Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - July 14

Pretty in pink?

Will Jeff stay or will he go? The plan is to get him outta there. And, it looks like he'll be out. I don't think he has the time to pull a rabbit out of his hat. That would probably be Austin's hat. Never mind. I digress. Here's the latest skinny on what's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Betraying Buddies:
  • Knowing that their prized hamsters are in a boring lull, BB told them they'd give them alcohol if they thought of drinking games for the live feeds watchers.
  • Yeah, that's the ticket!
  • Jason said that if he doesn't make jury, he won't be able to take the whole summer off. But if he does make jury, he's going to sleep all October and be poor.
  • I doubt he'll be "poor" if he makes jury. The stipend he's getting is probably a lot more than he earns as a grocery stocker. Add on no living costs for three months and he can surely sleep a month!
  • Jackie said she and Jeff split $4,000 in winnings from TAR. Now, $2,000 isn't a lot for a month. Hmm.
  • Austin suggested they get a one week deal from James for voting Jeff out instead of him. He also wanted to throw Meg in the safety deal because he thinks James is "in love" with Meg.
  • BB gave them warm beer.
  • Yuck.
  • They played a game of King's Cup. 
  • They played another game of Truth or Dare.
  • Hilarity ensued.
  • Jeff dressed as a Chippendale, except with toilet paper fringes instead of something sexy.
  • James licked whip cream off of Austin's chest.
  • Steve admitted he's kissed five girls.
  • Jason and Meg both stuffed cotton balls in their mouths.
  • Vanessa decided that tomorrow night is date night and the dates must end with a French kiss.
  • I'm wondering if that's production suggestions as I notice the new promos for the Wednesday show feature the kisses from the Truth or Dare the other night.
  • They want to push the sex angle when the one "couple" in the house aren't doing more than cuddling.
  • Steve talked strategy with Vanessa, prying for information whether he's in anyone's sights as a target.
  • She told him he's pretty safe.
  • She admitted that Audrey doesn't like Jason or James, but refused to say Audrey would actually target them.
  • And on it goes ...

Delusions of grandeur

Inhaling cotton balls

Gag me with a spoon ... now!

Hilarity ensues

Vanessa talks; Steve listens


lynn1 said...

Thanks for your witty updates. This group is not giving you much to work with. Maybe if one of the uncool kids wins HOH we may get some Fireworks or at least something entertaining to watch. I so wish the BOB would go away. I don't like seeing the HOH be run by committee.

Stormy said...

Hope Jeff will not be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat this week. I do not like seeing him at all. Like him less than Audrey. Pulling for Liz and Julia now. Did like Vanessa but she has got so "wordy" she is hard to take. Like Austin but cant stand to look at him. UGH. Not a good bunch this year. AM I the only one that feels that way??? Wish the twins and JM and Steve would hook up and do some good in the house.

Jean said...

It seems that Vanessa speaks robotic and with the same expression all the time. jmo

David said...

Stormy, at this moment I feel that way but I see potential if the outsiders don't get steamrolled by the current group in power. I find currently I can't watch the feeds for very long before switching to something else. I don't know how Jackie does it. I have also noticed that the live feeds updates sites are having problems keeping people updating them. They have big gaps in time.

uncartie said...

Lynn,I think most long time fans hate BOB too. I sure do.

Stormy,Is this a good bunch? I don't know but it's the first time I can ever remember not really hating one player. I think BOB has a lot to do with it snd like Lynn said it makes HOH run by committee. If I were in charge I would make a rule that immediately after the HOH comp,the 2 HOH's must go to separate rooms and decide who they want to nominate without collaborating with each other.

David,I was going to post the exact same thought regarding the absence of regular feed updaters.

ORKMommy said...

With or without the BOB, most HOH's have been run by committee anyway. I can't remember any HOH who did what they wanted without making sure it's okay with the rest of their alliance approving it. That said... The BOB can be exciting if you get two HOH's who are in different camps. At this point, there are too many HG's who like each other to make it interesting.

Chauncey said...

I long for the days when there was some real suspense on eviction night. If they don't do an allstar group next year this may be it for me. Same type of cast every year, no diversity, 1 gay male 1 gay female 1/2 black male/female maybe 1 person over or close to 40 very few really smart people. I didn't like Evel Dick or Rachel but at least they made the game interesting.

Anonymous said...

This is pretty sad for BB. Lets face it, we are the FANS and die hard followers of this show.......and we are miserable watching it and finding it hard to care about any of it. IF we are turned OFF can you imagine how they can hold any audiences at all. NADA. This is on its way out for sure. B O R I N G is what is............and the sloppy way they picked the cast shows it just as Chauncey pointed out. How kool, a Transgender, woo woo! They may have thought the cast would raise an eyebrow when hearing the news.............another NADA. The twins..............the Battle of the Block...........fizzle fizzle................almost sad how they think bringing in gays, blacks, etc will spice it up................even an airhead tatoo wrestler.............b o r i n g ! Will somebody please tell him what this show is all about, he is clueless.

Time for me to go............no one wants to hear me bitch.............back to reading some GOOD BOOKS this summer.