretty much only reinforcing the thought he should go. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Begging:
  • Like every other season, BB went through their clothes and took some away. I know they don't like white or clothes that might "strobe" on camera. They're also picky about anything which might be construed as advertising. That's why we so often see the college shirts from their local areas -- no product or brand names.
  • You say you want a revolution? Oh, yeah. Austin keeps working on his underground movement revolution plan -- to oust Audrey.
  • At this point, Austin pretty much considers saving Jace a lost cause.
  • Not that he's telling him that.
  • Jace is still running around to everyone all but on his knees and begging.
  • He definitely is going for the guilt trips.
  • I don't know. If someone emphatically tries to guilt trip me, I'm more likely to not do what they want.
  • His begging is coming off as really annoying and sometimes quasi-intimidating.
  • Clay and Jeff told him that they had to vote with the house (against Jace) if they didn't want to be targeted next week.
  • Jace insisted if he had them, he'd stay.
  • On and on.
  • And on.
  • They're still up as I post this. 

What? Have I got leprosy?

He's the Steve's knees

This is my expression as I watch the feeds

Not Audrey's best look

She looks like Minnie Mouse or something.

But I could win HoH and save you!

But you were my friend!


QuixoticElf said...

One if my girls read somewhere that Audry had bought up th twin twist from BB5.....anyone know about that? Would love to k ow no that came up in convo. Thanks

lynn1 said...

Jackie, Thank you for going through the drudgery and boredom to keep us up to date on the limited interesting things happening at this stage of the game. Hopefully things will pick up soon with some brouhahas, intrigue and scheming.

Petals said...

Elf, I think that conversation was born from them discussing what other takeovers may be in store for them. Steve & Jason are fans, and they fill-in the others about twists in past seasons.
Speaking of which, I have found a way to tell the twins apart: they both have convex profiles, but one has a much more recessed chin, I believe it is Liz. JMO
Thank toy Jackie, my internet is still out and I so appreciate your updates

uncartie said...

Lynn,Things have already picked up. This is only going to escalate :)
BB17 Audrey VS Jace In The Backyard

jessica UNderwood said...

Hey Lynn!!! How are are? Still come down to my area anymore? Hope all is well with you

uncartie said...

Petals,Jason is a freakin human BB wikipedia. He was on fire last night spouting out facts from previous seasons like a machine.

Chauncey said...

Hey Lynn, I would love a good brouhaha, intrigue and scheming. Love that word; Brouhaha LOL.

uncartie said...

Audrey crying to Shelli & Vanessa. Looks like she will become this season's Victoria.

Sharon N said...

Audrey is crying, but I don't think she'll be able to fool everyone; maybe a couple of people who tend to be on the "dim" side.

IMO, Victoria wasn't strong mentally. Not saying that to be cruel.. just fact.
Without strict instructions from Derrick, she would never have achieved anything remotely considered sneaky/conniving.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I just love that Jackie loves the word brouhaha....it totally makes my season with BB when we have one, and she can say it!!

uncartie said...

Sharon,I only referred to Victoria because of her constant crying,not her game play. Thank heaven there is no Derrick in the house this season.
Audrey's never ending denial pity pot conversation continues. Shelli needs to figure a way out to end it or this will go on indefinitely.

Petals said...

And, like many of the HGs have mentioned, it's going to be difficult to nom her so soon, because of her 'story'. I can see that, you know? They vote her out for legitimate game reasons, but the country turns on them as Trans Haters. @@

monty924 said...

Agree Uncartie and boy did we have a good brouhaha this afternoon. I sort of disagree with you Petals. Everyone watching the feeds including all the writers, bloggers, podcast folks have been on to Audrey's game for at least a few days. She's another Ronnie/Devin and it was bound to catch up with her. It has zero to do with her being transgender. She cooked her own goose, but she's also a perfect scapegoat to keep around now. It's going to be a battle royale between her and Da'Vonne from here on out if they don't get rid of her soon.

monty924 said...

Sorry, I just re-read your comment. Austin mentioned that in the backyard, but if they are smart, they WILL get rid of her. jmo

QuixoticElf said...

Thanks Petals :)