Saturday, July 11, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live feeds into Saturday Evening, PoV - July 11

Mutt and Jeff (not THAT Jeff)

Here's the latest skinny from inside that Big Brother House of Twinnie:
  • My apologies for the above. I've had a long, tiring day. 
  • The twins from The Amazing Race will NOT be showing up!
  • Becky is paranoid about being backdoored.
  • She has more of a chance of being hit by speeding locomotive and living to tell the tale.
  • Oh, wait. That has happened.
  • She thinks that she's unintentionally floating and needs to pick an alliance to join.
  • They're all still abuzz about twins.
  • Vanessa told Austin she doesn't think Clay is loyal.
  • Y'think?
  • It's sad that BB has to tell the hamsters to clean the bathroom.
  • Austin is ticked that Lizia has been hanging around James, sleeping in his bed.
  • (No, no hook-ups in the house so far.)
  • "Sleeping with our two biggest targets!"
  • It's actually Liz who's bugging him. He told Julia all about it when they switched.
  • They were able to drink in yesterday's BoB comp and there were some kind of technical problems which forced them to re-do it.
  • The three chosen to play with Vanessa and the nominees for veto were Audrey, Austin and Shelli.
  • Audrey is paranoid.
  • Oh, wait. She said she was paranoid before.
  • She still is. She's an odd duck.
  • The feeds went down again for the PoV comp.
  • Guess who won?
  • That Johnny Mac again!
  • Now the big dilemma is how to gracefully put Jeff on the block and get him voted out.

Breakfast of champions

All made up, nowhere to go

That smile needs to be wiped away!

How to handle this now ...


Sharon N said...

hmmm... no hookups yet?
Last night, I thought someone (Liz?) said Jeff hooked up with Meg (at least once). ewww
Maybe she was planting seeds... as the only planting going on?

Anonymous said...

Sharon don't know about that but I heard Austin say that Jeff hooked up with Jackie on tar

Sharon N said...

So Jackie would have been 'used' territory and Jeff would be looking for 'new' pastures? @@

Anonymous said...

I saw an article about one hamster manually stimulating himself while laying next to a female hamster and then wiping the...ahem...on her blanket. Not sure if it's true or not but it sure is creepy :/

David said...

Anon, I have seen that video and also one from another angle. The one from a different angle seems to show no movement and there are people saying that it is the pixelating on the striped cover causing an optical illusion on the first video. Also it looks to me that he is trying to pick something off rather than trying to put something on. That is something that can destroy a persons life outside the house and with no proof of what happened or did not happen I think he may have a lawsuit against quite a few people and company's when he gets out of the house.

monty924 said...

That video is a bust and I've watched it. He was actually trying to get Liz/Julia to remove her shirt to see if she had a birthmark. Julie does - Liz doesn't. That entire thing was blown out of proportion and I initially fell for the hype until I watched it, but Julia still hates Jeff for it. To her, he is ICK. Not sure how Liz feels about Jeff. Julie says she doesn't like him but Liz seems to be the more risky one of the two of them. Who knows... it's hard to follow them. I just want them both to be in the house, not just because Liz is my pool pic, to see who each of them will play the game. I'm actually happy now with this cast. It's like BB gold with Audrey, the twins and all the scheming going on so early. It gives all of us something to really talk about every day.

monty924 said...

So many things to correct in my last post but *how not who is one :))

Sharon N said...

Glad to know the video is trumped up hype. The last 2-3 years, we've had some really bad/controversial things happen, but all the "crap" ended up being pure gold for the BB show. So maybe 'someone' has decided it's time to get another controversy going... for viewership?

monty924 said...

Sharon, I saw what blogs had posted and fell for it. I didn't want to even watch it but finally caved and watched it on the feeds for my own opinion. He wasn't doing anything other than trying to get her to take off her shirt and nothing more, at least in my opinion. I still don't like him (Jeff) because he's quite frankly a pig. He disgusts me and I just don't like him or his frat boy talk and actions.