Thursday, July 09, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 8

Reciting the days and strategizing

Yo, save your drama for your Mama! That, of course, would be Da'Vonne ... Mama Day. It seems like they are saving it for her. Here's the latest from today in that Big Brother House of Discomfort:
  • After I thought he had headed to bed, Steven returned to the backyard and talked to us about his strategy -- he wants to work his way into an alliance with Shelli, Clay, et al. Sigh. He also recited each day's action, comps, winners, etc.
  • I don't think he realizes that Austin wants him out.
  • I really think he'd be better off with Jason, John and Vanessa.
  • He seriously wants to win HoH tomorrow and get Audrey out to gain house favor.
  • Meg told Shelli and Clay that Audrey was trying to stir things up.
  • What else is new?
  • Vanessa said that Audrey told her Lizia would be voting for Da'Vonne to stay.
  • Oh, Audrey, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ...
  • Da'Vonne confronted Audrey about telling everyone she (Day) was trying to flip the house.
  • It's all a spool of lies! (Kudos to anyone who can tell the originator of that expression.)
  • Audrey double-talked and circular-talked her way with Da'Vonne.
  • Da'Vonne later confirmed with Lizia that she (Liz) did say she owed Da'Vonne because of the save in the fast forward, but did NOT say 100% that she was voting to keep her.
  • Shelli thinks Jeff is a male Audrey.
  • Heh.
  • Austin continued his anti-Steve talk.
  • And yet Steve thinks he might want to get in an alliance with him? Oy!
  • Audrey fussed to Shelli that Da'Vonne "ripped her head off."
  • Nah, she didn't. She just didn't believe any of the lies Audrey told to cover the lies she told others.
  • The pressure is getting to Da'Vonne. She cried. Sigh.
  • They got a chance to practice for the HoH comp. It involved rolling a ball down a chute and catapulting it into a trash can.
  • Of course, the real comp should be a bit more elaborate.
  • Well, unless they're in a budget crisis, that is.
  • Lizia told Shelli that she's indeed voting for Da'Vonne to go. 
  • Now, I refer to her as Lizia as I'm not sure which twin is which. While the hamsters have the twin twist figured out, they don't know the name of the twin.
  • They decided to have a womens night in the house tonight. Oh, yeah. What fun.
  • Jason said that he might have to self-evict if the podcast show goes on nightly all summer.
  • Heh.
  • Audrey continues to stir things up.
  • Shelli told Becky and Jackie that Audrey said they were voting to keep Da'Vonne.
  • And, get this ... Audrey told Da'Vonne she wants her to stay. She wants Da'Vonne to promise her safety next week if she wins HoH.
  • Da'Vonne obviously can't believe a word she's saying.
  • After all, it's AUDREY.
  • Da'Vonne tells the cameras that if working with Audrey is what it takes to stay in the game, that's it. 
  • We'll see.
  • After all, it's AUDREY.

Things not quite as easy as planned

I don't find him attractive now

Losing these two wouldn't bother me

Da'Vonne calls out Audrey AGAIN

What a tangled web we weave ...

HoH comp practice


monty924 said...

BB6 and BB7 Howie (sp?) originator of the Spool of Lies :)))

Jackie said...

Yes, Howie!

Stormy said...

If Jason was not such a blabbermouth he and Day could have used the twins info to force the twins onto their side and work with them. Jason is suspose to be such a big fan of the show but goes and blabs to everyone about Liz/Julie and not use the information to his advantage. He was just so proud of figuring it out (really was Day that figured it out) to the other people he lost the advantage of it. WOW

Chacha said...

His favorite season is the fifth with the twin twist.
This is what I have been saying, for super fans- they really have no clue.

Cheryl in NC said...

I thought spool of lies was Howie.....I loved that season( except the ending..haha). but howie,janelle,kaysor and crew were the best..loved them!!