Thursday, July 09, 2015

Bug Brother 17: Live Feeds Overnight into Thursday - July 9

Jason can finally eat!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misfit Malcontents:
  • Jason gave twerking lessons to Meg and Steve in the bathroom.
  • I don't make these things up.
  • I'm glad no one decided to give Donny twerking lessons last season.
  • Shelli thinks Audrey keeps showing up when others are in the HoH to spy on them.
  • Audrey told Jeff that Steve said he won't sleep with her because she's a girl. She thinks he just doesn't like her. Jeff told her it's because of his (Steve's) concern for his image.
  • I think he's also leery of her.
  • Bur he isn't sleeping in the same bed as any girls so far.
  • Yet another podcast went down despite some not being too enthusiastic about it being a nightly event.
  • Remember, supposedly Audrey is going to save Da'Vonne and Day is willing to work with the devil to get the save.
  • We'll see what happens with that.
  • Audrey's not as influential on the others since her sneaky ways were exposed.
  • Da'Vonne told Audrey she had six votes to stay, but wouldn't name names. After all, they all want Audrey out next week.
  • The deal is that, if Da'Vonne stays and wins HoH next week, Audrey is safe.
  • It might be a real deal. Audrey knows that the entire house wants her out next week. Da'Vonne staying might be her only hope.
  • The twins are totally blown apart. Julia admitted to Vanessa that they exist and that Da'Vonne is the one who figured it out and spread the knowledge around. 
  • She also gave her name.
  • They'll always be Lizia to me.
  • Vanessa told Chelli. Now they want to work with Lizia.
  • They think that if both twins enter the house, that's another number for their side.
  • They do have to last through the first five evictions, though.
  • It looks like Da'Vonne is still running short of votes to stay. She'll probably be evicted tonight.
  • Of course, they like to be sheeple. She may only have Jason's vote.
  • We'll see.

Audrey doing her Audrey thing

Tonight she'll either stay or go

Gotta love the sink cam


Chacha said...

I can't believe I am saying this but this season is terrible. I love BB and wait for it every year but I just don't get this cast. They don't really scheme and plot.
As much as I really don't like Audrey, she is at least playing this game.
My hope is Audrey wins HOH tonight along with maybe Steven and see where this takes us. At least there would be some kind of fireworks.

Cheryl in NC said...

I miss the good old days of 2 distinct sides and a few floaters.....This whole everybody votes together thing is getting on my nerves...I was hoping Da could pull out a way to stay tonight ,but it doesnt look like that will happen.

Anonymous said...

Chacha...........yes, the worst season ever, I agree. So hard to care about it and follow. Horrible cast.

uncartie said...

I agree Chacha.They are more interested in putting on high school type skits than planning strategy.

Ed in Ohio said...

I agree with all of the above.

Petals said...

Last night, Lizia came clean to Vanessa about her she & her sister. She was very upset, but said Vanessa could share this with The Wonderbread Duo upstairs and also with Austin. Apparently Austin keeps making moves & neither twin is interested. LOL Wondertwins agree to use the info to their advantage, and to try to dispel the twin idea to the other HGs. @@ They are going to mimic/mask the twins' distinguishing characteristics with makeup, clothing, hats, etc.
Sooo frustrating to watch. :(

Sharon N said...

The last couple of years, we've all said "this is the worst season"... but the difference is that, as obnoxious/horrible as some of those people were, at least they were interesting. This year's crew acts like a bunch of silly teens with very low SAT scores. :(

Lili said...

Regarding the twins...

Julie wears more mascara and her right eyebrow tapers to a thinner point than her sister. So if you see
gloppy mascara and a weirdly pointy eyebrow you are looking at Julie.

I appreciate casts devoid of ranting misogynists and racists. That being said I would rather have more
fans like Steve and Jason and fewer pretty people like Clay, Jackie, Meg, and etc. Becky for instance
when she was HOH literally told everyone everything about the pawn and getting Audrey backdoored
plan. She was 100% transparent and at the same time utterly clueless about her fellow HOH Shelli
planning on outting Davonne.

Of course the only reason Shelli wants Davonne out is because her boyfriend Clay told her she wants
Davonne out.

Meanwhile why do socially awkward people like Steve and Johnny Mac sit around and wait for someone
to invite them into an alliance? You don't have to be Cary Grant to sit down everyday and talk to a few
people and find common ground and suggest teaming up.

As far as HOH tonight...please don't let it be Clay. Him and Shelli have serious HOHitis and think they
are in charge if the remaining season. I hope its Steve or Audrey.

Final I the only one that hates B o t B? Can't we go back to one HOH, two nominees,
and just get on with our lives?

Anonymous said...

Lili...........enjoyed your post/comments.

Agree on B of the Block 2 nominees........don't like it either.

The twins don't seem to have made a big deal to the house. If so, I haven't heard or seen it. Kind of a fizzle of a "twist" for BB.

Boy! is this going to be a looooooooooooooooooooooooong summer to be watching, if any of us stick around, Big Brother this year!


Sharon N said...

After watching a few minutes of 2 or 3 BBAD episodes, I decided that I can't take the no-plan planners @@ and started deleting the episodes. SO GLAD that I didn't purchase the 24/7 feeds cause these folks are a waste of airtime!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the above comments. The podcast was so dumb that I shut my TV off & went to sleep last night! Jeff always want to be the one talking, always has something to say about everything - he's getting on my nerves. The cast is disappointingly lackluster. I like Da'Vonne and Jason is at times funny. Austin seems to be trying, but no great moves there. Steve, JohnnyMac, James - they come off (at least to me) as just not knowing how to interact with the rest of the cast. Maybe they'll get better as time goes on...

Did anyone catch the comments Johnny Mac said (a few days ago) about why he became a dentist? It was for the MONEY! He had no enthusiasm about dentistry, saying it was an "okay" job. I wonder if any of his patients heard his remarks.

Anonymous said...

I'm chiming in and agreeing with everyone else. My husband and I have watched since the first year and I always read Jackie's blog. We just can't relate to these people. We have nothing in common and no one to root for. I guess when BB started 15 years ago, we were the same age as most of the houseguests and now we're, well, old. They need some Chicken Georges and Rennys in the cast.

Sharon N said...

If Johnny Mac has aspirations of leaving dentistry for something in show business, he better think again. He has all the personality of a "can of wet paint... drying."

Anonymous said...

It is a boring cast this year. I said the same thing to one of my co-workers who watches BB. I can't get into any of these people. Except maybe Steve and Jason. Everyone else just makes me feel like taking a nap. Something needs to happen to keep me interested. Zoe in San Francisco

Petals said...

I have worked in dental practices for the past 25yrs. And I gotta say: EVERY one of them do if for the money. It is an easy doctorate, it's easy work. With the exception of a gifted Prosthodontist in New Jersey, I've seen none that take pride in their work or are gratified at all with their jobs.
Some I've worked for are nice guys, generous, funny and don't mind coming to the office every day; most are the opposite.
Just sayin'

David said...

Sharon N, I have the feeds for the first time, traded my CBS points for free month plus a free week, and you are not missing anything. Production has been pissing me off as they have been keeping half of the camera's on Shelli/Clay in the HoH room I guess hoping to catch their first kiss. Last night while Liz/Julia was telling Vanessa about being a twin you could clearly hear the other HG's in the background whooping it up in the next room. But instead of showing that on the other camera's they kept them trained on the HoH for hours while those two petted, teased, and slept next to each other in night mode. It was disgusting and not interesting at all. No game talk.

Please don't let Clay win HoH this week. I can't take any more of it. I will look like the guy from the Little Caesars commercial with his fist through his computer monitor.

Sharon N said...

BB has been digging the bottom of the 'hamster' barrel the last few years.
The show is NOT interesting anymore... not like it was the first 13 (or so) seasons. There have been very few interesting personalities the last 3 seasons, or controversial/nasty people. IMO, the last good season was with Dan and Ian.

At the start of this season, it looked like there were possibilities, but then we got diddly squat. Grodner and production have started to show their boredom with the entire concept (it's a paycheck, nothing more). The games are basically the same year-after-year, and the hamsters are tedious, at best.

I can't help feel BB is in the kind of slump that causes eventual cancellation. If not after this season, within the next 1-2 years. The show simply can't keep going downhill at this speed and nothing happen... not with viewers tuning-out BBAD, and sorry they purchased the feeds.

Really, if it wasn't for Jackie's devotion to keeping up her blog (has to be a whole new kind of agony this season), most of us wouldn't bother to know what's happening until the TV episodes. Maybe Grodner & Company are happy with that result???

monty924 said...

I'm warming up to this cast. We have all newbies and things are starting to heat up in there. I wouldn't throw in the towel yet. Just me though :))

Petals said...

Ditto Monty
I like that there are some real fans, and average-looking people. Except for Cream Cheese Clay, they are all just average people, IMO. (after flopping in football, it was suggested that he try to break in to showbiz @@)

Sharon N said...

I certainly hope you're right Monty!
All in all, none of this crew has been showing me much, so far.

Too bad, I think Da'Vonne is gone tonight, and she's one of the more intelligent of this batch. Jason should have kept his big flap SHUT about the twins. If he hadn't been such a blabbermouth, she might have been able to turn the tide. Who knows... despite what Jason said to Da'Vonne, maybe he actually did want her gone because he's done a good job of blowing her chances.

Shelli might be ok without Clay, but they are glued together now. Clay's charm went out the door after the 1st 2 days, and his 'pretty-boy' evaporated too. I just hope Shelli and/or Clay won't win HOH. Another week of those two preening and flexing HOH muscles? BARF

Audrey is the only other player that has any real moxy. Too bad she started out so aggressive. Now she'll probably have to win the next HOH or POV. Although, these easily led and 'mentally flexible' people seem to be concentrating on Steve and Jeff right now, so who knows! @@

Steve is intelligent, but so far, his game-play sucks warm buttermilk.
John is a waste of space, as is the majority of this crew.
I won't bother giving an opinion on the majority of the women.

Anonymous said...

Every year, the competition takes a little time to heat up. Remember—although time has dragged, tonight's will be just the second eviction. Things are just barely getting started, and, at least at this point, odds dictate that the smartest strategy (perhaps as shown by Steve) is to stay under the radar and look for safety in numbers. When you can stay safe quietly, why raise your profile (like Day), or attempt a big move (like Audrey), and have it blow up on you? Even if these guys could play, it isn't really time yet.

Still, the outlook for the season remains much in doubt. So far, in general, this cast seems neither interesting nor clever—two factors that do not augur well for must-see gameplay.

monty924 said...

This house has the most potential since S10 and back to S6 to totally split down the middle with interesting people in between the two sides. That's what I watch BB for. I know there is drama ahead and I'm as excited as a kid on the night before the first day of school. LOL

David said...

LOL I remember my first day of school and remember dreading it. But I do see the potential in this cast and a few people need to find their groove for it to fall into place. I don't mind the cast, I am mad at the producers who insist on focusing on Shelli and Clay. They are two of the least likable in my opinion, but half of the camera's are always on them when I want to learn more about the others.

monty924 said...

I know, David. Unfortunately for me, if I want my pool pick to go far and a couple of my actual favorites to go far, then I have to root for Shelli and Clay. YUCK! I like Austin and Vanessa and they are all in together for now.