Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - July 7

Why is she in the house with my name?

This is the first time a house hamster with MY NAME has been in the house. Not only does she have MY NAME, but she's not a good player, nor does she really know BB. Gah! Most of the big news happened during the day yesterday. But here are some tidbits from the late night hours in that Big Brother House of Bosom Buddies:
  • Jason ran and talked to Meg (of all people) about the Liz twin theory.
  • Isn't he in Da'Vonne's corner? Isn't he a superfan? Dumb move, kiddo!
  • Not that I'm sure they can work it into leverage for Da'Vonne to stay.
  • But you don't go and tell the other person on the block!
  • Sheesh.
  • A little more has leaked out about the Last Laugh phone calls. The HG were able to pick their numbers. One picked a birthday. Da'Vonne might have chosen seven due to her poker dealing connection (7/11 lucky numbers?). Or she might have had another reason.
  • No matter what, people will cry conspiracy by BB!
  • Meg not only is friends with Frankie (or at least has a mutual close friend), she also knows Andrea from Survivor. Can you say recruited?
  • Audrey tried to act like she won the Last Laugh.
  • But Clay thinks Da'Vonne would win it no matter what number she chose.
  • @@
  • He's sure Da'Vonne won because her demeanor has changed.
  • BTW - BB told Clay he can't shave now. It ruins continuity when they show happenings out of order on the show. He didn't say the latter. I just know it's happened before.
  • Meanwhile, Shelli is telling others that the Last Laugh was likely America's Choice and not random.
  • @@
  • The spying on Lizia continues. Da'Vonne and Jason are now positive it's twins.
  • James is now on the twins spying gig, too.
  • They did the podcast interviews thing again. Sometimes the stuff is interesting and gives a bit of insight into the hamsters.
  • Right now it looks like Da'Vonne is resigned to go home unless she can figure out how to use the twins playing knowledge and the Last Laugh to save her butt.
  • I don't want her to go.
  • Sniffle.

It's so cold!

All gather for the "podcast"

Clay needs to go away

Austin interviews Meg


jessica UNderwood said...

I don't want D to go!!!! She's my pool pick and my pool pick won last year. Audrey needs to go soon!

David said...

If Shelli had put up Liz/Julia as was the original plan Da'Vonne would of had a fighting chance especially with the twin knowledge now. Against Meg I don't think she has much of a chance at all.

Shelli and Boy Toy Clay are all jumping around happy after hearing about twin twist as they think this will take some of the heat off of Audrey. What is wrong with these people. All three of them need to go.

Chacha said...

Audrey played way to fast our of the starting gate.
Da"Vonne did also.
These players who say they are superfans really don't come off that way to me. They may have the knowledge of all the players, seaons, and comps. IMO- they don't know how to translate that to the game.
Last night with Da'vonne figuring out the Liz/Julia twist telephone tag started. She should have made sure that Jason didn't run and tell Jeff who is really the house gossip.
As much as I can't stand Liz/Julia voice I would love to see her stay next week over Jason/Jackie(the hamster) and Clay.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie.

Did I wake up in an alternate universe where Clay & Shelli (the Wonder Bread duo) are HOH for the rest of the season? They have mapped-out the entire season and seized control of the house. Grrr! I am sooo tired of their patty-cake BS upstairs. @@
in other news, I am officially OFF the Austin fan wagon. Several things he does really annoy
me. I could rant, but won't.
It does suck that Da won the power to void 3 vetoes, but it won't matter. :(

What I do LOVE about this season is that there are not as many HGs trying to be a "star". We have some real fans and I like that. I hope one of them makes it to the end.

Chacha said...

We have the fans on the show, but they don't really seem how to use it.
Steve knows but its unfortunate that he is socially awkward.
i really like him.
I still haven't picked a clear cut favorite.
These hamsters are just boring(IMO)

uncartie said...

LOL Petals. Can't wait to see how Shelli reacts when she's just another hamster next week.

Jackies laughs like the talking horse "Mr Ed". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCBmfcoejnI

Da'Vonne getting the phone call? Just another BB coincidinky.(eyeroll) Just because production could control that twist 100% doesn't mean anything! It is simply good fortune that the player who happens to be on the block hits on a 1 in 14 chance that might help her stay and at the same time,provide some extra drama for the average non-wonk BB TV viewer.
Move along now,nothing to see.

Chacha said...

We knew last Thursday that it was the 7th call.
I really don't believe that the DR told Da'Vonne to pick the number 7.
Do I think they may have asked her previously what her favorite number was. Yes I think that is possible.
Twists are made to make these hamsters go nuts.

Petals said...

Uncartie, My Love-a-Conspiracy-Theory-Friend, Clay seems to be more suspicious about production that we are, LOL.

Anonymous said...

For me..............I just wish Steve could be deemed the BB winner and this season was over. Worst group ever of house guests. I have watched BB since first year and am losing interest by the minute, doubt I will finish this season. May tune in to see who wins IF Steve is still on final two.

Jean said...

Has Jeff Schroeder interviewed Jace since he's been evicted? Or has anybody interviewed him via podcast?

Anonymous said...

If you want hamsters that will play the game, or at least try to, this may be the most eager group out of the gate that I can remember. I just wish Production would back off of all the gimmicks. End the BoB and twists like Kathy Griffin, and just let HGs get into alliances and feuds and go after each other. Ideally, today, Da would be working feverishly on a proactive, resourceful plan to save herself, and not just hoping to luck out with a twist.

Sharon N said...

Ok, being an avid Colorado College hockey fan, BBAD really sucked last night....
Becky was talking about Chipolte and mentioned there's one by the University of Denver (our arch rival). AAAAAAAAK
A shout-out to DU?
The bioch has to get GONE!!!! LOL

Nickelpeed said...

I do not want DaVonne to go home. Now, I want Chipolte. LOL

monty924 said...

Jean, I don't think we will see a Jeff/Jace interview this year because he was evicted on the 4th of July weekend. Joey, the first evicted, from last year was the only one that Jeff didn't have on the day after show. If they do the interviews with Jeff, I'm guessing they will start with this second eviction.

Jean said...

Thank you Monty.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jace will be on this Live Chat. The ad says last evicted house guest. Big Brother Live Chat with Host Jeff Schroeder
Fri, Jul 10 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT