Friday, August 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Friday - August 28

John's back ... I crack myself up

I should have remembered how confusing a Vanessa HoH actually is. Because she doesn't talk to us and spins her web over everyone, it's hard to tell where her mind really is on things. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of So Far, No Clue They're Heading Into a Double Eviction:
  • Austwins were ticked that Vanessa told Johnny Mac he was safe in order to have him drop in the HoH comp.
  • They want him out immediately again. Before the comp last night, the general consensus was that the returning juror would be voted out before anyone else.
  • Steve thinks it was the second shortest endurance comp ever. I think it might have been the shortest. I was trying to do so much in about two minutes that I froze my computer up and never did post a screen cap of the comp!
  • Austin is grousing about how they should have evicted Steve, not John.
  • Hindsight won't help him now.
  • Austin, who is NOT HoH nor is his twinmance, told Meg and James that the nominations this week should be the same as last.
  • Hmm. I don't think he's in charge and Vanessa just might think it's time to gather a new troop of allies. With her gaming experience, she has to realize the odds of anyone other than Austwins winning narrows each week that they're left intact in the house.
  • The circular conversations/interrogations began before long.
  • This is where it's hard to tell where her mind actually is.
  • She told Austin that Austin's Angels remains -- he and the twins are safe.
  • She told Steve he's welcome to share her HoH bed.
  • She told Steve that if they work with Johnny Mac, they can beat the Austwins.
  • She told him that working together, they could beat Austwins in any comp.
  • I'd say that's probably true.
  • Of course, I mean that they could beat them. But, will she go that route? It's hard to tell. I do think that would be best for her own end game.
  • Steve tells us (privately) that he'd like a final three with them with him and John being the final two. Would that classify as a final two deal? Heh.
  • Vanessa told John that everyone thinks she'll put him up and "no one will see it coming." Hmm.
  • Austin told Vanessa that she should do what she has to do and he's behind her 100%.
  • I ask, "What if what she has to do is break up Austwins?" 
  • Heehee!
  • She told him (again) that they're safe.
  • She tells Steve the best option is to go for Meg/James and then take on Austwins.
  • Then she went on to talk about her Trust Test strategy with Austwins. She claims that Meg and James failed it.
  • She tells them that she should put up Meg and James with the backdoor if needed will be Johnny Mac.
  • As Johnny Mac had said to Julie, the conversation keeps turning to evicting Meg.
  • Then she changes to listing the pros to getting James out this week.
  • Vanessa made Austin feel secure.
  • And, that he seems to be ... this week.
  • The Scamper Squad reunited.
  • They overwhelmingly agree to go after James/Meg.
  • Then Vanessa talks to James and Meg.
  • She gets James to totally throw Austin under the bus.
  • At the end of the talk, James and Meg were both volunteering to go on the block as a pawn.
  • She has that kind of mojo.
  • They think she's going after Austin.
  • They're wrong.
  • Dead wrong. 
  • It SEEMS that now Vanessa is back to being closest with Steve and that the plan is that she, Steve and Johnny Mac will face off with Austwins in the final six.
  • But, of course, that could change any moment. 
  • I do doubt that she would make the final move against Austwins at this point ... not when she has Meg and James who have never been close allies with her.
  • I do think the best chance that Vanessa has is in teaming up with Johnny Mac and Steve. 

Will Vanessa trust him?

Hmm ...

If he can survive, maybe there's a chance

Vanessa won't get that "blood on her hands"

Putting a spell on Meg and James

Workin' her mojo on Steve

Put me up instead of James!


JonMD1267 said...

This is Vanessa's game to loose at this point. I just don't get when they think is a good time to get that Austwin blood on their hands... The night of the finale ??? Lol

Anonymous said...

What is it that Vanassa sees in keeping the Austwins that those on the outside don't see? And where are the twists of the season that were promised in the beginning?

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

From a game theory perspective, Van needs to get one of the Austwins evicted this week. Vanessa plays odds, and understands the math, which would clearly be in her favor, if she indeed does team up with Steve/JMac. They would be the remaining 3, going against 2 Austwins and 2 Goblins.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Sheesh, why doesnt anyone want to get those twins split up....or at least the protector A/J

Anonymous said...

I don't always remember past seasons as well as some of you do, but I remember one endurance comp where they built some elaborate mountain in the backyard that the hamsters all had to keep their hands on. It was over nearly instantly, if I recall.


Babs said...

I find this is my least favorite season. I am not fond of any of the hamsters and hope the Austwins do not win. Anyone but them….

Chacha said...

I think I remember yesterday when I said that because I wanted anyone but Vanessa to win HOH that she would win.
I guess I can't think out loud anymore.
Nominating Meg and James is smart on Vanessa's part because she knows they are working with Austin. I don't like it at all.
As stated above this is Vanessa's game to lose. That is so correct. I may not like it but she is winning when needed.
I just wish she would own up to her BS she spews. At least own up to it in the DR.
I am praying James wins POV.
If Meg goes this week I don't think her feelings will be hurt much. She will go to Jury and have her vacation continue.
My fear tomorrow is the POV will be Stay or Fold. If that is the case then Vanessa may win that as well.
Vanessa may be in the running closing the gap on winning Comps to rank her with Rachal, Danni, and Janelle but she will never shine like them.

Puzzled said...

My brain hurts listening to her talk! To follow her rambling and scheming is painful!
If she wins, she will have to have someone next to her that is equally disliked as much or more for the jury to vote for her. Because I feel the way she is going out having to stick the knife in those who she is professing to be making promises to be with will bite her in jury votes. Guess she could take Austin if America got to vote or one of the Twins maybe? Think that is her plan?

Anonymous said...

Listening to Vanessa, sorry!

Chacha said...


Honestly the best person for Vanessa to take to the final two is Julia. She hasn't done ANYTHING in this game. She is also game for getting Austin out at anytime.

James did make the comment that he would vote for Vanessa if she were in the final two. Now he didn't say that to her but said it to Meg and I think Austin.

The fatal flaw in this game getting Vanessa out is Austin.

I read somewhere: would we be bashing Vanessa if she were a guy. My opinion, I am not sure we would.
She is playing a very close game to Derrick but doesn't have the likability factor that he had.

I just can't wait for the Austwins and Vanessa to come into the real world and realize they are not liked at all.

Last night Austin made the comment that they were going to be such popular Reality Stars. Vanessa cut him down saying they all would barely make the D list. First honest thing she has said this game.

David said...

I think we would be bashing a guy just as much as Vanessa if acting/doing the same things. Andy was a snake in the grass just like Vanessa and look how the fans think of him. I know I personally bashed Derrick last year, though more so the other hamsters for not seeing him for what he was.

Vanessa is playing a morphed Andy/Derrick game with a bunch of Amanda type intimidation thrown in with it.

I really don't see Vanessa putting up anyone but Meg/James at this point no matter how many circles her brain and mouth run around. The only chance James has is winning the Veto or Meg falling on her sword for him and taking the hit. Go out the door yelling Avenge Me! Avenge Me!

Nickelpeed said...

Well, I do have to say Vanessa certainly is a PLAYER. She's good. But on the other hand....UGH! UGH!!!

uncartie said...

This just in from the Dept of Totally Out Of Touch...
Fri 10:19 AM BBT Aust can't believe Jason got such a good ovation. Says people are made to clap by applause signs: Jason/Meg aren't fan favorites.

Fan favorites....James 1,Meg 3,Aushole 17

Stormy said...

I LOVE IT Uncartie. They were surprised at the applause Johnny Mac got last night when he left also. Austin is in for a BIG revelation when he leaves. Last Place (17) all season, with the queen Liz just one up on him. Cant stand to watch him. I know I am in the minority but I do like Vanessa. I think she has been the one on the bottom of their alliance the whole game but has managed to stay in and win when it looked like she had one foot out of the door. Just saying give her her dues.

Anonymous said...

uncartie - where do you get the stats for fan favorites?

Petals said...

I agree with EVERYONE! Yeah, ok - Vananas is playing out-playing the house. But she is so unlikable as a person, I just refuse to "root" for her.
See, Derrick was out-playing, but was subtle, and always very kind. He smiled a lot, he didn't fake cry all the time, and he never had to consult & re-consult his every decision with his allies.
James has a chance to win POV, but there is already a contingency plan to trick him in to pulling a Marcellas. *sigh* I hope he puts on his smart hat & declines that "deal".

When James goes, the last vestige of humanity will be gone from the house. :(

Anonymous said...

They should put up the the mean twin, I think it's Liz, as the back donor. Julia hates Austin so that would work.


Just Steph said...
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Anonymous said...

That's a bit extreme Petals. JM is a good guy. And Meg is a good person, just lousy at playing BB.

Petals said...

Anon - maybe. But Meg will curl-up & take to her bed when James leaves, and JMac never interacts with anyone. They are nearly invisible.

monty924 said...

Elle, that was All-Stars. Boogie jumped off, Janelle let go of her key and Erica won the first part of the final 3 HOH.

Anon 4:17, Jokers has the popularity poll on their home page left side above the thumbnail photos of the hamsters.

monty924 said...

Vanessa's plan is to work with Steve and JMac against the Austwins at final 6. The one and only thing that would derail that is if James stays and wins the first HOH next week.

Petals said...

Monty - I remember that comp. Janelle, *sigh*

Love the Jokers poll - the bottom three, LMAO.
At least James will have $25k to take home to his daughter.

David said...

If James is up next to Meg and wins the veto, how in the heck do they think they will be able to convince him not to use the veto? If you and your only ally is on the block next to each other it is obvious one of you are going to jury if you don't use it. No one could possibly fall for that. To think they would even try shows how crazy and irrational Vanessa is in her thinking. It is finally down to it. They are going to have to start stabbing their own in the back. I hope James does win veto just to make Vanessa show where her loyalties really are. She doesn't want to show her cards yet, force her to do it.

Petals said...

David - they are going to SWEAR that he (James) will be safe, and they plan on BDing JMac. But that isn't the case at all. They will vote James out. They are all SO SURE they will be able to convince James to remove Meg, stay on the block himself, then they will boot him.

I know it's a stretch, but it's happened before. And Aushole is really really excited about it, because of "great TV". @@

David said...

Don't force me to watch the feeds, I have been avoiding them for a while now. lol So they want him to save Meg? If he falls for that then he deserves to be out the door. He knows Meg can't win anything and would probably follow him right out the door if he does that. I would lie to them as it will be obvious they are lying to me in that case and tell them I would do it then use it on myself.

Petals said...

Exactly, my friend.

Official Have-Nots: James, Meg, JMac & Julia

uncartie said...

Petals or anyone,How do you back door someone if the veto is not used? Can the HOH (Vanessa) just take someone off the block and replace them?

David said...

OK, I tried watching the feeds, obviously not live as they are doing nominations I think now, but I could only take 10 minutes of Vanessa going over and over again why she is doing what she is doing. Just say this is a game move and this is best for my game and move on. Sheeesh She has to get into the minutiae about everything and it drives me nuts.

David said...

The veto has to be used to back door someone otherwise the nominations stay the same. The HoH can only replace someone if the veto is used.

Glenn said...

On the other site James was telling Meg he had forgot about the deal that Vanessa had made with James during the Clay week. Vanessa had promised safety to James and 1 person of his choice not to be nominated or backdoored. This was if James did not put up Vanesa. James was debating if he should remind Vanessa about the deal.

uncartie said...

After what James did to Clelli he should be the last one to complain about someone not honoring their deals.

Petals said...

Uncartie - If James wins POV, they plan to have him save MEG, leaving himself on the blog, and promising to backdoor JMac. But James is the real target.

monty924 said...

Yeah, I can't see James handing over his chance at the 500K just to save Meg. He's in this for his daughter and he's not stupid. It would just be a repeat of JMac's DR when he said.... "Uh, NO"

Petals said...

Exactly. I really hope he doesn't fall for it. Meg wouldn't want him to, anyway. She has got to be sick of this sh*t by now.

Glenn said...

If James and Meg get nominated, James should out Vanessa about the deal. Vanessa keeps saying she doesn't lie and this would put her in a tough place. are they suspecting that this is going to be another Double eviction week?

Petals said...

James is nommed, and they realize that not only Van lied to them, but also Steve & Austwins. He knows he & Meg are alone.

monty924 said...

Glenn, they know one is coming up but they think it will be next week and not this week in there.