Friday, July 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Friday - July 17

Just a wee bit possessive

Shelli and Liz weren't really people I wanted to win the dual HOHship. It means more of Chelli hanging all over each other and now, Liztin. Here's the latest late night happenings from inside that Big Brother House of BOB Needs to be Evicted:
  • The stress must be getting to Jason. I see developing acne on his cheeks.
  • He should be stressed. It's very likely he'll be on the block once again.
  • The four votes to keep Jeff has 'em all in a tizzy. They expected two votes -- John and Jackie.
  • But who are the other two?!?!?!
  • "Someone lied to me!," screamed Vanessa.
  • Audrey is a definite suspect.
  • Steve is a suspect.
  • Becky is a suspect.
  • Liz is NOT a suspect.
  • I have to laugh how they all assume there's an America's Player.
  • They're so worried about that that they're building their whole game around it and it doesn't exist!
  • Sure, down the line I wouldn't put it past Allison Grodner to replay that old hand. But, as of now, there is no America's Players you silly hamsters!
  • Steve is throwing his game into play -- between his hinky vote stirring things up and his innocent lost act with Shelli, he's workin' it.
  • Of course, Liz and Austin might be his stumbling block.
  • They're thinking that people who haven't been Have Nots before should do it this week.
  • Vanessa is pretty sure Steve was one of the hinky votes. But Steve is working his way into Shelli's good graces. So that might not matter.
  • They whined about needing more food ... and, but of course, alcohol.
  • Oh, wait! Now Vanessa is sure it wasn't Steve with the vote! It was Becky! (Of course, that still accounts for three votes, not four. D'oh.)
  • But Audrey is sure it was Steve!
  • Now, this is the first week that Audrey has not been the hinky vote. Every week, they're sure she's doing it.
  • And on the Big Vote Debate went ...
  • No way will Liz tell. No way will Steve tell. It shall remain one of the great mysteries of all time.
  • Meg's name has been thrown in with the suspects, as well.
  • Heh. Good going Steve and Liz (although they most certainly did not conspire).
  • Vanessa, who admits to being a gambler to them, said Becky has to be the hinky vote. She also says that Johnny Mac has no strategy.
  • Wrong on both counts.
  • Even Clay has picked up that John knows when to talk and when to remain quiet. Nothing ever gets back to anyone about stuff Johnny Mac has said.
  • But I still neither like nor respect Clay myself.
  • In the HoH room reveal, Shelli got a letter from her dog.
  • I have no words.
  • But, apparently her dog has words.
  • At this point, it's very unsure who will be going on the block.
  • It is clear that Audrey is NOT a target once again.
  • It's looking rather dismal for Jason.
  • Meg, Jackie and Becky are on the peripheral of the group, too.
  • I guess we'll see.

HoH Room "excitement"

Safe for another week?

"I have no real target this week."

Steve, endearing himself to Shelli

This isn't fun

Unpacking and hoping to stay

Hmm, what to do, what to do


Chacha said...

apparently at some point early this morning Shelli threw out backdooring Austin.
That would be so much fun.
I would hope that She could insinuate this to Liz. I am sure she would be on board.

David said...

I was kinda hoping Liz would backdoor Austin this week. That would be the ultimate slap in the face. He is definitely cramping her style and game right now. I hope she can see that. Austin and Vanessa have serious doubts about Chelli but are willing to work with them as long as they have the power. I wonder if Austin mentioned this to Liz. That would be the crack we need to make this a fun week.

I thought I would like Austin before this season began but that is over now. He is someone who needs to be knocked down a peg or two. He has HoH'itis and Caleb syndrome. He has not even been HoH but thinks he is by proxy.

Nick said...

It would almost be dumb to backdoor Austin or anyone from that Sixth Sense alliance at this point since they could pretty much take out the rest of the house (and give us a repeat of last season all over again)...BUT I would very much enjoy seeing a plan to backdoor Austin be put into motion! I figured we would have a pretty boring week with James and Jason being the two obvious options for eviction. I don't mind Austin really, but that group taking out one of their own would leave us with a much more interesting rest of the season...of course, people outside of that alliance are going to have to start winning HOH EVENTUALLY to really spice things up.

uncartie said...

It looks like a good bet that Jason & Jmac will be on the block thanks to HOH Shelli...oops I mean Clay. Jmac has agreed to throw the comp as usual. grrrr! This is another reason that I hate BOB. It is totlayy unfair to the other nominee. Every nominee should have an equal chance to get them selves off the block.

Last night's HOH comp was designed for Jackie to win. I was shocked that she didn't win. The old saying "you can't fix stupid" certainly applies here.

I have officially put my BB tin foil hat back on and suspect that jackie is production's favorite this year. Perhaps they can just give her a hidden earpiece next time and feed her the answers.

Noms probably going on now as feed have been down for an hour already.

Anonymous said...

It's James and Jackie vs JohnnyMac and Jason

Nina said...

Thanks for all the updates Jackie, While I'm on the West Coast and don't post much, I read your blog daily. It's much appreciated by me.

Anonymous said...

Ah come on jackie. I'm pretty sure you think you know what your kitty is purring about