Friday, July 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday Daytime, Nominations - July 17

James is in the bag

Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Not Chelli All Week AGAIN:
  • Audrey wants Jason out.
  • Audrey and James get along well. She is giving him advice.
  • Um.
  • I'm not sure how great any BB advice from her is.
  • She suggested he could hide in a trash bag and eavesdrop.
  • He fits, but hasn't put it in practice.
  • The nomination thoughts, arguments for and against, suggestions and such kept up practically until time for Nominations!
  • Oy. What an indecisive bunch of HoH crowd -- Chelli, Liztin and somehow, Vanessa.
  • Clay, "How about putting Johnny Mac up and asking him to throw it again?"
  • How many times can they do that to the guy?!?!?!
  • They basically want either Jason (1) out or James (2).
  • A Backdoor Becky plan was made and discarded.
  • Whatever happens, Meg would be a replacement nominee if someone used the PoV.
  • I'm glad they figured that out before they even decided who would be on the block!
  • Sigh. Johnny Mac agrees to be up as a pawn and throw it again. If nothing else, they guy will hold the record for pawning and throwing and (hopefully) saving himself by winning the PoV!
  • In the end, Shelli nominated John and Jason while Liz nominated Jackie and James.
  • All J names, you notice. And, of course, two J names are gone already -- Jace and Jeff.
  • I call discrimination!
  • That said, out of the bunch, I'd have no objections if JACKIE went. Out of the four, she'd be my choice for the boot. I don't like having a non-BB fan playing in the house using my name.
  • So there.
  • Shelli told John he doesn't have to throw it -- he can compete.
  • Audrey continues to trashtalk about Jason (her personal target) despite the fact that they had supposedly mended fences.
  • She's also on a trashtalk Steve kick.
  • She needs to stop that.
  • John told Shelli that both Steve and Audrey separately approached him for final two deals.
  • Audrey seems to be trying to make others look bad because she's probably once again paranoid that she's a target.
  • We've seen that before.
  • Audrey cried to Shelli because she thinks Jason and John will win and Liz will put her up.
  • Lizia is Julia until Monday.
  • As I post this, they're doing the Battle of the Block and the live feeds are blocked.
  • When I know, you'll know.

Why? Is the sun too bright inside?

Pawn again? Throw again?

Not Shelli's best look




Anonymous said...

Been over an hour. Either Johnnie Max isn't throwing it or the other Js duck so much he's having a tough time doing it


Nickelpeed said...

Thank you, Jackie, appreciate it.

Well, nothing changes in that house. Always the same ole, same ole. I wish something or someone would change things up. This is getting to be

Anonymous said...

John and Jason lost. Don't know I'd JMAC threw it.