Thursday, July 23, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 23

Audrey's own Bohemian Rhapsody

"Is this the real life or is it fantasy? Caught in a landslide, can't escape reality." - credit Queen.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mixed Nuts:
  • Although I think there was more to Audrey's song than we were allowed to see, it reminded me of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.
  • Mama, just shot a man ...
  • Er, wait. That's not her song.
  • Her theatrical dance and song had lyrics (paraphrasing here) like: "Is this my real life? James and Shelli stabbed me with a knife. Someone tell me if this is my life." She ended with a dramatic, "And ... scene!"
  • Hmm.
  • If Zach was here, he'd call out "Froot Loop dingleberry!"
  • The cameras cut and we only saw her peek out once again and then briefly mingle, coming out to shout "BB Takeover!"
  • Then she went back to her self-imposed death/exile.
  • In other news, Austin tried to start a movement against Jason, using his superfan status as a weapon against him.
  • Backfire.
  • Jason told others that Austin too is a superfan.
  • He also told them of Austin's girlfriend back home and the fact that, if Julia comes into the house for good, he'd want her out so he could have Liz more to himself. Plus, Julia and Liz would take each other to the end over him.
  • Aha!
  • Julia is not too keen on Austin anyway.
  • Fuel for the fire.
  • Actually, reading body language, I don't think Liz is all that into him, either.
  • Austin might be working his way into being the next target.
  • It looks like Clay, Shelli and Vanessa will set their sights on him.
  • Too bad, so sad.

Chef Steve

Retelling the Audrey talk

I must rethink Austin

She isn't that into him

Austin has a girlfriend at home!

I'm not the only superfan


Witt said...

Audrey is getting seriously bizarre. I wonder how much of this they will show or explain tonight.

I never saw that Liz was really into Austin either, though he is seriously into her. He has a girlfriend at home?! Wonder what she thinks of that....

Happy Thursday, Jackie!


Witt said...

One other question: why do the hamsters not seem at all concerned about the twin twist?? I guess they do not see that as any type of threat? How much more time before Julia enters the house as well?

JonMD1267 said...

"I am vengance, I am the night, I am Audrey". Lol

Michelle May Carpintero said...

Regardless if she has had a breakdown (before BB or during BB) or this is all for attention, Audrey is disturbed and has no business being in there. She needs help... way more than CBS can give her while she's in there and if BB starts pushing the HG to vote to get rid of John in order to keep her in there to play the transgender card for ratings, they are responsible for anything that might happen to her or to the other HG that she might do, while they keep her there. She needs help! Mental Health issues are real and she needs to be treated by professionals.

uncartie said...

Michelle,I believe BB wants Audrey out ASAP. They even warned her not to try and use Production as strategy. As a result,the feeds go to Fish way more than necessary due to her.
She has broken the rules and disrupted the game via the 5 hr diary room nonsense and her failure to appear at the POV ceremony. She also has said that she doesn't want to participate in interviews after she goes.

I wonder if the show will even be live tonight or if CBS will play it safe and broadcast a taped version because they're afraid of how she's going to react.

Audrey has also demanded that she be tied down on a Cross for the eviction ceremony and post interview with Julie.
Ok,I made the last part up. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, CBS has their hands full with this Audrey contestant for now and I bet in the future! And we have NOT heard the last of Miss Audrey I bet! I feel she will cause some sad news down the road in some fashion. Yes, she is messed up, and should not have been on a show like this, for she has shown she can not deal with the pressure of playing this game AT ALL. CBS wanted a Transgender on the show and obviously Audrey was NOT the gal for the game mentally. And, yes I wonder for the mental state of Shelly after the game, just the concern of Audrey " out there" with her now free to roam with her anger she has for her.

Yes, it should be interesting how eviction is handled tonight?

lynn1 said...

I do hope CBS/BB will give us some idea of just what has been going on for the past couple of days. With what info is currently available on top of rumors and opinions Audrey seems to be in need of intensive and immediately psych treatments. Heck for all I know she is just in a bad mood because she is constipated from eating slop.
I am looking forward to tonight's show to see what happens.

Sharon N said...

"Heck for all I know she is just in a bad mood because she is constipated from eating slop."

And there you have it!!! LMAO

BJ said...

Personally the less I see and hear about Audrey the better. She seeks the attention (poor put upon her) and loves the drama. I wouldn't give her a platform. I would evict her and go straight to the HOH comp. No talk with Julie, no after show interviews. I am more interested in plans to get rid of Austin. Will Becky and JMac become a couple. Will Liz plot against Austin now that her twin is playing? I am also waiting to see how the twins play. They don't seem to be on the same page. Would love for them to join separate sides. I also want JMac to win HOH and put Clay up. You know, just for the team.

Sharon N said...

Fish for quite a long time now.
BB must be bringing in a crew to strap Audrey to that dolly... so they can haul her out of HN for eviction.

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting is that in the past, people who did not follow the rules (the woman who threw her mike in the pool?) and the Russell Hance who acted out in a dangerous way, were not cut any slack. If I remember correctly, they were called into the DR never to be seen again. The fact that Audrey is still there, doing what she pleases (eating regular food as a Have Not, sleeping on the floor, not showing up for the veto ceremony, etc.) and self-sequestered in the HN room is curious. She clearly has some sort of psychological issue(s), which may or may not mean she could/would act out on the others or their belongings. Why she wasn't just taken out of the game like the others? Isn't CBS setting precedent that they will tolerate this kind of behavior from "house guests gone wild"?

monty924 said...

LOL Sharon. I was beginning to think they were 'live taping' the show for tonight, but the feeds are back. Tonight should be the show of the century, LOL

Sharon N said...

More HN rule-breaking for Audrey with a 45 minute HOT shower and other HN's are getting pretty ticked off that she's allowed to break all the rules. I can't help wonder how long it will take before everyone else says 'screw it' and they decide to just ignore all the rules???

monty924 said...

Audrey/Julie interview tonight ----------------->

Sharon N said...

LMAO!!!!! ^^^

David said...

I hope they give her some penalty votes for breaking the rules.

Julie says " By a vote of 168 to 1 (Austins Hinkey vote), Audrey, you are evicted from the big brother house."

David said...

LOL, great picture Monty. =)

I never could find that Audrey Meme.

monty924 said...

LOL... you can see it full size here:

Audrey just told Vanessa that DR told her she would be getting a penalty vote tonight for eating the pizza that Becky brought her. Like that's the only rule she broke, LMAO

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10:
If you recall previous incidents, BB has given considerable "slack". Chima (the HG who, after many defiant outbursts, threw her mic in the pool), had been over-the-top for some time. Remember how much craziness Amanda got away with just last year without being removed? And the vile racist harassment before that? For infractions like Audrey's, I believe the "rules" call for lesser consequences, like penalty noms. Meeting the standard for forcible eviction (without immediate physical endangerment to other HGs) has always taken some doing.

monty924 said...

LOL David... I completely missed your vote tally post. LMAO

Petals said...

YAY! I was pretty sure you'd use screen-cap that Audrey shot - a truly weird display (for feedsters, rewind to 7/22, 9:18pm, Cam 3/4)

I became disenchanted with Austin on week 2 and am glad that everyone is smelling what he is shoveling. You're right, Jackie - he follows Liz, paws her, practically lifting his leg & pees on her. I won't miss him when he's gone.

The best thing about the 90s thing is how good J*Mac looks in his white boyband uni.

When will someone finally separate the Cake-Toppers (you know who they are)?


Petals said...

Monty - I was about to change my pic to that Audrey-on-a-stretcher, but you got it :) LMAO

Who mentioned that tonight's show may be recorded for safety? I agree!

Jackie - I am stocking the bar with extra ice; tonight's gonna be a ca-RAZY pool party.

monty924 said...

Yeah, Austin is toast in there now. He's playing so dumb for a super-fan. I'm just glad that the other super-fan (Jason) blew his game up last night, LOL. Don't hate him but no longer an Austin fan. The only problem is... worried about my pool girl(s) Lizia without the meat shield in front of them. :(((

monty924 said...
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Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, Austin's plan blame his hinky vote on Steve might work. :(
Most already think Steve is sneaky like Andy.
He does go room to room, it's no comparison to Andy.
Steve's interactions, or lack thereof, oddly remind me of Donny.

monty924 said...

Good comparison to Donny, Sharon. I still think Steve is doing an Andy... it worked for him but Steve is so awkward so I'm unsure. It could all be an act, but I doubt it.

Petals said...

I agree, Sharon. Steve is a bit like Donny. I miss Donny!

Petals said...

I'm just waiting for Steve to bust-out his cool; I know it's in there! He MUST be pretending to be that awkward, I mean - who hasn't heard the word "cuticle"? Or doesn't know who is Robin Williams.

monty924 said...

I miss Donny too... :(( **sniffles**

I'm bringing everyone a bucket of popcorn tonight for the show. Extra theater butter, white cheddar and my favorite - bacon popcorn, LOL. Not really my favorite but a childhood friend's mother always popped popcorn in bacon grease and we would take brown paper grocery bags full of it to the drive-in theater. So good!!

Petals said...

My grandparents did the same thing, with one kicker: always served the bacon popcorn with apple slices. To this day, I will not eat popcorn without apple slices. Even at the movie, I take an apple (or order lemonade).
Anyway, TRY APPLE SLICES WITH POPCORN! Not mixed inside the bag, but on the side. Mmmmm...
*now savagely craving apples-n-popcorn*

monty924 said...

Sounds yummy... I'll bring apples to the party too :))