Saturday, July 11, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday - July 11

The Chess Kings

Well, it's Gronk Week in the house. Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of "Life's just a party and parties weren't made to last" (thanks, Prince):
  • That feeds block for the Battle of the Block was exasperatingly long last night. Was that length necessary?
  • After the feeds finally returned, the outcome was one which had been planned all along -- John and James lost and remain on the block while Vanessa remains the HoH.
  • Meg and Jason are safe.
  • Technically, Austin isn't safe. But he's safe nonetheless as he's working with Vanessa. She wouldn't put him up as a replacement nominee. At least, not at this point in the game.
  • Once again, John says he really didn't have to work to throw the comp as his partner (James this time) did so poorly.
  • While blocked to the live feeds, we do get bits and pieces about the comp from conversations. This one had something to do with a maze and bubbles.
  • Austin has now decided that Clay must be a twin and is trying to come up with small differences.
  • @@
  • It seems the hamsters were given alcohol during our blocked feeds. Jason mentioned they didn't get any alcohol at all last week.
  • Aw, poor little rodents.
  • Jason, knowing he's now safe, really doesn't want to be chosen to play in the Power of Veto.
  • Audrey, thinking she could be the target despite reassurances from Vanessa that she's not, wants to play. If she wins it and doesn't use it, she'd be safe without a worry.
  • Jeff thinks Audrey's the target.
  • Unbeknownst to him, HE himself is the target.
  • I don't mind that at all.
  • Steve told Lizia that it's a waste to try to pretend not to be twins at this point.
  • He's right.
  • Everyone knows.
  • Steve might just have found himself an alliance home -- working with Vanessa and Austin.
  • Vanessa told him that Audrey isn't the target, despite the rumors they're spreading through the house.
  • Jeff is the real target with James as the alternate Plan B.
  • I myself am a bit leery about Austin working with Steve. Prior to this, Steve was one of his pet peeves.
  • His new alliance is already lying to him about when both twins can enter the house.
  • And, after Steve left them along, Vanessa warned Austin to be careful what he says because Steve catches and remembers everything.
  • So, we have a shaky alliance. Maybe it will improve. At least Steve isn't the lone wolf cub anymore.
  • He doesn't seem old enough to be a lone wolf. He must be a cub.
  • Audrey told Jeff that she's a martyr, not a villain. 
  • Oh, the drama of Audrey! The more I see of her, the less I see evil. I see drama. It's a good thing she works from home in real life.
  • Austin, the big mastermind of "conceal the twin twist," doesn't think Lizia is working hard enough at it.
  • Doesn't he realize EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE KNOWS?!?!
  • Sheesh.
  • So, there ya go.
  • May Jeff nor Audrey win the Power of Veto ...!

Wanted a relaxation week

Definitely not the Meow Meow

He thinks he's cool

Jackie, but not ME, so not me.



lynn1 said...

Jackie, Love your captions. They are more entertaining than the show. Thus far all the Takeovers and the twins twist have been a bust. Heck even the Have Not Room doesn't seem that awful. My husband, Al, who is not a fan of the show said " those dental chairs aren't so bad . Almost like a recliner. I'm pretty sure I could sleep in one of those." Hopefully things will get better as the summer progresses.

Anonymous said...

Austin isn't in an alliance with Steve.........Judas is...

Steve better watch his back.


Chacha said...

I don't know how many ways I just can't deal with this cast.

As I am catching up with whats gone on since the wake up music, Austin
is upset that Liz wouldn't sleep upstairs with him last night. He wants
Vanessa to talk to her. What is he, in sixth grade?
For being another of the "super fans" he should be getting her backdoored this
week. Don't let the two in the game...

monty924 said...

If Austin would flip around now and try to get rid of Lizia that would be the worst move since Howie flipped on the Sov6. She's on their side and there are too many numbers on the other side. We all know how that worked out for Howie, Janelle and Kaysar and the others...

Chacha said...

i bed to differ with the numbers.
Austin and Vanessa seem to have an alliance in some form with everyone with the exception of
Meg, James, Jason and Jackie.
i think there is a loose alliance with John

monty924 said...

The original "big alliance" that he was not a part of nor was Jace and Liz... I think what Austin is doing is smart, but that's just me. :))

Sharon N said...

I don't really understand Vanessa's paranoia over James, unless it's simply a case of clashing personalities. After his stint as HOH, he has been laying so low that he's almost invisible.

The only people I see 'doing' much of anything (right or wrong) are Audrey, Vanessa, Clay (yuk), and Shelli. Austin gave me a bit of hope by showing a few glimmers of playing, but then he started to show early serious signs of HOHitis, and HE is not even HOH. Now he's getting all possessive/jealous over Liz... starting to remind me of Caleb/Amber. What the heck? Maybe he's tired of his real-world girlfriend. lol

Weird people....

uncartie said...

Yes Sharon,Austin is definitely starting to let his little head and ego affect his thinking and game play. Now he's talking about "showmancing" Jackie. Personally,I can't see her going anywhere near that. He's coming across to the women as desperate and clumsy.

I trust Vanessa's judgement on James. Reading people is a huge part of poker and obviously she's been successful at it. She also has not been shy about naming people she can't read which is why I trust her judgments.

uncartie said...

Vanessa Audrey, Shelli Austin John James playing veto. Jeff may be toast.

Sharon N said...

Sounds like John won POV, and IF he's smart, he'll take himself off.
Will Vanessa put up Jeff? She really wants James gone more than Jeff, so who knows.
She could play it safe and put Jeff up with James and let them duke it out! :D

uncartie said...

Here's my super duper can't miss plan :)

Vanessa needs to talk with James and make him think she wants his input on who to put up against him. Since he's not the brightest guy to begin with and he's not in any feasible alliance that I can think of,Vanessa should try and manipulate him into going for Jeff. Make him think that she's trying to help him stay and she could earn his loyalty while at the same time getting rid of who she actually wants.

uncartie said...

Meanwhile "Second Guessing Shelli" is at it again. Now she thinks Clay is a twin and Vanessa is feeding her doubt. @@ Is there anything this woman is sure about?
Wild goose chase anyone?

Anonymous said...

I'm stll not into this season...I'm really trying!

uncartie said...

Takeover twist is any time uou get "invited to a party" you must do what Gronk says
Or you will be a havenot. Yawn #Expect the Expected

uncartie said...

Tx for hosting jackie. Have a good night everyone.