Monday, July 20, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday into the Evening, PoV Fiasco - July 20

Audrey as I'll always remember her

Well, well, well. How 'bout dem fish? Ain't they pretty? They certainly starred on the live feeds today. Here's what happened today in that Big Brother House of I Am the Best Drama Queen in the UNIVERSE:
  • James and Jason have mentioned something about "chemical imbalance" but I'm not buying that. Audrey had no "chemical imbalance" issues before she realized she's going out the door this week.
  • Between last night and today, she now holds the record for the amount of time spent in the Diary Room.
  • First, the veto ceremony was postponed due to some sort of technical issue.
  • Then Audrey was in the Diary Room.
  • Forever.
  • The others wondered if Audrey was in the process of self-evicting ... which used to be called DOR.
  • Audrey remained in the Diary Room.
  • Perhaps a special food order was sent for. Perhaps they had to milk the cow for a milk delivery to the DR.
  • I just don't know.
  • She was in there forever.
  • The others got really antsy.
  • I don't blame them.
  • Apparently she was in there over five hours!
  • She came out, went directly to the Have Not room (dark when the lights are supposed to remain on in the daytime), wearing her hoodie with the hood up and crawled under the covers wearing her sunglasses.
  • She remained hiding in the Have Not room through the veto ceremony.
  • As expected, Vanessa saved Jason and Shelli put Audrey in absentia (yay, more Latin for me!) up in his place.
  • Audrey has not come out of the Have Not room.
  • Whacko.
  • And life goes on.

Hammock time

Lookin' like a snazzy boy band boy

Sleep is a beautiful thing

Anxiety munching?


monty924 said...

Awesome update, Jackie. My thoughts exactly about the entire afternoon and evening. Wacko!!

~~Silk said...

I hope I'm not displaying my complete and total ignorance here, but isn't Audrey likely to be on some heavy duty hormone replacement therapy? And if so, if she's been skipping her meds, or if they need adjusting during times of stress, is it possible she's having a major PMS episode, or even a sudden menopause?

lynn1 said...

I don't wish Audrey ill. I hope whatever the problem is she will be OK. I personally think regardless of what went down today that she tends of be a high strung Drama Queen. Thursday night will definitely be must see TV.

Petals said...

I call total B.S. on Audrey AND on the producers. To have so many rules bent, so many fish-on-the-feeds, so much preferential treatment to one clearly disturbed person. "Psychotropic hallucinations"?? Really? Hmm. Interesting how these developed just minutes after the 'gang' confront her about the lies, seeds & dirty deeds.
This week just goes to show that - if you act like a nut-job - producers will get you In-n-Out Burger, good drugs and let you veg in a quiet dark room. Eff that nonsense. Or maybe her contract has different rules than everyone else's, which is another infuriating production screw-up (that they all seem to have different rules).
Contrary to what CBS may think, this stunt did not make me tune-in. In fact, I have only read about it, not even looked at my feeds, etc.
Is this the end of my love affair with this crazy show? Thanks Audrey, for ruining one of my favorite things of summer. Now crawl back under your rock.