Monday, August 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday - August 17

Oh my, what's he on? BB, that's what.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Maniacal Misfits:
  • They were getting rambunctious with James and the twins throwing chocolate around.
  • BB told 'em SHUT IT DOWN.
  • The BB voice can get a bit surly at times.
  • James wrapped up all of Steve's stuff onto one of the dentist chairs in the Have Not room using plastic wrap.
  • Mighty impressive, but I think he used the entire roll of wrap on it.
  • I hope they don't need the wrap for kitchen purposes!
  • James covered up the mummy chair with blankets.
  • He's up to shenanigans, I say!
  • Lots of talk about lots of things not game once again.
  • I think Becky talks about Black Friday at least once a day!
  • Nothing much game-wise has changed.
  • The veto won't be used. Becky is the go away target.
  • Liz and Austin are still secretly hating on Vanessa but will leave her nomination up to someone else.
  • Steve is pushing the Weak Steve Card and thinks it's working.
  • He knows Vanessa keeps lying to him.
  • That's about it.
  • For now.

The one without a hickey.

James is up to shenanigans.

Steve going for a new look.


Witt said...

Vanessa will be in the final two. Watch.

uncartie said...

Witt,From your lips to the BB gods ears! :)

Sharon N said...

If Vanessa ends up winning it all, she will deserve it, especially after getting 'found out' by everyone, but them not having enough nerve to eliminate her.
That doesn't mean I want her to win though.... lol

Same goes for Austin/Liz.
So far, nobody in the house is even looking at them. @@

uncartie said...

Liz rehearsed her POV meeting speech

Mon 11:17 AM BBT
Liz's speech: "This decision is especially difficult because we've had such a good time this week. The reason you both are on the - AdamAndEvel
block is strictly strategic. You both are two of the best competitors we've seen so far, and one of you is coming back from jury. For all of those reasons I've decided NOT to use the power of veto."

Sharon,RE:Austin/Liz, IMO,these are some of the worst BB players in history.
It seems like everyone is so focused on Vanessa that they lose sight of actual alliances,yet they still won't take her out.@@

Why she isn't being backdoored this week is beyond me. I hope she wins HOH just to stick it to all of them. Imagine the fun we'd have watching the procession of hamsters having to plead their cases to her in the HOH room :)

Sharon N said...

Austiz might be some of the worst BB players in history, but there's 3 of them and NObody seems to be looking at getting 1 of the twins out. JMO, it's just plain nuts not to get Liz out while they can (the stronger player).

They're all so focused on Vanessa because of her on-going lying/fast-talk. They still keep her, despite knowing she's made alliances with just about everyone, and being aware that she has managed to flip the vote to evict whoever. @@

None of the other remaining alliances are as strong as Austin/Liz/Julia, together.
And Liz is winning comps.

James is weakened because of his alliance with Meg. The remaining 'guests' will want to keep Meg around till end, and she just might end up with $50k (for basically doing nothing).

Nobody seems to realize (or care?) that Becky/JMac have been in a long-term alliance.
Although, their alliance doesn't matter since they evicting Becky anyway.

JMac/Steve have an alliance with AusTwins (fake), but really, they are both alone.

IF Vanessa wins the next HOH, maybe we can watch as they form a circle to kick each other! lol

monty924 said...

There is something to be said for keeping Vanessa until after the revive a hamster happens. I hope it works out for them. I actually don't blame the twins for not taking a shot at Vanessa. They believe they have the numbers moving forward, whether they do or not. Someone is going to take a shot at them sooner or later so why not stick with Vanessa who is the bigger target. They really aren't working with her so much now as it is a front to keep her close. With the people left in the house, I don't think they're playing that bad of a game.

monty924 said...

Becky was quick to throw JMac UTB after the veto meeting. I don't think it worked on the Austwins.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Right now I want Vanessa to win HOH and put up the twins or Liz and Austin. PLEASE someone make a move!

uncartie said...

The main reason they all hate Vanessa is she talks game all the time. These hamsters don't want to. They hated Audrey for that reason,although Audrey brought it on herself with all her lies. That's the reason why I think they're the worst players of all time. They're too busy with pranks,skits,and other teenage type nonsense,or they sleep all the time. Right this minute it's a cooking challenge" (eyeroll)

monty924 said...

LOL, their version of Chopped! :))

One of my favorite shows, btw. At least they have fun and don't necessarily sleep all day. Last season was boring because once veto meeting was over, it was playing pool and not a lot of strategy talk unless one of the detonators was in jeopardy. I don't mind watching them have fun. Beats non-stop sleeping or non-stop game talk that usually leads nowhere when all is said and done.

Petals said...

I can't watch feeds. I am really NOT liking the Two Girls and a Sasquatch show. That nasty thing is in every shot {his master plan to get in to a showmance for camera-time worked @@}.
The hickeys, the spooning, the constant begging for a "make-out"'s just too much.

I love James, am disappointed in J*Mac, and Meg is a non-entity. The rest are fame-seeking recruits - BORING.

Mep, mep. I wish something would change. It will be the 2nd worst season ever when the F3 are Aushole and the twins.

Sharon N said...

Have to agree with some things said by Monte, and some by Petals.

For several years, we've complained about the constant sleeping, pool-playing, and hour after hour of chess... not much else. So I'm perfectly happy that they are finding other things to entertain themselves.

Even though James' pranks are teenage-level, it's not like any of them has much to work with for entertainment. At least he's doing something, and none of them seem to get offended by his pranks.

AusTwins are tiresome, at best. At worst, we are awash with Aushole and Liz for gag-worthy showtime. I have a difficult time understanding Liz having ANY interest in Austin. IMO, having to 'mess around' with that big-hairy-gross guy couldn't possibly be worth 'it'... even for money!

David said...

I happened to see cutthroat kitchen: camp cutthroat last night and noticed that they are doing the show in the Utopia compound. When someone is cut they even walked out the gates. lol

If Vanessa actually went after Austin and the twins I wouldn't mind seeing her win HoH. But she will go after James, Meg, and JM so that is not something I want to see, another week of the same thing over and over again.

monty924 said...

I'm still enjoying the feeds because I still haven't found anyone that I personally don't like in the game, except for Becky at this point. I really like Meg and James and of course the Austwins. I know most can't stand them, but I love the twins and Austin is a tag along, so there you go. I find them entertaining in an irritating but funny sort of way. LOL

This is far from the worst season for me... if I just hung it up and said forget it, then I've wasted two months of my life for nothing and there's still a lot of game left. I'll be happy if anyone but Becky wins at this point. :))