Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - July 28

Johnny Mac chillin' in his PJ pants

Good evening. Welcome to the live feeds update report of Big Brother, Got Lots of Pretty Pictures for you, but Not Much Action:
  • Jason is pretty resigned to the fact he'll go home this week.
  • He's not campaigning against Becky. 
  • If he was up against someone like Steve, I'm sure he'd be going at it to stay.
  • While Becky and Jason were talking, she thinks the vote will probably be 6-3. He thinks he only has Meg and perhaps one other. He thinks the hinky voter will be a no-show this week to cast the blame on him, but will reappear in a few weeks.
  • Becky really wants to target Steve.
  • Jason advised her to go for the other side's peripheral "characters" like Austin or Steve. After all, they're the puppets of that alliance.
  • Clay and Shelli are getting the heat over the Jason nomination.
  • Jason said any superfans shouldn't admit it when coming in the house.
  • After all, people who watched two seasons of the show in pre-season sequester are staying in the house longer than he is.
  • I say he perhaps should have upped his game a bit more.
  • I do kind of wish they had had an endurance comp before he got the boot (yeah, I know he hasn't gotten the boot yet, but surely will). He is super built to do well in endurance. He weighs nothing and is wiry!
  • The HoH camera came out.
  • Whoopie pickle.
  • Clay and Shelli think Jackie should be targeted next week.
  • A whole lot of internet, phone, computers, past season talking going on.
  • A whole lot of nuthin' going on.

Eek! I have an arm!

He's one with the squirrel

Put a shirt on. Geez.


Can she fight the power?

What will she do without Jason?

Not as in as he thinks


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I'm so quirky, but I would love to hear Jordan say squirrel again (remember when Jeff asked her what animal she would be) and put it next to Jason saying squirrel.

I know I'm going to butcher this phonetically, but:

Jordan: Sq-wirrrl
Jason: Sq-wir-eal

Cracks me up every time I think about it. I will really miss Jason on the feeds and in the DR. I wish he could stay and a Clay or Shelli would go home.

Sharon N said...

Very good Monty, I'd forgotten how Jordan said Sq-wirrl, but now that you mention it, I can see/hear it. LOL

Once Jason is gone, there won't be very many people of interest to watch. I keep waiting for a few people to show some gumption. :(
I'd much rather Jackie/Meg and/or James win HOH's, with Jackie winning BOTB.
ANYBODY but Clay/Shelli, Vanessa, or Austin/Liz!! I want them OTB!!!

JohnnyMac is becoming a real disappointment. He's almost the invisible man... unless they need him to throw a comp. @@ I keep waiting for him pull out his own brand of cloak-n-dagger, but so far, all he's done is play the pawn.

Chacha said...

I have to admit every few months I go to youtube and watch Jordan/Jeff videos.
My favorite of all time is still "Quarter Till".
Poor Jordan....
I love watching evil dick videos as well.

This season to me is pretty much toast. I don't really like the people.
Where has the Takeover gone....Well it went the way of the season....terrible

Whats interesting is that over on Jokers I was reading about HOH outside influence in Letters and items in the baskets. I caught the Shell in Vanessa's basket and also the trip to "austin" in Lizia letter.

I wish BB would get back to the old BB. All new houseguests, no BOB, and let us vote on something good, not hula hoops.. I miss the fun Have Not comps. All Hamsters had fun doing them and I enjoyed watching them.

JonMD1267 said...

I don't think BB is going to change format anytime soon unless something massive goes down with either change in production or ratings. They have the cookie cutter types each year. That being said I always do enjoy the show sometimes more then others and always like rooting for the under dog. I know it's easier for us to quarterback outside with all the information but some of the actions inside this year seem to be obvious and they should have picked up on them sooner.

Chacha said...

I have a belief that this season the ratings have dipped.
I haven't heard anything to the contrary.
I am a BB lover, wait all year for my summer delight.
I will still watch the show but believe changes are needed to
shake up the show.
I am trying to remember if last year was renewed for one or two more seasons.

Chacha said...

it was renewed for two seasons last September.

Anonymous said...

Let the HOH nominate one house guess and America the other.

JonMD1267 said...

I think someone else here suggested about the veto winner being able to save someone and then allowed to pick the replacement nom that would be interesting to shake things up.

uncartie said...

ChaCha,JonMD,BB's ratings have dropped a little this year but they still win their time slot every time. The recruiting gets worse and worse every year. They found Becky on Tinder for instance.@@ I think 2/3 of the house this year are recruits. :(

Glenn said...

It was reported on Jokers that Shelli washed using the Hot water sink even though she is a have not. Would that be a penalty nomination for breaking the have not rules?

David said...

Glenn, if it was in the sink, then no. I have seen them mention many times about washing hair and sometimes taking a "sponge" type bath in the sinks while being have-nots. I also thought what Jokers reported about Clay eating chips yesterday early morning would be a nomination but I went and looked at the feeds and he was eating from the have not popcorn? bag which looked like chips.

Glenn said...

Thanks David for the information.

monty924 said...

The guest on tonight's Rob Has a Podcast (RHAP) will be none other than BB16's Donny! It usually goes live on youtube around 15 minutes after the CBS show. Can't wait to hear Donny's take on this season and this cast. :))

Anonymous said...

That look on Megs face was priceless


Anonymous said...

But you did just lay down and die Jason