Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Friday, 2nd HoH - August 14


Well, that was something, wasn't it? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Topsy Turvy:
  • After the live show ended and the feeds returned, everyone was a bit subdued.
  • Steve went around apologizing to appropriate parties.
  • He also got very antsy checking to see if his HoH basket was in the storage room yet.
  • The basket is about all he gets for his reign in the house.
  • Becky, naturally, is not a happy camper that the "Mad Hatter" remained in the house and her grand backdoor plan backfired.
  • Johnny Mac isn't overly thrilled with the nominations that Steve made but thinks he (JM) did what he had to do ... not use the veto.
  • Meg, occasionally teary, doesn't think she can play dirty enough to play the game.
  • Well, duh. We know that.
  • She also can't win comps.
  • Becky and Meg think that Vanessa all but brainwashed Steve.
  • They don't know that, albeit be a strange one with Vanessa holding the cards, Steve has been aligned with Vanessa all along.
  • As much as Steve can be aligned with anyone, that is.
  • He's a bit of a lone wolf.
  • Or, more accurately, a sad puppy tied out in the rain in the yard.
  • Becky and Meg are sure Austin's been throwing comps while playing summer camp with the twins.
  • Meg and Becky told Steve he should have gone after Austin because Austin and the twins have just been using him.
  • Steve isn't handling things well. He got mad at himself for the nominations he made and realized the twins had been being nice to him solely for their game ... according to Meg and Becky, that is.
  • He threw his HoH key (which does him no good anyway because the first HoH in a double eviction doesn't get the room at all anyway -- it's purely symbolic). The key broke. Must be a BB Dollar Store key!
  • The feeds got blocked for the second HoH comp.
  • Oh my.
  • LIZ won HoH.
  • That's not quite what I was expecting.
  • Does this mean I'll have to listen to high-pitched twin squeals and those voices all week?
  • For the second time I've seen, Steve says he wants his mother. Poor kid. 
  • He also wants his basket with his letter!
  • Vanessa thinks they should work to get Becky out of the house. In a worse case scenario -- if Becky remains and Jackie comes back, they'd work together.
  • Talk of Johnny Mac going up as a pawn.
  • Austin thinks Becky is an easy target because she's offended everyone.
  • Well, I agree she's an easy target, but I don't think she's offended all in the house. She certainly offended Vanessa, but ...!
  • Liz is personally leery of Johnny Mac -- she thinks he's been getting too close to winning HoH comps and thinks he might target her.
  • The Have Nots ended and Meg and James could finally eat real food. James had been holding up fine, but Meg not so much.
  • Steve finally got his HoH basket!
  • Heh. Becky said her family would only send old photos because they don't want to be tied in with the show at all. I doubt we'll see a Becky family segment this season!
  • Austin is still grumbling about the "stinky" comic of him -- he showers! He said now he's obsessive with cleaning and deodorant. Others tell him he doesn't smell, not to worry about it.
  • Becky approached the HoH Trio (Liz, Julia and Austin) and once again began her anti-Vanessa campaign.
  • Same old stuff she was saying last week, this time portrayed using M&Ms.
  • BB told them they couldn't use Freaks and Geeks as their alliance name, perhaps copyright issues? They sat around trying to think of a new name.
  • Austin thought that Becky made some valid points.
  • But I personally doubt that he would push for a Vanessa ouster until he's cornered.
  • They decide on the Scamper Squad and even have a little dance.
  • It's looking like they're probably going to target Johnny Mac.
  • Oh my. 
  • Johnny Mac is talking to Liz as I get this posted. She seems to like him. 
  • We'll see.


What's gonna happen now?

Look! No hat!

This didn't go too well

Steve apologizes

James and Steve are good

You didn't think I could do it, did you?


Anonymous said...

Good I hope they do target JMac, because he NEVER makes a decision on his own, they have been using him also, CLelli really made him do everything they wanted and now look at where he is, it serves him right. Steve is full of it, he answered every one of those questions correct, if he didn't want to win he could have answered one of them wrong, I hope they use him until they use him up and then send him packing, Mr. BB Fan, he knew exactly what he was doing, he keeps asking for help from him Mom, he should have kept his butt at home. I guess he thought he better get in where ever he could fit in, however ,he may have made a dumb decision, because now he’s going to have to continue to win comps in order to stay in the game, because Austin and Company, and Vanessa won’t allow him to stick around if he continues to win. Becky better hope that JMac doesn't get ousted because Vanessa will be gunning for her, she will be next. I have a better chance of winning the game than Meg, and I'm not even in the game. I wouldn't be upset not one little but if JMac was sent packing.

IAgirlsmom said...

Boo. I think JMac getting called to the DR more than the twins gave them a chip on their shoulder, and set them up not to like him. BB messed with his game.
And I'm unhappy with Becky for not being grateful that she didn't go up and leave. Steve pretty much saved her ass.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Becky and JMAC are going up. They are telling Becky she has votes to stay, but I think she is the least Austins.


Chacha said...

Austins target is John, he wants to keep Vanessa and Becky in the house to continue to go after each other. Steve could possibly be a casualty.
I would love for America to vote in who comes back in the game. That I can get behind, not what you'd I want them to have in the yard!

Anonymous said...

Looks as tough the summer camp troop are in command, I can't wait for Austin and Vanessa to go after each other. If Austin and the twins are the last three standing it will be a total waste of my summer, I would have waited a whole year for nothing. Having to look at nasty looking, barefoot Austin has been torture.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Steve made a poor move in nominating Meg and Jackie. He may be a BB super fan but is not cut out for this game but then again it may be an act

Chacha said...

Steve winning the HOH was a waste, the evicted HG was a waste.
I would love to see if Steve won the POV and actually used it to take John down, would Liz possibly put Vanessa up?
I don't think it would happen. Steve will throw POV if playing.

Laura said...

Didn't James get an America's Player thing? Did I miss that part on the show? Or have they not shown it yet?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21

Steve is not acting, I truly believe he just doesn't know how to play the game, he's wanting his Mom and he really doesn't belong to an alliance or have anyone to really talk too. What constitutes the phrase "Super Fan", just because he watches the show every year as most of us do, doesn't mean you are a "Super Fan. I want to see if John wins the POV will he take Becky off the block and do a Marcellas. Stranger things have happened in that house like Steve wasting his HOH putting up Meg and Jackie,people are saying that Steve has been in an alliance with Vanessa all along, I find that hard to believe, but what I do know she has used everyone in that house. Vanessa has that scared paranoid look on her face, come on people it's a poker face, she's a professional poker player and she is playing these people to the hilt.
I guess she changed her mind about that law degree when she realized she might have a better skill, after all she said in the beginning of the show in her profile that she has won over $4 million dollars playing poker.

Sharon N said...

So far, I can't see that BB has come up with any real twists... other than the failed "twins" idea.

Someone here came up with the idea for a real "twist" ...the winner of the POV takes down their choice and then gets to name the renom! Now that would be a real twist that I could get into. That is, until someone is renom'd that I like! LOL

Chacha said...

Sharon, That is similar to the Diamond Power of Veto which was won by Matt in BB12 when he removed himself and used Kathy as the replacement.
the Diamond POV could have been used within two weeks.

I keep changing who I want to win POV this week. I think now I want James to win, take Becky down by saying that he will vote out John. Steve goes up, hopefully this will make the vote 3-3 and Liz will have to make the deciding vote. She will get the blood on her hands.
I still would love to see Vanessa be blind sided and put up and out. That way she can't have Shelli possibly coming in and taking out Austin and the twins

Sharon N said...

Thanks Cha-Cha,
Can't believe I actually forgot about that Diamond POV!!
Why hasn't BB ever brought it back to mess with The Best Laid Plans? sheesh
I'd love to see someone (not on the block) winning the D-POV, and then name Austin.
He can't be as Comp-incompetent as he's been portraying, and he's ruling the Twins roost!
His occasional quips/humor shows he's not as dumb as he acts.
(I wish he'd cut that ugly mop of hair and pony-tail beard. Cut the gross to a non-vomit level.)

AusTwins have actually contemplated putting Vanessa OTB (don't trust her).
But they also think if they vote out JMac and keep Becky, then Van/Becky will go after each other.
True, they don't like each other, but under pressure, they could unite. Stranger things have happened!!
I say, why not put them up together... guarantee they 'spill more beans' and go after each other.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope someone does go after Austin and Company.

uncartie said...

Wow Sharon! I was thinking the exact same thing about leaving Becky in the house. Vanessa has proven she can work with anyone and can be very forgiving. I could definitely see her and Becky smoothing things over.

Petals,I think Steve awkwardness is a big act. He was really overacting last night. Didn't want to win the comp? Pleeeeze! Then he goes into that whole spiel about nothing bad ever happening to him his family,what a great life he had and how he admires Becky because of her accident,blah,blah,blah. Social engineering 101!
Hellooooo? Anybody home?

He then plants the seed that someone "told" him that Jackie was after him.
He knows full well that Becky is so blinded by her hate for Vanessa and her subsequent failure to get rid of her that she'll believe anything he tells her and of course Becky runs with it. She immediately starts asking him leading questions and quickly convinces herself and the oblivious Meg,that Vanessa was the one.
He thus accomplishes his goal of putting the blame on Vanessa while absolving himself completely. He eventually leaves the room and everyone is happy as a clam. Hugs for everyone.

Sharon N said...

The only problem Vanessa has is that everyone is onto her schtick... even the dimmer-bulbs!

NObody really trusts or wants Vanessa now, not even the AusTwins.
They just don't want to get blood on their hands. @@
Why are these people there if they aren't willing to risk getting blood splattered?
At least James and Becky were brave enough to try!

Terry is a Texan! said...

I am sure Liz will target the other side, such a sad day to see them in charge

Sharon N said...

So far the AusTwins have dragged James/Meg into an alliance with them, then turned around and made alliance with Steve/JMac.

Earlier, AusLiz were looking at putting up Becky and JMac, but evicting JMac, knowing Becky/Vanessa would go after each other. They know Becky is a snake, and they also realize they can't believe anything Vanessa tells them.

As of right now, they are using James/Meg for info and seem to trust them.
Doesn't mean they'll be kept in the game though.

Becky/Steve/JMac have been names HN's.

Glenn said...

Becky can not be a have not because she won the never have not pass. The other site has Vanessa/Steve/JMac listed as the HN's.

monty924 said...

The way I see it, everyone needs to go but two others to get to the final 3. If Liz doesn't target Vanessa and Becky stays, you know she will go after her and Vanessa will go after Becky unless something crazy happens like someone mentioned upthread.

The HN food isn't a punishment at all. WTH? Pork Chops and slop... I'd live off the pork chops and condiments all week, LOL

Sharon N said...

Glenn, you're right... fingers moving faster than my brain.
HN's are Vanessa, Steve and JMac

Sharon N said...

Could you tell on the feeds if it's Pork Chops, or just pork chop 'flavored' slop??
I don't have feeds, so no clue... but after all ick foods selections HNs usually get, it's hard to believe they'd actually receive a treat like REAL chops!

monty924 said...

Yes, real pork chops. James threatened to eat all the HN's food this week, LOL

uncartie said...

Sharon N said..So far the AusTwins have dragged James/Meg into an alliance with them, then turned around and made alliance with Steve/JMac.

This is going to eventually blow up. Sooner or later someone is going to share notes. It sounds like Austin is trying to make an alliance with everyone. You can't have that many pots on the stove when there are this few people in the house. One of them will overheat sooner or later.

I've used the term "Rousso crime family". Well Austin is the "Fredo Corleone" of that group. He's trying to tell Vanessa "See,I'm smart too" Well he's not!

Anonymous said...

how about that Austin & Liz are the new CLellis, they saw what happened to those two, but the rest of these people left in this house, don't have a clue, it's almost like I might as well give up for this season and wait until next year, this group is boring as hell, and how stupid is James and Meg, when Austin has been after James since day one, and Meg is just there, acting like Shirley Temple, if anyone knows who that is, my mother asked me to watch an old movie with her and she put on Shirley Temple, I wanted to gag/ She was cute and all, but I just wasn't into her.

uncartie said...

Fri 3:32 PM BBT Liz & Julia both agree that what Vanessa is doing is about the game, it's about 500k. She's a gameplayer.

Sharon N said...

I love that the twins are getting together more, and won't be adverse to dumping Austin in the near future.... when it's convenient for them.

Julia told Liz that SHE won the HOH and she should do what she wants... not to let Austin run it. They are planning on winning (good luck with that) and splitting the money between the 2 of them. Not sharing with Austin. LOL

Anonymous said...

This is a game where everybody is using everybody, other than Liz and Julia(sisters) I don't think any of these people would for a minute think about sharing their money with anyone else in the house, so the fact that the twins saying that they plan on splitting the money with each other goes with out saying. Once this game is over I will be willing to bet neither Julia or Liz will give Austin another thought. They need him to keep them in that house that's it.

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