Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 16

I liked him better before I knew him

Ah, it's the dawn of eviction day in the hamster house today. That always brings new life to the live feeds! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Not So Jazzy Jeff:
  • Austin told James he should campaign more as Jeff is definitely campaigning.
  • James claims he doesn't want to throw Jeff under the bus, but he's heard Jeff has been doing that to him.
  • Initially, James and Jeff were close buddies.
  • But it's hard to stay friends when you're both nominated for eviction.
  • BB gave them more alcohol.
  • It always gets me that the amount of alcohol given is so little compared to the number of people in the house. I can't see why they get so excited. 
  • Meg, Jason, Audrey and Shelli decided to put on a musical sketch.
  • Ack. Now I'll have nightmares about Frankie!
  • Jeff told Jackie that if he stays, he'll go after Vanessa.
  • Well, duh. That should go without saying. And, that's also Vanessa's fear and why she so wants him to go at this point.
  • Steve made a two week safety deal with James in exchange for his vote to save him.
  • Rumors about Audrey being America's Player continue to run rampant through the house.
  • Why do they think someone MUST be America's Player every darn season? More often than not, no one is America's Player.
  • And, certainly not a group of America's Players ... that's been going around the house, too.
  • Silly paranoid hamsters.
  • Jeff apparently is in no fear that Jackie will run back to Austin and Vanessa to tell them all the trashtalking he's doing about them.
  • Perhaps he should worry.
  • Jackie isn't in his corner.
  • But he thinks she is.
  • She was at one time. But she needs to look out for her own game.
  • And, he's not in her plans if he's out with the in crowd.
  • Meg told Chelli that she actually trusts Jeff more on a personal level than she does James, but knows he's going to go.
  • In other words, she'll probably do a sheeple vote even though she personally would keep Jeff.
  • Austin is worrying that Clay might have switched and may be on Jeff's side now. Before, Clay was reporting every wrong move Jeff made to him. Now, not so much.
  • Hmm.
  • Oh noes ... say it ain't so. Jeff outright CRIED to Shelli. Like tears and all.
  • @@
  • Now, that's pulling out all the cards.
  • I doubt it will save his butt, though.
  • We'll see tonight!

At least he can't pick shoulder pimples

It makes him taller!

Jeff/Jackie talk time

Shades of Frankie. Ew.


Mo said...

I heard that Austin doesn't trust chelli anymore. So much for sixth sense!

Chacha said...

Austin is the worst. He wants someone to come at him so he can turn into Judas. So much for the anti bullying. IMO- he is a bully with his attitude.

Chacha said...

I just can't get behind any of these hamsters.
Austin- bully
Vanessa(she is my pool pick)- have lost respect, got a bad cae of HOHITIS.
Meg and Liz are really irritating.
Chelli- yuck,
Jackie and Becky- don't ever realize they are in the house.
Steve- socially awkward.
James- can't really think of anything.
Jason- not a superfan in my opinion.
Johnny- irritating in DR but playing a good game.
Audrey- keeps things interesting

Becky said...

Jackie, I agree with what you said about Clay. Me too.