Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Wednesday - July 15

Pretty, I'm so pretty

Yeah, yeah. I know this live feeds update is very late. Dock my check if need be. Oh, wait. What check? (Of course, if you feel compelled, I do have a Paypal Donate link in the sidebar!) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of At The End Of The Day:
  • Audrey tried to convince Shelli that James is better in the game than is Clay. To Clay, "Calling you stupid would be doing you a favor."
  • Heh.
  • Jeff fussed about his lack of Diary Room time.
  • That's because we just don't want to see him pick his shoulder pimples.
  • Audrey wants everyone to act like they're in a Disney musical.
  • Um. Wait. If it becomes Big Brother the Musical, our feeds will be forever blocked.
  • "Stop that, Audrey."
  • Steve's awkward act (if it is indeed an act, which I think a lot of it is) is catching on and people are thinking of ways to "use" him for their benefit.
  • Hopefully, it's to HIS benefit. 
  • It's already shown that he's gone from target to somebody that will probably be in the house safe for some time to come.
  • Jason says that part of the reason he felt he had to come on the show was because he hated Frankie Grande so much.
  • What happened to his childhood dream of being in the house that he mentioned before?
  • But, it's okay to hate Frankie. I don't hate him, but I certainly was very annoyed at him all last summer.
  • James is starting to crush a bit on Audrey. He thinks she's the prettiest girl in the house.
  • I think she might be, as well.
  • It has suddenly dawned on Jeff that he can't trust those whom he thought he were friends.
  • Well, duh.
  • Steve thinks they (Vanessa included) should somehow stop the Austin/Liz showmance.
  • Steve has previously voiced thoughts of breaking up Chelli. He knows that the couples bond can be deadly for others in the house. He's seen it time and time again.
  • I was surprised that I actually had interest in a very long discussion with Jackie, Jeff and Steve in the backyard.
  • Now, had Jeff been that mellow, honest and quasi-intelligent all along, he wouldn't be going home this week.
  • I think Steve soaked in all the insight and, hopefully, it might give him more game in the game.
  • Jackie and Jeff talked about a lot of the behind the scenes stuff from TAR (apparently they're allowed to talk about production in TAR, just not BB). As a show fan and blogger, I found it quite interesting.
  • Jason rejoined the talk and they kept it up until dawn there.
  • They all eventually went to bed.
  • As did I.
  • Jeff has resigned that he'll most likely be going home tomorrow.

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Jackie, Jeff and Steve talk

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