Saturday, July 18, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Saturday - July 18

Oh my, Audrey

So, after the Battle of the Block was done and over with, Shelli remains HoH and Jason/Johnny Mac remain on the block. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Talk Talk:
  • I'm not sure if Johnny Mac threw it or not -- Clay told him to, Shelli told him he could play to win.
  • I don't think Shelli wanted to be in the position of power again.
  • She hates deciding things.
  • Plus, she has Clay telling her to do things which are Clay's things he wants to do, not necessarily what she wants.
  • Gee, if Clay wants to be HoH, why doesn't he win it? Win something. Make himself useful instead of ornamental!
  • Audrey cried. She's sure she's in danger.
  • I guess it must be time for her to plant more seeds of insecurity!
  • Clay told her not to worry, she's safe.
  • I'm so happy he's HoH again this week! He's my hero!
  • Gag.
  • Shelli herself (remember Shelli? the actual HoH?) told Vanessa that she trusts Johnny Mac and tried to convince her to do the same.
  • There was a very brief power outage there. Not sure what that was all about. But it made them panic for a moment!
  • Clay keeps pushing Shelli to backdoor Audrey.
  • Wait.
  • Isn't he the one who's been reassuring Audrey that she's safe?
  • The two mysterious hinky votes speculation saga continues.
  • Audrey cries some more.
  • Jason, demanding HoH talk time, pretty much kicked Audrey out of the HoH room so he could plead his case.
  • His personal targets are Audrey, Steve and Austin.
  • He thinks he needs to come off the block instead of Johnny Mac because he's in more danger of going home.
  • Well, yeah. That was the original plan!
  • (That he would go home and Johnny Mac would remain in the house.)
  • He also made a case for getting Lizia out before the twin enters to play -- an additional person would make it to the jury.
  • Shelli was receptive to the Jason pleadings. She told him she would put someone who's more likely to go home next to him if he remains on the block.
  • Now, who could that be?
  • Audrey started planting anti-Austin seeds with Shelli.
  • Hmm.

Rabid Steve?

Making Austin jealous?

Gonna have to scramble


Becky who?

Who's that new dude?


uncartie said...

From last niht...Shelli's HOH in a nutshell:
Audrey had asked to speak to Shelli alone. Clay refused to leave and told her "Talking to me is like talking to her."

Shelli & Clay....Mr and Mrs Hem & Haw

David said...

It seems that Audrey knows the secret that if they are talking loudly in the HoH room, and Jason was, you can hear them in the bathroom downstairs. As soon as Jason kicked her out of the HoH to talk, she planted herself in the bathroom. When James walked in after getting out of the DR, she put a finger to her lips to be quiet and I thought pointed up. James ignored her and ran water while brushing his teeth. Or he did it intentionally. lol

Ed in Ohio said...

Jmac being on the block continuously must feel like the movie Groundhog Day to him, the same thing happening over & over again. I've lost count now how many times he's been a 'pawn' & asked to throw the BOTB (4X now I think?).

IMO BOTB is having an adverse effect on strategic game play and is not very entertaining to watch when the same strategy is being copied and used over & over again.

A welcome change would be to have 'opposing' HOH's...... just to switch things up a little.

Chacha said...

I have felt this season is not good at all.
There really is no strategy. The BOB has ruined this game.
It also may be that no one can compare after Derrick did such
an amazing job last season.

Sharon N said...

Shelli is a flip-floppy wus. But then, so is everyone else.
Clay wants Shelli to b/d Audrey and she agrees, but then goes into waffle mode.
It's crazy... they all want Audrey out, but nobody has the guts to do it themselves.
So afraid there will be a flash-back twist that will keep Audrey in the house... and then after them.

Audrey has discovered that if you are in the downstairs bathroom, you can hear what's being said in HOH. Wonder if anyone else knows that???

David said...

Sharon, I would think Steve and Jason at least know. I guess it has to do with the vents. Last year they discovered that if you closed the HoH bathroom door it effectively stopped it.

uncartie said...

Do these idiots not realize that the longer Audrey stays in the game the more likely she could come back via a manufactured "twist".

Anonymous said...

This season is a bit boring. I just don't like any of these people except maybe John. I even forget who some of these people even are. There is nothing exciting about any of these people. I like John because he makes me laugh. I went to bed early Thursday night and didn't even care if I feel asleep on the show. This is saying a lot for me because I never fall asleep on Big Brother. I hope it gets better. Zoe In California

uncartie said...

POV Players: Jason, John, Shelli, Meg, Clay, James Host: Steve

Sharon N said...

Fingers crossed POV becomes a BIG surprise for someone!

uncartie said...

Vanessa won POV. Jokers apparently had the wrong players. grrrr! I think Audrey will finally be going home. Vanessa is no longer protecting her. It would be the smart move,IMO. Nobody in the house trusts her so there would be no "blood" on Hem & Haw's hands.