Sunday, July 05, 2015

Bug Brother 17: Live Feeds Into Sunday - July 4 - July 5

Austin and Audrey talk game

The 4th of July weekend in the BB house has a lot of down time. They rushed through comps so that they can run with a skeleton staff and the hamsters are bored. So am I. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Fireworks:
  • Audrey told Jeff she wouldn't go after him next week.
  • Of course, that's after she instigated a whole lotta fake rumors about him this past week.
  • I really don't think anyone should trust Audrey.
  • John told Steve he didn't throw the BotB, but he did have a bad feeling they were going to lose when going into it.
  • (Remember, though ... John won the Veto, so he should be safe. I don't think he's a Marcellas.)
  • Both Meg and Jason would be thrilled if Shelli put Audrey up in John's place. But Jason is sure that would never happen.
  • A sidenote -- This is the first season with two hamsters starting with AU. I keep automatically typing the wrong name.
  • Right now, Austin isn't even being really mentioned as a target. With Jace gone and Shelli in charge, he's not a target. But the others aren't even mentioning him.
  • Da'Vonne told us (the live feeders) that we might think Clay is cute, but he's scuzzy -- he never showers and has taken only four showers since they got there.
  • Meg is more scared of Audrey than anyone ever in her life.
  • She must live a sheltered life.
  • Shelli thinks she will put up Meg as the pawn against Da'Vonne.
  • They tried to put together patriotic red, white and blue clothes for the holiday.
  • They fussed about how boring it is.
  • They wish they had board games.
  • They had a private 4th of July party and we weren't invited. We got Jeff highlights -- some of which are pretty interesting ... the first time you see them.
  • Shelli thinks, outside of her little posse, no one is coming to her to find out her plans.
  • That's because they all talk.
  • And, many are disappointed because she doesn't have any plan to put Audrey on the block.
  • John is becoming peripheral with the HoH 7-person alliance.
  • Hmm.
  • Jeff said he doesn't trust Austin and Audrey ... two of Shelli's buddies.
  • But the AU-2 do seem to be getting closer and closer.
  • Oy.
  • John said he had to change his Facebook page due to crazy female patients. 
  • But he's kind of a crazy dentist, methinks!
  • However, I'm liking him more than I thought I would in the house. He's nowhere near as loud as they're portraying him.
  • Lizia talked of her older sister.
  • Yeah, probably a few minutes older!
  • Austin thinks that the HoH went to James's head and that James hates him due to his height.
  • Austin and Jeff did a podcast thing about sexual experiences. It embarrassed poor Steve and he stopped playing.
  • Austin knows and repeats that Da'Vonne is a poker card dealer, not a teacher.
  • Clay, Jeff and Shelli said that John threw the BotB comp.
  • At least he didn't throw the Veto! He's not that stupid!
  • They're bored.
  • I'm out.

Whozzat comin' in the door?

At least his foot is clean

Shady lady?

Shelli has all the power

Lizia is skimpy patriotic

Da'Vonne knows she's a target

Meg loves NYC. Did you know that?


Anonymous said...

I know most people here like Austin, however he doesn't look to clean to me, maybe it the top hat and the goth look.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Austin looks like he smells but apparently he showers everyday.

I liked Austin based on the interviews, but now that they're in the house he's basically one of the stereotypical "dudes." For some reason I was expecting him to be anti-dude.


uncartie said...

The latest new alliance that was created last night includes Shelli,Clay,Jeff,Jackie,and Johny. They went through all the numbers scenarios and convinced themselves that they will have the votes to evict whomever they want. Of course they don't know that when that phone rings the person answering it will be able to deny 3 people from voting.@@
I'm dying to see how the phone twist will be put into play. If ever there was a twist that production controlled 100%,this is it. Sorry,but I can't help being suspicious.

Would someone please tell Shelli that she's not going to be HOH forever.

Sharon N said...

My thought are...
1) This is a boring group.
2) Unless a few people develop some cajones, that phone thing won't make a bit of difference, because everyone would be voting "how the house wants" anyway. Minus 3 will most likely mean nothing.

T-Town Chick said...

Thursday nights used to be so exciting, not knowing how the vote was going to go. House guests changed their minds at last minute. Hell, Boogie and Dr. Will would decide who to vote for during the live vote! I can't stand this "voting with the house, what the house wants."

monty924 said...

I miss the excitement of the last day if not minute waffling too. S8 with Dick and Dani had more than it's share of last minute flips. That made for exciting TV, not what we have these days.

~~Silk said...

I may be wrong, maybe it's wishful thinking, but wasn't there a rule that you were not allowed to tell anyone else who you were going to vote out? And only the nominees could campaign for support. You could not reveal your own voting intentions. Seems like that way it would be a little more difficult to determine "what the house wants". And an alliance meant "we won't vote for each other (unless we do)", but did not mean "we all vote the same way".

If that's not a rule, and never was a rule, then it by durn should be one.

monty924 said...

Silk, I think you're thinking of the rule that the HOH can't tell the person that he/she is nominating them. The voting, or rather who is voting for whom, is all part of the campaigning and has not been a rule as far as I know of. How else would one campaign or alliance members campaign for their own?