Monday, August 10, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - August 10

Why is Jackie reminding me of Yoko Ono?

After a day of little game talk, the night was ALL game talks. Oy. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mini-Meetings:
  • Vanessa poked around her usual sources -- Steve, Austin, Liz -- for any news on what Becky might do.
  • She obviously doesn't really believe the Johnny Mac renom story she's been fed.
  • She WANTS to believe it, but her paranoia tells her that she will be the renom.
  • Her paranoia is right this time!
  • Austin checks in with Becky who confirms Johnny Mac will be the renom (with the target being Shelli).
  • He reports back to Vanessa.
  • Meanwhile, Meg tells James he needs to be nicer to Johnny Mac because "he's on our side." Becky told her that JM will target Austin and the twins.
  • She also told him that Johnny Mac wants to go after Vanessa.
  • Yep, on their side.
  • Of course, they (Meg, James and Jackie) know that the Johnny Mac renom is nothing but a red herring in the whole PoV renom debacle.
  • But they feel better knowing for sure that he too is gunning for Vanessa right now and they can be safe-ish with him.
  • That would be opposed to Jeffish, mind you.
  • Hahahaha! I crack myself up.
  • Ahem.
  • Becky and Jackie worked on Becky's speech for the Vanessa renomination.
  • Becky told Meg that she might tell Austin (and thus, twins) about the planned renom just before it goes down. It bothered her that she knew about Jason being the target so far ahead, yet would also feel bad being totally left out.
  • Although we know Steve knows Vanessa is playing him like a fine fiddle, the others (Meg, Becky, Jackie) have picked up on it. They don't know he knows. They can't really figure out Steve.
  • The three women, plus James, also made note how the twins bully and pick on Steve. They're worried that he'll buckle in if he wins HoH in a double eviction.
  • Time for them to bring Steve to their side!
  • But, first ... Vanessa corners Steve, asking him questions about whether he's ever heard Johnny Mac say anything about her. He denies hearing much except for a bit after the big Clay smackdown.
  • "You know I hate liars," Vanessa says.
  • Um. Yeah. Whatever.
  • Vanessa ranted about how everyone has lied to her! What did she do to deserve this?!?!
  • Steve said to her that he doesn't think it's in Becky's best game interest to send Shelli home. (Of course, he's still thinking John will be the renom.)
  • Vanessa said that if she goes up as a renom, she's going to blow up Becky's game.
  • Steve told her it's a shame she's not because that would be interesting.
  • Heh.
  • It certainly will be.
  • After Steve told her he was close to Johnny Mac, Vanessa told Steve that Johnny Mac never had his back and, since he's a recruit, he doesn't even understand gameplay in the house.
  • Bwahahaha! Johnny Mac is the superfan who claimed in the pre-season interviews that he wasn't going to tell people he's a fan.
  • But Steve should have picked up a bit on it from his talks with JM.
  • Steve left and Vanessa continued her loop with the twins as the night progressed.
  • Steve told us in a secluded moment, "I think Vanessa is going up."
  • Well, yeah.
  • Steve ended up talking with Becky. She laid it all out to him and told him he should open himself up more to James, Meg and Jackie -- they'd be receptive.
  • I personally don't know about Meg. She really seems to personally dislike Steve some.
  • He tells us that he must throw the next HoH, he should be safe right now. He does not want to win the DE HoH.
  • He also thinks he's playing both sides too much.
  • He's right. With Vanessa out this week and the only good comp player Shelli being left on the one side, it's time for him to permanently drift. The twins will have each other, Austin can't win anything for the life of him. Steve would be odd man out on either side. He may as well go with the side that might benefit his game the most and keep him in the game longer before he needs to step it up.
  • That's my thought, anyway.

Steve is buying what Becky is selling?

The big Steve/Becky talk

Vanessa continues to spin her web

It's not paranoia when they are after you!

The Shelli/Jackie talk


Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping track of all this stuff for us. I don't know how you can stand watching so much of these people, I think I would fall asleep watching them lay around and do nothing.

David said...

I think everyone is waiting for the after POV meeting action that should happen this afternoon. Otherwise it has been the same old stuff going on. Even the Vanessa paranoia and constant game talk from her has become routine. I have seen a lot of Vanessa from watching poker shows (Yes, I am not proud =)) and either she is very quiet while playing poker or they must do a lot of editing on those shows. Maybe BB should give her a deck of cards, that might quiet her down. If she just came out and told them what she really does she would have something to talk about besides just game all the time.

Margo, the only one who got in trouble for jumping the shark was Liz. =) I am surprised that James has not been seen jumping the shark yet. He ruined poor Gizzel by jumping all over that poor Giraffe.

Sharon N said...

Becky followed through.
Vanessa is ticked.
Shelli scrambling because she knew and didn't tell Vanessa.
Tangled webs of deceit....

James says he's packing on Thursday... in case Shelli wins HOH.
More silliness. If they'd stick together, instead of thinking they ALL had to vote the same way, it wouldn't matter if Shelli put him OTB.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for watching this as Anon 10:48 said. I wasn't into it in the beginning because this bunch started out snoozers & unlikable
But like a bad habit I'm back! Dolores in Hollywood, Florida.

IAgirlsmom said...

Well, goodness! Thanks for the POV update, Sharon N. Whew. I was really worried that Steve would tell Vanessa and she would convince him NOT to use it. Not that I'm pulling for Steve, but didn't want him taken advantage of despite that being the part of the game I guess.
So... if Shelli does get HOH - and puts up say James and Becky - they'd have JMac, Meg and Jackie and maybe Steve for votes you mean? Since Shelli names replacement nominee - for sure one on that side would go...unless you think the Austwins would side against her? Very interesting...

Sharon N said...

That's true Agirlsmom.
If they put up James along with Becky/Meg or Jackie, that side would be diluted for votes.
JMac is with Becky though, so he'd be a number for Becky.

Steve might finally show one of his cards. Figuring it's going to be a DE next time, he does NOT want the next HOH. Steve may be socially inept, but not be quite as strange as he portrays. He hides away is talking to the cameras, telling us what he's thinking. His mind is always working (with very little sleep).

It won't be long before AusTwins have to actually DO something besides exercise, play in the pool & sunbathe. Think it was Meg said, "they think they're at summer camp." LOL

David said...

So far it has not been the expected blow up but it seems to be building. Vanessa seems to be on a slow burn building up to an explosion on someone. Stay out of the path of the coming storm scenario going on. =)

Sharon N said...

^^^ LOL Phrase of the day: Buddy System!!

Chacha said...

The best fireworks so far was Vanessa busting into the Havenot room ratting becky out. Meg, james and Jackie laughed at Vanessa.
It was great

Sharon N said...

Yep, good thing Becky was thinking ahead... telling them some of the ammo Vanessa would use.

uncartie said...

I think Vanessa knew yesterday that she was going up OTB. All of a sudden yesterday she was reading the bible@@,a practice of many condemned inmates. Production must have tipped her off. I don't believe anyone ever gets truly "blindsided",the exception being a double eviction when there's no time to get called to the diary room.

IAgirlsmom said...

When they talk about the DE plan, do they mean Shelli? I can't recall who was all in on that....or more like, who wasn't. Recaps said 8 people in on it. Maybe Julia wasn't there yet either, b/c they thought last week was the DE. Ha ha. I'm so confused. Doesn't take much.

uncartie said...

James and Meg at the kitchen table. Meg says, "We have to keep winning!"

Says the woman who has not come close to winning any HOH's or POV's. She did win a cruise to the Bahamas though.

Sharon N said...

I was amazed that Meg did as well as she did in the POV Comp (surgery 3-4 month's ago).
Although it was still a loss, she actually she came closest to Steve's POV time.
Steve > 13 minutez
Meg > 17 minutes (also heard 15 minutes - don't know which was correct)
The rest of the players were way behind those times.

That's not to say that she'll have a chance to win one of the comps, but stranger things have happened!! LOL

monty924 said...

It's funny that Meg thinks that, because she should know about thinking she is a summer camp. The girl hasn't won anything but a drinking contest in the first six weeks of the season. Liz has at least won comps.

Sharon N said...

As the day wears on, Vanessa is starting to cry and rag on people... calling those (who were never in her alliance) names. She's getting a dose of what 'those who have gone before' have felt now.

I do believe Vanessa actually is sad, even angry, to be OTB/BD'd, BUT she's not giving up. She's attempting to use her rapid-fire verbal/acting skills to turn/guilt people into keeping her. Although, Vanessa has admitted that Becky made a good game move.

Shelli worked herself into a lather over James supposedly wearing Clay's shirt. Of course, it might not be Clay's since they both wore that shirt while Clay was still there. Whatever works to try and get people 'on your side' and it's obvious that Shelli is trying to build her case to evict James if she wins HOH.

~~Silk said...

New post is up.