Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday Daytime, Nominations - August 14

Listening to Vanessa brain freeze

Here's today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Perplexed People:
  • Okay, I lied. They're not people. They're hamsters.
  • I personally don't mind the twins so much in the game. But their voices and screaming have to be evicted.
  • This morning Liz freaked out over ants in the kitchen. I certainly hope she doesn't live in an apartment with shared walls. If I ever heard a neighbor screaming and carrying on like that I'd call 911. Have they never had any home training?
  • After Johnny Mac rescued Liz from the ants, he asked her if he does go up, to please not make him a Have Not.
  • She said she wouldn't.
  • Austin nixed that one on her right away.
  • I guess he's the HoH, after all.
  • Austin preached an anti-Vanessa sermon to Liz and Liz admitted she doesn't really like Vanessa. (But not to the point that Austin was trying her to get to.)
  • Vanessa, Austin and the twins discussed how depressed Johnny Mac has been lately. Vanessa thinks it's been a couple of weeks.
  • Austin thinks it's been because he thinks Becky and Johnny Mac are hiding some sort of deal or alliance and things went awry with Becky's plan last week.
  • I guess Austin is finally thinking, eh?
  • The feeds were blocked for the Have Not selection -- Liz chose Vanessa, Steve and ... Johnny Mac.
  • Well, that's the way to improve his spirits!
  • They have pork slops this week, so it won't be a bad week. They can eat actual pork chops.
  • Unless, of course, they're vegetarian or of a religion forbidding pork!
  • Liz feels bad about making Steve a Have Not. She says she really loves that kid. Hmm.
  • Meanwhile, Johnny Mac is worried that he's the target.
  • He has a heart to heart talk with Vanessa.
  • Or, more like a never-ending fast talk while he dazed out with Vanessa.
  • She told him that she doesn't think he's the target and will ask them if he is.
  • She pointed out (truthfully) that while she is close with Austin and the twins, she is the fourth one and not in that inner circle of the three.
  • I would go further even in saying that it's an inner circle of two and the twins will stick together when they're through using Austin.
  • The Vanessa/JM talk kind of ended with JM remembering something Vanessa said and Vanessa denying it.
  • Oh, it's the Audrey within them all this year!
  • Now there's yet another named alliance in town -- The Brass Tacks -- Austin, the twins, James and Meg.
  • @@
  • Liz and Austin both say Becky opened their eyes about a lot of what Vanessa's been doing.
  • But, will they target her and bring Becky aboard their crazy train?
  • Nah. Even though she has experience with trains, she's going to be left on the platform this time.
  • Liz promised Steve she won't put him on the block.
  • And, she seems to mean it. She told Julia that she thinks of him like a little brother. I don't think Julia feels quite as sisterly to him, but hey.
  • They decide that they won't target Vanessa because someone else will take her out.
  • The nominations went down -- Johhny Mac and Becky
  • Liz thinks Johnny Mac gets called to the Diary Room often because he's popular with America.
  • Well, kind of, sort of. He gets called because his DR sessions are funny.
  • (Didn't you love his "What do you want?" he barked at Julie last night when he went in to vote? I cracked up!)
  • Sigh. Johnny Mac went from acting depressed to acting out.
  • It gave Vanessa material to claim he's "volatile."
  • Steve backed him up and has been trying to figure ways to calm him down.
  • Johnny Mac's behavior may do him in even though, on the whole, it's Becky they feel is sketchier.
  • Liz says JM scares her.
  • But now Austin is really, really pushing his anti-Vanessa kick. Combined with Johnny Mac's anti-Vanessa "rage," it might turn into a Vanessa backdoor although they've mentioned James as a backdoor.
  • A lot is going to hedge on the Power of Veto.

The hat remains the same

Sad Johnny Mac

Twins with wine, sans Austin

This year's Victoria

Will she still be smiling on Thursday?


Sharon N said...

Meg is this year's Victoria, for sure. But I like Meg a LOT better.

Victoria was an incredibly gullible nutcase.
Meg is also gullible, but the plus' on her side are that she's pleasant, fun and doesn't shatter our nerves to smithereens... ala Vanessa.

uncartie said...

So in the end Liz nominates exactly who Vanessa wanted. LMAO! I was watching the feeds last night while Vanessa made the case to the three of them. Her thinking was that since Johny Mac has been winning vetoes he should be up against Becky to weaken her chance of winning veto.

Jackie,I agree with you. The twins whiny voices annoy me too.

Glenn said...

Another site said that JMac got caught eating a cookie and was called to the DR. If he gets a penalty vote if on the block and would he be put back on the block even if he won the Veto? Is it a penalty nomination or vote each time that the HN eats or can they keep eating food for a total of just one penalty vote?

Sharon N said...

As many times as Audrey broke the HN rules, she only received ONE lousy BB penalty.
It seems kind of unfair to hit JMac with a Penalty Vote over 1 cookie.
JMac said he forgot and even volunteered to throw it back up. LMAO

Yes, BB has it in the rules, and they should be enforcing it the same for everyone.
Audrey broke several rules, but she only received 1 lousy penalty vote.
She was evicted anyway, but really, only ONE penalty vote from BB? :(

Sharon N said...

Other than the silly pranks (probably encouraged in DR)... James cracks me up.
JMac is priceless with his oneliners, but James can be very funny too. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED THE JM AND JULIE INTERACTION LAST NIGHT. SOOOO FUNNY!!! But I think the stress was getting to him and the pressure of the situation he finds himself in and he was just being real instead of being fake polite like everyone else does.

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