Sunday, July 19, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - July 19

Will he stay off the block?

Despite last night's PoV comp, won by Vanessa, and the uncertainty it brings about, there was some fun overnight in the BB17 house. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dancers and Pranksters:
  • After everybody cleaned off the paint from the PoV comp, they were summoned to the HoH room.
  • It's Have Nots again after a week's respite!
  • Jackie, Becky, John and Audrey are the unlucky ones -- none of them have been Have Nots before.
  • They get gravy with their slop, lucky devils!
  • As a punishment from the BotB comp -- John, Jason and Liz have to do song and dance routines (while wearing white) as a bad 90s boy band.
  • And, yes, they're so bad.
  • But it's funny.
  • Much better than watching Shelli cry.
  • Audrey thinks Vanessa won't use the veto and the nominations will remain the same. 
  • Of course, that goes with her hope that Jason goes home.
  • Jason thinks that Vanessa will do whatever Shelli wants her to do with it.
  • Of course, he's thinking he'll be saved and Audrey will go on the block.
  • Meanwhile, Vanessa definitely wants to use the veto to save Jason.
  • Now we just have to see if Shelli has the guts to put Audrey up.
  • Jason thinks the only "ally" he has in the house is Meg and, if he were voting between himself and Johnny Mac, he himself would vote to keep Johnny Mac.
  • Confuse you with that one?
  • No?
  • I'll have to try harder.
  • Audrey thinks that, if Vanessa does use the veto, the replacement nominee will be Steve.
  • Gosh, I hope not!
  • I personally would prefer Jackie going, but she's safe from nomination this week due to winning the BotB.
  • If I were in the house, I'd probably move to get either Audrey or Lizia out. With the latter because it's two for the price of one and that much closer to a win for me.
  • As the night waned on, James and Audrey pulled pranks with James in the trash bag in the storage room.
  • First, Audrey called in Lizia and felt she had to tell her that James had such a crush on her. Thankfully, Lizia reacted with "Oh, he's so adorable," not "That ugly little creep! I hate him!"
  • Then he made his trash bag move! She spilled her drink and everything.
  • Then he got Steve really good while Austin was in there.
  • Jackie didn't fall for it as well as the others. She didn't get close to the bag and he accidentally moved.
  • Remember kids ... trash bags are not play toys! James could suffocate!

Pranksters Audrey and James

Whackstreet Boys

Performing live in the BB House

Jus' restin' his eyes a moment

Table for one, please


uncartie said...

Jackie you're spot on with getting rid of either the twins or Audrey but unfortunately the hamsters do not realizethat by keeping thyem they will work as a team. I think Vanessa will use pov and she will talk Hem & Haw into putting up Audrey.

Monty, I love this cast too. As I've said before this is the 1st time I can ever remember not hating someone so far into the season.

Sharon N said...

Audrey is her own worst enemy.

monty924 said...

I felt bad for Shelli today. If I were in her shoes, I would have just opened the HOH door and said, "Leave, NOW"!