Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Waffling into Sunday - July 26

Maybe we should pull a Zach

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waffles and Chicken(s):
  • My head is spinning.
  • It's gone from a definite "everybody wants Austin out" to "maybe he shouldn't even go on the block."
  • I so wish these hamsters would decide on a plan and stick to it!
  • Austin keeps trying to minimize and rationalize his lies and betrayals, claiming they were little white lies and for the good of the group, he played emotional because he's fallen in love, he swears to total loyalty from this day forward, they can evict him next week if they save him this week and blah-blah-whine-blah.
  • And, it seems to be working.
  • What I think would be a hoot is if Clay didn't use the veto, sure they'd vote Becky out and he went home!
  • Bwahahahaha!
  • Sigh ... that's not going to happen.
  • Vanessa brought the idea of Clay not using it and Shelli shot that right down.
  • Steve suggested they do like they did with Zach -- put Austin on the block, say he's the target and then save him with the votes. But they don't know if they'd have the numbers.
  • Although I think Becky is expendable (even though she's my blog pool pick person), she has plenty of people in her corner.
  • Clay suggested Jackie should go home. 
  • But Vanessa said she doesn't want to be responsible for sending both TAR people home.
  • Why not?
  • It's hard to tell who's lying to whom. I believe the sentiment is indeed switching to not putting Austin up or putting him up, but trying to vote Becky out.
  • We have until tomorrow to get a grasp on this.
  • Oy.
  • I have a hankering to go to IHOP for an order of waffles.

True to Vanessa or not?

He lied to me, but I understand him.

He repulses me, but I trust him.

Keep me off the block, my life for you!

He'll be loyal now. He's a number.

Becky can hula hoop.


Cheryl in NC said...

They are crazy if they dont take him out now...but whatever as long as they dont put up Johnny Mac..I really dont scared to make the big move.I thought Liz wanted him out before jury??? Geez peeps make up your minds.
Now I am off to make waffles..thanks for making me hungry Jackie:-)

lynn1 said...

I'll take a side order of scramble eggs with those waffles. I watched BBAD last night and felt like I put my brain in a blender after listening for about 5 minutes. More questions than answers after watching the show. I may have to self evict if this becomes the Shelli/Clay/ Vanessa show. Come on BB give them their drugs.

Witt said...

I'm a pancake girl myself (pumpkin pancakes in the fall!). I actually wouldn't mind seeing Becky go (sorry, Jackie) -- is she doing anything in this game? It always bothers me when floaters make it to the end. I don't care for Clay; he seems to have this "I'm so awesome and so much more important than you" vibe going on that cancels out any handsome he brought to the show.

Happy Sunday! Now for pancakes.

Witt :)

Sharon S said...

Any more talk of putting poor Steve up? I hope not!

Sharon N said...

Austin tried for Steve to go up in his place, but I don't think he can push that idea very hard... while talking in circles to convince Vanessa not to put him OTB

The group this year is so "different" (read....dumb).
In the past, they knew enough to break up the couples/pairs. @@

There should be a new event in the Olympics... Waffling.
Vanessa would take Gold.

uncartie said...

Now the latest is that Jackie is the target.@@ Didn't Vanessa & Jackie promise not to back door each other during this HOH? I'm positive they did.

You guys enjoy yourself and gorge on those waffles. Me? I'm off to target to buy about a half a dozen pairs of flip-flops.

Ed in Ohio said...

How in the world did we get from putting up Austin to Jackie?? SMH!

T-Town Chick said...

I was watching the "top 20 greatest Big Brother moments " last night on YouTube. All it did was reinforce the idea that these hamsters are weak! I haven't been this bored in Big Brother since season one. How disappointing this cast is. I look forward to Big Brother all year, and was excited to hear that this season was going to be longer. However at this rate, I don't know if I'm going to last the summer. God bless you Jackie! I don't know how you do it. Go Johnny Mac and Jason.

Chacha said...

I agree that you can't tell who is lying to who. If Vanessa doesn't want to put up Austin then she should put up shelli. That would be fun. Putting up Jackie is a waste in my opinion.
I do hope the DR convinced her to put up Austin in the end.
Let the house decide.

Sharon N said...

At this point, even if Vanessa puts up Austin, I'm not sure he votes would be there to evict him anymore.

Pass the syrup please....

uncartie said...

Van & Stev trying to figure out how to BD Jackie. Steve just cofessed that he has some sort of secret
As to what he is in real lfe. Van asks if he is Gay. Steve denies it and laughs it off and says he will only
tell her when feeds are off and makes her promise that she will not reveal it in post interviews. @@

uncartie said...

These new flip-flops I bought today are super comfortable. Btw,did mention that Jason might be the target now?@@

David said...

I have lost some respect for Vanessa. She should have just kept her word and not let Shelli and Clay control her HoH. Shelli is the one she should be putting up at this point. Those two as a pair and she has had two HoH's already.

Vanessa looking for any excuse to put someone up is pathetic at this point. Just tell them you don't like the way they comb their hair or brush their teeth, you will still look like a douche for breaking your word so why try to sugarcoat it. Nominating anyone but Austin at this point will be drawing a line in the sand and shows where her loyalties are.

We definitely need a power shift this week. I wonder if Julia will enter the game before or after the HoH competition. Or maybe at the competition. It's not like it is a secret to anyone.

~~Silk said...

I liz still sleeping in Austin's bed? Why? Shouldn't there be a few open mattress spots now? Why hasn't she moved? Does Julia also sleep with Austin? Help, I don't understand!

monty924 said...

Agree that she should just put someone up from that side and draw the line in the sand. It's there already on the other side's part so why not. It's smart to keep Austin this week because of the numbers. He'll be evicted eventually down the line just like Zach was.

Sharon N said...

I lost respect for Vanessa's game the last time she was HOH.
Stick-too-it is NOT in her vocabulary because the last person talking to her gets her attention and quasi loyalty.

Even when Vanessa talking to herself, she manages to waffle and wobble on her own decisions. Now she's looking at backstabbing Jackie... after she guaranteed Jackie's safety! Vanessa uses people to 'find' excuses (real or not) to put people up. Apparently it's not the same when she does the lying and backstabbing.

Ed in Ohio said...

I could never be a contestant on this show. For one I'm too old and also my word is my bond. It's one thing to deceive and lie to play the game, that's OK, but when you make a deal with someone (i.e. Van & Jackie...if indeed she puts Jackie up)and then turn right around & break it to me is unacceptable.

I didn't care for this cast from the get go and I'm liking them less & less as time goes by.

I will hang in there....but as for enjoyment & entertainment I'm not too optimistic. Thankfully I have Jackie's blog & all you cool Pool Partiers to hang with!