Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - July 22

Product placement is key

Like in a Stephen King novel, they sometimes come back. Audrey, or the ghost thereof, has risen from her death room and up from her death bed. (Her death terminology, not mine.) Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of the Most Peculiar Houseguest Ever:
  • First off, that Raid in the top photo really shouldn't be out where they eat. I know they have a terrible ant problem, but ... sheesh!
  • It sucks to be them.
  • Another day of small talk with the occasional game talk thrown in.
  • Most of the game talk consisted of who they should put up if they win HoH.
  • Steve's name was mentioned too often for my liking.
  • They still don't seem to realize that the twins both in to play would mean one more person in the way of the half-million ... a needless person.
  • The big news of the evening is that Audrey walks the night, dressed in her cloak (as Austin calls it -- it's really just a fleece blanket), hoodie and sunglasses.
  • I've seen much weirdness in the house since I started watching in Season One.
  • But, this one takes the cake.
  • She talked briefly, very briefly, to Jackie.
  • Jackie tried to be pleasant to her, showing concern and telling her to please join in with people.
  • What? Join the living again? I think she'd rather be cast in The Walking Dead.
  • She then went to the HoH room and brought Shelli downstairs.
  • She kept demanding to know who was saying what about her and kept telling Shelli she thought she was her friend.
  • And on and on.
  • And on.
  • Everything that Shelli brought up, Audrey twisted and denied it ever happened.
  • Shelli held up for much longer than I thought she would.
  • Then the tears came.
  • Audrey told Shelli that betraying her (Shelli betraying Audrey) was the greatest betrayal of them all.
  • She said she won't do the press day (after eviction) because she was too hurt.
  • Several times she referred to herself being in the death room and on her death bed.
  • Yet she lives.
  • Audrey left the room in her Unibomber gone Franciscan Monk guise, startling both Austin and Johnny Mac as she passed the kitchen.
  • She's back on her death bed now.
  • And, life for the living, is going on.

I just don't know about him

Risen from the dead

The hand remained there

She wears her "cloak"

The world is against her, y'know

"When I was on my deathbed ..."

Look in my eyes. I've been wronged.

And Shelli cried.


monty924 said...

Watching the Audrey/Shelli convo right now. AMAZING how Audrey's mind works. For the first thing, Shelli doesn't have a VOTE! Second thing, she's running the same old tired loops. I can see now why she was in the DR for five hours. I feel sorry for the DR folks now. So done with her!

Sharon N said...

Gotta say... Audrey is a whole new breed of crazy.
I suspect she deals with people this way in real life too... to get her way.
It's probably worked before...

monty924 said...

I agree Sharon. I don't think I could have a five minute conversation with her let alone an hour long one. She needs to just go. I don't even care to read or watch her post show interviews. I know I will just for the shock effect but she is just mehhh for me now. She could have been such a great player and she did it to herself.

Stormy said...

Audrey in her most dramatic voice, "I am Ready for my close up now".

405SusanB said...

I thought a person must have an extensive psychological evaluation to become transgender. I also thought, you must pass a psych evaluation to enter the BB house. Could neither one of these professionals see that she needed to enter a treatment facility, not, the BB house? She's not ok. If I were Shelley, I would be almost scared of her when I got out of the BB house. Audrey will not forget. The very first night, when she was running up and down the spiral stairs dragging each houseguest one by one to the HOH room to form an alliance, was the first clue that she was a little "off"! She never should have been allowed in the house, with such a fragile emotional state.

405SusanB said...

She, Audrey, looks like she's trying to clone the Uni-bomber, with the shades and hoodie.

Becky said...

I agree about the psychological evaluations. I said last night and I will say it again, this girl has serious mental issues. I honesty think she can't remember saying the things she has said -- two minutes ago.