Monday, July 06, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 6

Giving up?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Sheeple:
  • The Kathy Griffin "last laugh" phone calls haven't started yet -- they can't begin until after the PoV ceremony.
  • And, no. The PoV ceremony hasn't happened yet. 
  • John will surely save himself.
  • Shelli has decided to put Meg up in his place to ensure Da'Vonne will go home.
  • Shelli had a long talk with Meg, James, Jeff and Clay in which she all but said she'll be putting Meg up for sure.
  • She claims that it's not because she wants Audrey to stay in the house -- Audrey can be next week. She says that Da'Vonne and herself have had issues from the beginning and, if she puts up someone who might get ousted over Da'Vonne at this point (like Audrey), Da'Vonne and her people will come after her with a vengeance no matter what promises they might make right now.
  • It does all sound logical.
  • Becky still thinks Audrey should be the Number One Target.
  • Steve had a long talk with Shelli feeling out whether he's in danger, if there's any social things he's doing wrong and generally kind of working his way into the bunch.
  • They expect Jason to throw a vote for Da'Vonne to stay and they're alright with that.
  • But it's Vanessa who really wants to push for votes for Da'Vonne to stay.
  • It ain't gonna happen.
  • They're once again a bunch of sheeple who will "vote with the house."
  • In talks with the never-ending parade to the HoH room, Clay said more than once, "We."
  • Um. When did he win something?
  • Shelli told Jason that they understand he will vote for Da'Vonne to stay and don't want him to do anything else.
  • Lots of tears going on overnight.
  • Johnny Mac shed no tears.
  • Meanwhile, Audrey continues to play them all. She's now in her concerned citizen mode, acting like she's interested in the others.
  • Then she feigns sleep to avoid them.
  • Shelli told Becky that she deliberately didn't tell her of her plan to get Da'Vonne out because she didn't want to put her in the position of lying.
  • Becky is worried that, if Audrey wins HoH next week, she'll be the target as everyone knew of the backdoor plan ... including Audrey.
  • Shelli and Boy Toy want to work with Jason after Da'Vonne leaves.
  • Shelli now remembers they're not supposed to tell the nominees they'll be up on the block. 
  • Oops.
  • That's all I write ... for now.

Meg is not perky and upbeat

James is somber

Back to fun - a fake podcast

Lizia calls in to the podcast

Steve has a long talk with Shelli


uncartie said...

So another snoozefest coming on Thursday. :(

Meanwhile,it turns out that Meg is good friends with Frankie's best friend and had actually been over to Frankie's house. This is why BB casting upsets me and why I like the show less and less. Do we have to now worry that Frankie will use his 1 million Twitter followers to help Meg? Grrrr!

Chauncey said...

yes, snoozefest. I had high hopes for this cast but they have let me down.

Stormy said...

That just makes me want to pull against Meg. ENOUGH from frankie. Did not even like seeing them show him in the audience .

uncartie said...

Me too,Stormy. I really liked Meg. Now every time I look at her I'm going to picture that pink haired puke. He's got his hooks into the show that's for sure. Seeing him in the front row made me sick.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about having Frankie so front and center in the audience. I guess he fell off his sister's coat tails and now he's trying to get himself a part on BB17 somehow by being in their face anyway he can. I sure hope they don't bring him back to do anything on the show. Especially if they have an "All Stars" show (he'd love that). Gotta give him credit though, he's pushing himself to get another 15 minures of fame!

uncartie said...

Meg has officially been named as the replacement nominee. No ringing phone as of now.

monty924 said...

On outdoor lockdown. BB must be "installing the phone"

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, BB never seems to learn. Once voted out, certain houseguests—like Frankie and Jessie—should stay out.

uncartie said...

Da'vonne is on to the twins. She says she's almost certain. Can she save herself or get something if she exposes them?

Jean said...

Now that Becky has been told the plan to get Da'Vonne out, wouldn't she be upset with Shelli and campaign to take out Meg? Jean

uncartie said...

You would think that Jean but we know how spineless these hg's are.

monty924 said...

Shelli and Vanessa at the memory wall counting off who got what call and pointed to Da when they got to the 7th call. Da's been quiet so who knows??

Anonymous said...

I know this point won't be popular but I missing theusual big brother updates