Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday Dawn - July 21 - 22

The living is easy ... at the moment

You might wonder where I was last night. Well, I pulled an Audrey. Oh, I didn't have the sunglasses on, nor was I playing the martyr. Nor was I upset at the world. I just got home from work and started reviewing the live feeds to make my update and, then it happened. I decided just to take a short nap. That short nap turned into an overnight sleep. I needed it! Plus, the house has been in limbo since Monday with the Audrey issue -- not much gamewise is going to happen until she's gone and the comp cycle starts once again. Here's what I missed inside that Big Brother House of Playing Nice While Audrey is in Exile:
  • A fear of mine has come to fruition -- they're all but holding hands and singing Kumbaya.
  • They don't think Audrey will self-evict. Liz claims you don't get paid if you self-evict.
  • I kind of doubt that's true just thinking of labor laws. I think they'd have to pay something for the time spent "on the job."
  • But I don't know their contracts.
  • Tons of small talk.
  • Reams of it.
  • BB continues to allow the rules to be broken to cater to Audrey's Martyristic Ways -- the lights have remained off in the Have Not room while she's in self-exile there and she's been eating food brought to her by others.
  • Steve and James talked a long time about who they thought was a threat in the house.
  • Steve did not mention to James that he's been telling us (alone to the cameras in the backyard) that he needs to get James out.
  • They wonder if Audrey will get out of bed (dentist chair) for the live show on Thursday.
  • James doesn't think that everything Audrey has said has been a lie.
  • Steve is hoping that he gets the full stipend because that would pay for his next semester at school.
  • Y'see what I mean? Small talk!
  • Heh. Jason thinks that, once both are playing in the house, the twins should go on the block together.
  • I'd personally get Liz out earlier, then work on breaking up Chelli. It's foolish to leave two people that close to work together on gameplay. Jason should know that, superfan he is.
  • Ohhh! They got the HoH camera! Thrills. Chills. Yawn.
  • Hmm. Austin seemed to remember he has a girlfriend at home. But ... "it's not like I'm cheating."
  • Yeah, right. You're hanging all over Liz.
  • Audrey isn't even acknowledging people who have been checking in on her.
  • Are they sure she's still alive?
  • She did eat half the omelet James made for her.
  • Or ... maybe HE ate it and said she ate it to cover the fact that they have a body in the first stages of mummification right there in the Have Not room!
  • Okay, maybe my imagination is running away with me.
  • Of course, she can get a penalty nomination for eating off of the slop menu.
  • Oh?
  • I guess that doesn't matter at this point.
  • I'll admit I'm more curious what will happen with her on the live show Thursday than I am for the HoH comp!
  • Oh, wait. She's alive. Steve wished her luck and she fist-bumped with him.
  • James continued his prankster ways.
  • Yawn.
  • All this no game talk and getting along well together is boring.
  • No wonder I wanted to take a nap last night reviewing all these live feeds!
  • I don't think today will be much more exciting.
  • Here's to tomorrow night and watching Julie interview Audrey from inside the darkened Have Not room!

Hope he has on sunscreen

Now she's ALWAYS around

Will he ever win anything on his own?

Pre-season, I thought I'd like him more

What am I doing in this handbasket?



David said...

I am glad you got some much needed rest Jackie. =)

You are right about the feeds especially since any time the hamsters mentioned Audrey they went to fish, which was a lot.

I am anxious to see tonight's show. It will be setting up how tomorrow nights show will go and how she will be received by the audience. (That is assuming they don't have to send in guards and drag her out) Depends on if production gives her a favorable edit or not will determine it.

Anonymous said...

Continuing from the last thread, BB will probably have some interesting and/or bizarre DR material from all of Audrey's time in there. They might show it on the program to reveal what's really going on with her, and to put her behavior into context. Plus, they know it would be of interest and (in a rather macabre way) entertaining.

Based on BB's treatment of Jen and Audrey's flaunting the deprivation rules of HN's, it may inspire the HN's and others to work together and blow off the rules en masse. If everyone were to receive a penalty nomination, then, in effect, no one would get one. And, if one or two HG's wouldn't go along with the rebellion, the others could simply vote them out. If the HG's united not against each other, but against BB, wouldn't that make great TV? Which, in the end, is just what BB wants.

Chacha said...

According to the Hamsters yesterday, Audrey was allowed to eat for 24-36 hours. Apparently she had to eat real food due to her medication.

I will be interested to see how this goes as well. How did she get her bags last night. There was an update she went and got her bag from the storage room. They aren't delivered until Wednesdays.

I have to wonder if she will leave the house at some point today and it will be shown tomorrow night as something medical and she wont even be at the eviction.

Sharon N said...

At least Audrey made it OTB, so even if she leaves today, would others still be safe from eviction? Maybe the usual voting time-frame will be devoted to "All About Audrey."

Glenn said...

What was it on season one of Big Brother that the houseguests threatened to quit or something?

David said...

I would hope that she has no way out without actual medical evacuation. Her walking out is something I definitely want to see. I would think she would have already left if her condition warranted it as that would be the only way out and still get paid. The not getting paid part is probably the only reason she has not walked out. That leaves me to conclude it is mostly an act or intentional over/under medication consumption on her part to try to get medically evacuated.

Sharon, since the only other person in danger of eviction is John I will have to say they would continue on as if Audrey walked out the door like a normal person. Now how she actually goes out is the big question at this time. Will she go out with class and face the music or act like a spoiled brat that was told no for the first time. I still like the Hannibal Lecter option. Wheeling her out on a dolly.

JonMD1267 said...

Her eating because of medication If that is the angle they are gong for I call shannagens on because they would have known all medication before her entering the house and would have made the determination since in all likelihood she would be a have not at some point in the house and would have accounted for such.

Sharon N said...

Good point about the food/medication issue JonMD.
Becky seems to be one of the only hamsters seeing through the whole debacle and calling BS.

lynn1 said...

I was of the impression that while not tasty that slop IS ACTUAL FOOD with nutritional value.
I have often had RX that must be taken with food but it did not specify which foods I could have, i.e. omelet. I do know some RX can't be taken with dairy products. I am not a doctor and I did not sleep in a Holiday Inn last night.

Chacha said...

I actually just heard Becky say that at the meeting Audrey "OPTED OUT".
If she opted out then she is doing this herself in my eyes.
Also if she opted out then how is she still in the house?

Apparently what I posted earlier about Audrey getting her bag was the black zipper one she went into the house with

monty924 said...

Lots of chatter about whether Audrey will go up for the HOH lockdown in the morning. Shelli said the Veto meeting was optional (really? news to me) and that the lockdown is not. They can't imagine what that will be like tomorrow. We will see...

Can't wait for the show tonight!!

Sharon N said...

OH NO!!!
Austin is thinking about voting for Audrey to stay... and blame the vote on Steve!

monty924 said...

Yes, he told Liz today that he's going to throw a hinky vote so they'll still believe the AP twist. @@