Saturday, July 25, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday, PoV - July 25

A table for two

I so love a good kerfuffle. Here's what went down today inside that Big Brother House of a Panicking Judas:
  • For the Power of Veto, it's John, Shelli and Liz playing with Vanessa, Clay and Becky. Jason hosted.
  • Of course, the live feeds are always blocked for both the drawing of names and the comp itself.
  • Vanessa had to pick three people (not four this week) for Have Nots. She chose Shelli and Clay as they hadn't been on slop yet. Steve volunteered to be a Have Not.
  • Power of Veto comp apparently had them dressed as squirrels (should have been hamsters). Jason, the host, pronounces "squirrel" oddly with his accent. Heh.
  • Uh-oh. Clay won something.
  • He won the Power of Veto.
  • Becky cried.
  • Shelli did not cry.
  • Becky is worried not only because she will remain on the block, but because she was told not to tell John of the backdoor Austin plan. Meanwhile, she found out that Clay told him. She feels that she's left out of things and she's worried.
  • As she should be.
  • Like I said, she's expendable.
  • Liz continues to get more irked by Austin.
  • Yet, he claims to be "in love" with her.
  • @@
  • Now the HoH groupies are doubting Johnny Mac because he (supposedly) said that he would save Becky with the veto.
  • Liz told Vanessa that she is close to Austin, but he likes her a lot more than she likes him.
  • Really. You don't say.
  • As their conversation continued, Liz mentioned that he repulses her.
  • Heh.
  • Liz is scared that Austin will go wild about being backdoored.
  • So what, I say.
  • Now, for the last forever, I've been listening to Austin apologize, defend his actions, beg and plead with Vanessa not to put him on the block.
  • She needs to toughen up.
  • She tells him that he'd have to get others on his side, the whole house is against him.
  • It continues as I get this posted.

Who wants to be on the block with me?

Reluctant HoH

Watching "Netflix"

YOU are the target, Austin.

Don't send me home!!! Wah!

I won something. I won something.


uncartie said...

Jackie, not only is Liz irked with Butshe told ashelli and Vanessa that she doesn't want to be in jury with him.
She's affra5 he'll "creep into her bed" and try and have sex with her. @@

JonMD1267 said...

Clay will run his veto win in to the ground, like he is the king of BB.

Anonymous said...

Back door Austin! Don't change your mind! Get him out now! He is solo creepy!

Sharon N said...

It's a long time between now and Monday, but so far
They are backtracking.... Gutless Wonders that they are!!
And looking at a Becky BD instead.

You'd think Vanessa would have more guts, but she and Shelli are two of a kind.

Anonymous said...

You are also emotional. Vanessa will think game first emotion second

uncartie said...

Steve made a good point to van. Compared him to Zach from last year. "He's a snake, but he's our snake".

monty924 said...

They need to keep Austin for that very reason even if it means Becky goes home. I'm not keen on Austin any longer like I was early in the game, but getting rid of him could sink the Sixth Sense. Clay and Shelli have too many ties to the other side of the house and this could be a huge mistake like Howie nominating James and Sarah. jmo

Chacha said...

I said to my husband at dinner earlier that they need to put him up but flip the vote. I brought up Zach from last year. About two hours later Steve said the same thing to vanessa

monty924 said...

Chacha, that could happen and at this point it would be the only thing that will save him. Austin will go on the block. I just want them to save him for the drama.

David said...

Liz needs to wake up to the fact that they made it to the 5th eviction and they will both be coming in the house. She doesn't have to play Austins game anymore. She can push him away without consequences now. Time to start playing her/their own game.

David said...

How did this week go from having such promise to being a good week to just another same old stuff from the same side of the house. I blame Clay because he couldn't win his BoB even when he was being handed it on a silver platter. Now they are working to not only save Austin but not even put him on the block. I had to turn off the feeds, I could not listen to Shelli scheming any longer with Vanessa, both talking in circles.

Cherry Pie said...

As I said before.. go back to original more's becoming to predictable.

Princess83 said...

They need to get rid of Austin....he's playing the puppet master, as is Clay, who is playing Shelli's game....if not Austin, then as far as game play, Shelli should be the Renom....she is a threat, she wins things....Johnny too, he wins things....they need to be smart.....the only girl in the house that deserves to win at this point is Vanessa, she is smart!!! But all in all Austin needs to go.