Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 19

Such a bad liar

Now, this was a good day in the Big Brother House. No, not necessarily for the hamsters. I'm talking us. I love a good kerfuffle! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dastardly Deceptions:
  • The day of turmoil started out quietly enough.
  • Steve talked to us while alone in the yard. He said his targets are Audrey, Meg, James and Becky. He also said that if he wins HoH, he might have to put John up to cover their alliance.
  • Well, John is used to that, I would think.
  • But, I haven't personally witnessed a huge alliance between Steve and John. Did I miss it?
  • John and Jason talked about the differences between the twins.
  • I'm really not seeing why people aren't seeing they need to target them. Of course, their "side" has been in power. 
  • Clay sucked up to Johnny Mac, telling him how much they enjoyed how he played the game.
  • What? By being their permanent pawn?
  • Sheesh.
  • The day soon deteriorated ... for Audrey, at least.
  • It started out with Clay talking to her about how she alienates others and then WHAM.
  • No, no fisticuffs.
  • Audrey's so many lies and betrayals have caught up to her once again.
  • Shelli and Vanessa had just been talking about how paranoid Audrey has been.
  • What's that saying? It's not paranoia when everybody's out to get you?
  • Heh.
  • But it's her own fault.
  • People are expected to lie in the house. But you can't go around deliberately planting seeds throughout and not expect someone to confront you about it.
  • Vanessa confronted Audrey. 
  • Audrey tried to switch to a Steve ouster conversation.
  • Shouting ensued.
  • A shot rang out! The maid screamed!
  • Er, well. I made up that last bit.
  • The whole afternoon was Clay, Vanessa and Shelli exposing Audrey's lies to her.
  • And, Audrey denying they ever happened.
  • In another case, this might be construed as bullying. But, in this case, Audrey has brought the whole house down on herself.
  • "Why are people saying I said these things?" 
  • Because you did say them, Audrey!
  • Audrey's pretty much sealed the deal that Vanessa will save Jason with the veto and she will go on the block with Johnny Mac.
  • Even Jason is in better graces with the HoH crew than is Audrey.
  • Audrey cried.
  • Audrey went around telling everybody not in the HoH alliance about the alliance.
  • "You can't undo what's been done," she said.
  • "But you can make it even worse," I say.
  • Vanessa is trying to convince James that he needs to distance himself a bit from Audrey. James is totally onboard with a backdoor Audrey plan when he found out that Audrey has betrayed his own trust.
  • James is now a lot more in with the in crowd.
  • As Audrey is much more out with them.
  • The photo booth opened up. The Whackstreet Boys had to get in on it.
  • Audrey told Vanessa she still wants to work with her.
  • Bwahahahaha!
  • As if!
  • Johnny Mac warned Shelli that Vanessa is a very emotional player and might end up being a liability.
  • Shelli did not run back to Vanessa to tell her.
  • See, that's the sort of thing that has done Audrey in.
  • Vanessa feels betrayed on a personal level by Audrey because she thinks Audrey exploited the LGBT card with her.
  • Jackie told Jason, Steve and Becky that Audrey told her the big argument with Jeff was staged so they could backdoor him instead of her (Audrey).
  • That's actually a truth. But Jackie isn't sure it's truth.
  • And on it goes into the night ...

Whackstreet at rest

Have Not naps

There's someone named Meg there?

Clay confronts Audrey

Shelli confronts Audrey


Sharon N said...

Sounds like everyone is on board to oust Audrey.
Who knows... crazy stuff can still happen before Thurs.
Somehow doubt Audrey will be able to pull off saving herself tho.

David said...

I am still trying to watch the whole Audrey self destruction and massacre but my slow internet will not allow me. Constant buffering. Don't these people in my area know I am trying to watch this? Someone tell everyone else to get off their computers. How selfish of them! =)

Good thing I have different hours than the majority of people. My speed will double starting in about 3 hours and I can catch up. But I don't want to wait! grrrrr. lol Guess I will have to settle for BBAD for now.

Sharon N said...

Despite deciding to give Audrey the boot, they have decided to be nice to her until eviction. Considering all the bruhahhas that happened today, I wonder how long that brilliant decision will last? Lol

monty924 said...

Sharon, I don't think there are any matter of days to save Audrey. The entire house minus Audrey had a house meeting in the HOH room. Shades of Ronnie...

Sharon N said...

Agree Monty...almost impossible for her at this point.
She might have had a chance if any of the hamsters decided they wanted to keep her a while longer and had a modicum of creativeness...ala Shelly from a few years ago. But these are sheeple.

monty924 said...

I think Audrey created her own demise much like Ronnie did. You can't tell someone in the house something and then try to convince them that she didn't 'say that' over and over again. Audrey was an online reality game player and she thought she could do that with actual human beings locked inside of a house together. I think her game was just a matter of time and despite BB trying to save her, if they do, it won't happen.

David said...

I think BB tried to save Audrey yesterday in the DR. After her diary session Shelli came out crying and did a whole lot of waffling most of the day. I think she is beyond help now. Time for BB to throw in the towel and quit beating a dead horse.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

There's been talk in the forums about a possible 'Rewind Twist' to save Audrey.....likely? yes or no? after all, I thought the twists were weekly, and I don't see any real twisty point to this whole 90's deal.

uncartie said...

David,Shelly waffles on everything. She must be a nightmare to wait on in a restaurant.

Jackie,the brainless one in the house,said that she would know if there are twins in the house if she could see them dance. "That's something I can pick up on" Yeah,because she did so great in a comp that featured dancers. She also is sure there is no 6 person alliance.@@

Jason is concerned about running out of cigarettes. FYI:He only brought 5 cartons with him.@@

Audrey is done for. As I see it,the only way she can be saved is via an intervention by Grodner's elves.

Jackie wrote,"A shot rang out! The maid screamed"! LMAO!

Sharon N said...

Fred, there was a rewind twist last season, but I don't think that will happen this week.
BB has always announced 'twists' (to viewers) before they happen, but there's been no such announcement this week. Which means, I don't think Production will be able to pull that one off, not without 'production interference' rumors becoming fact.