Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - July 28

Power moves in chess, not in BB
Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of You Got to Know When to Hold 'em, Know When to Fold 'em:
  • Vanessa feels bad about "taking away Jason's dreams."
  • To me, that's the sad part about him going so early -- which I have no doubts he will this week.
  • He's wanted to be in the house since he was ten years old. He has a dead-end job in a supermarket which he lost by going on the show and he lives in his mother's basement.
  • Of course, if he were to win a half-million, he's one of the ones most likely to just blow through the money quickly, not spending any wisely (such as paying for education).
  • It's sad.
  • But, he knows the game. He should have been playing a bit more strategically.
  • Meanwhile, Vanessa tried doing some damage control.
  • Somehow, the blame for it all seems to be casting suspicion on Clay and Shelli.
  • Hmm.
  • Jason is helping that along by telling his buddies that they won't even look at him and knew all along he was the plan.
  • James is really, really ticked. He feels used. 
  • Vanessa keeps trying to tell everyone it wasn't just her decision, but it was indeed a last minute decision.
  • Shelli tried to console Jason and tell him he should fight to stay.
  • Jason, probably reading the cards better than Vanessa even, realizes that he has little chance to remain instead of Becky.
  • I feel that way, too. It's kind of hopeless even though I'd rather watch Jason on the live feeds than Becky.
  • Vanessa and Jackie talked about BB17 being flip-floppers and indecisive.
  • You don't say!
  • Oh, gosh. I don't think I can like Steve anymore. He was a Christine fan, even writing to her after the season.
  • Ew! Ew!
  • So, it looks like Jason should go this week and, if the power changes next week, it's likely Shelli (maybe Clay) will be a likely target.
  • I'd still go for getting Austin out because he's creepy over Liz and, since the twins will both come in, he can go away.

How will I rid myself from him in September?

Let me blame it all on Chelli

I'm not happy, not.

Earned more $ than in his real job


jessica UNderwood said...

Poor Jason! As far as Shelly/Clay being broke up I have to see it to Believe it. I hope they are!

David said...

The thing I like about this whole situation is Shelli/clay burned themselves. They were the ones pushing so hard to get Jason out thinking they were still HoH. Shelli couldn't leave Vanessa alone for a minute it seemed.

I do want a power shift this week and for it to stick this time. I would like to see Austin/Clay/Shelli/Vanessa on the block with one of those going home with Liz as a back-up plan. Is rooting for a Meg/Jackie HoH combination shooting to high? lol Maybe a James with one of those two would also work.

Cheryl in NC said...

I really hope Jason is at least fighting to stay.If he could convince the outsiders to vote to keep him and then somehow if Julia is the twin votong maybe he could get her to keep him with the promise to take out Austin for her! and liz ! maybe just maybe...a girl can dream cant she.......

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day (hehe) I don't feel too sorry for Jason. This is Big Brother, his favorite show. He knew the deal coming in: that this is a cut-throat game and you aren't guaranteed to go far at all, heck, Jodi has become infamous for getting the boot within the first few hours of entering the house. So he knew what he signed up for and said so himself that it is a prize just to have made it this far and to be on the show. He got to play and lost in the most Big-Brother-ist way possible.

His being 25, working in a grocery store and living with his mom is really his doing. He could use his stipend to enroll in classes somewhere and he seems to be comfortable with it. The kids is smart, articulate and social, so he has many options, but is choosing this one.

Sad he's going, but again he really should have played harder and shouldn't be surprised by this.


Chacha said...

David- We can only hope for the HOH to be Jackie/Meg/James combo.
I do think its asking alot but crazier things have happened in BB.
I still can't completely put my finger on Johnny Mac. Is he really
buying what Clay is trying to Sell?
I believe that Vanessa will soon target Shelli/clay once Julia is in the house.

Glenn said...

I would like to see them do a Survivor takeover by hiding a special veto that would work like a coup de gras and like the immunity item where you could take someone off the block even after the vote tally was announced. another survivor twist could be the extra vote advantage.

Sharon N said...

Nice ideas Glenn.
Unfortunately, I think Grodner has been at this show so long that has either become complacent and/or isn't creative enough to think of something new or different. :(

uncartie said...

What I'd like to see is a penalty for an HOH who backdoors someone. Something like not being able to play in next weeks veto comp. Grodner's elves would be the judges because sometime people are legitimately put up as pawns when someone gets taken off the block.

Monty,I agree with you that Vanessa probably will help Jason. Las Vegas would be a perfect place for him. He has a good personality and can get a decent job in the service or casino industry without having to have a college education as a requirement. He'd make a good poker dealer for example and it's pretty easy to learn.
Jobs in Vegas are often given out on a who you know basis. It's called "Having Juice".
Vanessa would be his "Juice" and she likely has juice with someone else.

Sharon N said...

Brand X (Jokers) must be bored with this season too. LOL
(Hours will go by with no updates.)

Anonymous said...

Sharon, I was just going to ask what that other website was that had updates about big brother. It's Eames everybody is complaining about past cast mates or that the season is boring

Sharon N said...

Vanessa is looping again... LOL

monty924 said...

Jason is coaching his BLOCKMATE @@

monty924 said...

And on the other hand... Becky is giving way too much up to her BLOCKMATE! STFU Becky. You aren't 100% safe until the vote on Thursday. smh