Friday, August 07, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday, Nominations - August 7

Our illustrious HoH hard at work

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wayward Boys and Girls:
  • First, I notice there were questions about the Diary Room "leak" with James saying, "America's Player card? Thank you." -- I have no clue. I did hear it. I even replayed it a few times to make sure it's what I heard. I even checked other sites and they heard it, too. But that's all there is to it. Unlike Steve, James doesn't talk to us.
  • All of the hamsters were sore today from the falls in the comp yesterday. I believe it. If I had taken some of those falls, I'd probably have a cast or two today. They're fun to watch, but I always think someone could actually hurt themselves.
  • The day started off with Ants Marching. No, not the Dave Matthews Band tune ... actual ants all over the kitchen. I always cringe when I see them spraying Raid on the counters and near the food. That can't be healthy. But I've never had any sort of rampant insect invasion in my kitchen (knock on wood), so I'm not sure what I'd do.
  • Vanessa fussed that Becky didn't want to listen to her. She was even to the point of being hostile to her, claims Vanessa.
  • Well, Vanessa ... I often don't want to listen to you, either. You talk too much, make the same points over and over again and it's always a mile a minute. You give me a headache.
  • And that green hat needs to go. Someone called 'Vanessa's Hat' has started following me on Twitter. I might have nightmares.
  • Once again, the HoH chose the Have Nots. In continuing the fairness, everybody needs to be one sometime theory, Becky chose James, Meg and Jackie.
  • I miss the old food comps in which the entire house had to win the foods they'd eat for the week. Plus, they were the only comps we'd actually see on the live feeds.
  • Liz and Julia, fairly sure they won't be going on the block, think they need to win the veto so the nominations will remain the same.
  • They are quite worried that people will think of them as the next "couple" who needs to be broken up. Neither seem all that worried that Austin will be targeted. 
  • Jackie told Meg and James how Vanessa had been going around telling everyone James was bullying people about the vote.
  • I never saw any bullying from James. I'll admit I saw him play the pity card in that he made this big move and really needed people to back him.
  • That's not bullying.
  • Clay bullied James. Jace bullied Steve. That was physical intimidation and bullying.
  • Steve thinks the target is Austin.
  • It's not.
  • From late night talks, we know that Becky intends to put Steve and Shelli on the block with the backdoor target of Vanessa. Of those, it's expected that Vanessa would go home ... or Shelli would.
  • Vanessa went on to Shelli that she thinks she's going to go on the block and, if nominated, she's going to hold up a flip-flop.
  • Vanessa and Shelli think Becky has totally forsaken them.
  • She has.
  • Steve is very worried. He's still upset that Vanessa told Shelli about the Freaks and Geeks alliance. He thinks he might be targeted.
  • Blocked to the feeds, the nominations ceremony went down.
  • Surprise, surprise ... Steve and Shelli are on the block.
  • Becky told Shelli that Steve volunteered to go up. Hmm.
  • Steve now realizes that it's Vanessa who's the target, not Austin. He doesn't think that's good for his own game.
  • Hmm.
  • Vanessa has an epiphany! She tells Shelli they can get Johnny Mac on their side because she can PROVE Becky's in with James, Meg and Jackie.
  • Well, duh. I think he realizes that. He's a lot tighter with Becky than Vanessa knows.
  • Vanessa went on and on (and on and on) about how Becky is a flip-flopper.
  • And on.
  • And on.
  • James, Meg and Jackie wonder if it would be better to get rid of Shelli than Vanessa.
  • Meanwhile, Austin and Vanessa actually think they can get Becky to backdoor Johnny Mac.
  • Oh, the drama of it all!

Not too appetizing?

Are we boring you, James?

Happy gals

Jump ship entirely or not?

I never get hair like that.

Armored for a full week, I guess

On the block again ...

How dare Becky flip-flop?


Anonymous said...

It took CBS this long to finally shoot everything in HD so it's no surprise that they've never gotten rid of the ants! They really do skimp on stuff, including your favorite later in the season dollar store arts and crafts!

Jackie said...

I always get a kick out of the dollar store arts and crafts!

JonMD1267 said...

Jackie I get hair like that all the time, I could go to bed with mega hold gel on and still wake up looking like Jim Ignatowski from Taxi lol

Princess83 said...

Vanessa is one to talk about a flip flop, trying to play the whole house!!

Sharon N said...

Somehow, it's always different when it's those 'other people' flip-flopping. LOL

uncartie said...

17 years and they're still using raid? That's probably the worst thing you could use. Ever hear of baits? If you don't go after the nests you'll never get rid of them. OTOH,maybe it's deliberate@@

Sharon N said...

Even if the ant "handling" is deliberate, it's risky.
I'm always surprised nobody has gets seriously ill from all the Raid sprayed around food/dishes. Maybe it's fake-Raid!! LMAO

JonMD1267 said...

lol I know they have the worst ant problem each year, I think it's part them being dirty and they really need to Orkin that mofo lol

Mo said...

Why is Jackie still wearing armor but Vanessa is done buffing?

Jackie said...

Mo - Vanessa only had to buff for 24 hours. Apparently Jackie has to wear the costume a full week. I honestly thought she'd be able to ditch it last night. But I guess she has to wear it from PoV comp to PoV comp.

David said...

They tear out and replace the kitchen every year. You would think they would take care of the ant problem while they have the chance but they never do.

JonMD1267 said...

those ants are like ninja ants lol I always am waiting for them to appear and I clock them ants appeared at 7:25pm pst lol

monty924 said...

I want Vanessa to play veto and have it be the Stay or Fold, LOL. I don't think they'll do that one this season just because of her, but wouldn't that be fun?

monty924 said...

In any other season, I would be rooting hard for James/Meg/Jackie because they are all so funny together. Them being in the HN room together this week will deliver some gems comedy wise. I just like too many people this season to go all out rooting for them. Still pulling for the other side and my twins.

Sharon N said...

Well here we go again...
Becky is starting to get all wishy-washy about keeping Shelli OTB.
geez, do we want to place bets that she'll back down on putting up Vanessa too? @@

JonMD1267 said...

I know what you mean Monty, I don't really "hate" anyone hamster, yes I have my favs but it's not like in past years where ohhh that a hole lol. I still like Austin even though his game has been wa wa waaaa. You are right, they would be good comp but we have enough Oliver Stone stuff going on in the house as is lol