Friday, August 21, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Friday, Nominations - August 21

Quite fitting, methinks

It's yet another convoluted HoH reign this week. Austwins have made too many deals with too many people. And, yeah, he's just a clown in a top hat with dangly hair with doohickeys in it (who does hickeys), a dangly ponytail beard. What do we really expect of him? Had he not latched onto Liz/Julia, his game might have him out by now. Instead, the block of three just might make it to the end. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of One Potato, Two Potato:
  • Austin told Steve he made deals with everyone by mistake.
  • Well, duh. Had he thought things out, he could see that way leads to trouble!
  • The original plan he/they (Austwins) had was to put up Steve and Johnny Mac as pawns, then possibly backdoor Vanessa.
  • As Shelli puts it, "Vanessa got in his ear."
  • Despite the fact that she tried to backdoor him, despite the fact that her lies have been exposed, despite the fact that (like Johnny Mac pointed out) the majority of people out today were Vanessa's choices to be gone ... Austin seems to forgive her and now wants to keep her in the house.
  • Liz has been pro-Steve; Julia anti-Johnny Mac.
  • Austin has always liked Steve more than he liked Johnny Mac.
  • Remember back when Austin hated James?
  • Those days are gone.
  • Austin promised James and Meg he wouldn't put either of them on the block.
  • He seems to want to stick with that particular deal.
  • Austwins (since it's not just Austin HOH this week) are worried that Becky or Shelli will come back into the game and team up with either Steve or Johnny Mac.
  • Sheesh, they can't vote BOTH of the out!
  • Vanessa had been told the target was Johnny Mac.
  • Steve said, in front of Vanessa, that he didn't want to go up as a pawn.
  • That gave Vanessa ammo against Steve because he's "not a team player."
  • Yet, she's begging not to be put on the block.
  • Oy.
  • These hamsters are making my head hurt.
  • In the end, Austin nominated Steve and Johnny Mac.
  • And, they're seriously looking at them both -- Steve might be in more trouble than Johnny Mac.
  • That wasn't the case just yesterday.
  • Tomorrow might be a different story.
  • Austin is also talking of possibly putting up James if one of the two are saved by the veto.
  • Vanessa?
  • Vanessa who?

Is Johnny Mac giving the Evil Eye?

They know she lies, yet they believe in her

Could it be bye-bye, Steve?

James needs to win HoH!


MikesGirl said...

I truly, honestly, REALLY have no words. Just...nothing...

MikesGirl said...

Are they really that stupid?



Petals said...

From Jokers ~
Austin: "Sunday I get my revenge on WWE. They see my entertainment value". Duh,they canned him!
Austin says he's going to take a year off [from work]. Duh, he is unemployed!
Austin to Meg/James in purple room: "I just want to make a good TV spot. Just want to be funny for TV. That's all I care about". Duh, that is obvious, you pig!

GAAAAHHH!! His panty-sniffing, a$$-grabbing, fame-hungry, hirsute, unkempt, over-decorated body has grown on my last nerve! Anything and everything for the camera. Big @@

But the joke will be on him, as least-favorite, least-popular and, arguably, the most vile HG ever.

Sharon N said...

I'd say Aushole is in the running with Frankie for the vile tag! Kind of a toss-up who's more disgusting.
Frankie's appearance was flagrant but clean... it was his mouth that was vile.
Aushole looks and acts disgustingly dirty... I don't care how many showers he takes, he just looks fugly.

Wish we could watch when he gets a peek at how bad his ranking has been, and for how long, and reads what people think of him. Who knows... maybe he'll crawl back into that hole from whence he crawled? Nah.. he's convinced he's the best thing since wrapped bread. @@

Witt said...

I have a headache. I can't keep track of how many times they change their minds!

Cheryl in NC said...

I am so done.At this point I hope they do leave Vanessa in the game and hopefully she wins next HOH and targets the threesome.She has got to have figured out the numbers by now and realizes they have to be broken up....a girl can dream right?

monty924 said...

I can think of six right off the top of my head that I consider way more vile than Austin.

BB7 Boogie
BB9 Adam Jasinski
BB11 Natalie/Pigpen (who by the way went weeks at a time without showering)
BB14 Chef Joe who cooked all the time but rarely washed his hands (especially after the BR)
BB14 Danielle Murfree (the complete pits in my opinion for the way she played the game and treated Ian)
BB15 Aaryn - need not say anymore

And Vanessa hasn't told all that many lies, really hardly any. Everything she's said can be backed up by flashback time stamps. Jokers has them. The Jackie/Steve backdoor was not a lie. Jackie did say it even if it was somewhat out of context. Vanessa didn't lie to Steve. Jackie did consider him a back door target in one conversation.

Just my thoughts on all the hamster hate out there this season. It isn't just here... it's pretty much everywhere as it always is every season.