Monday, August 24, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - August 24

She can occasionally talk a good game

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Well, It's Tomorrow:
  • And, because it's tomorrow, things have changed once again in the house.
  • This drama is all because of Vanessa, mind you.
  • It's Vanessa who holds the PoV and will use it or not.
  • It's Vanessa who's going around from hamster to hamster mind-boggling them into thinking of reasons to target others.
  • When I left you in my last post, it looked like she was going to use the veto to save one of the nominees (probably Steve) and James would be the target.
  • Scratch that.
  • It's now tomorrow.
  • Now it looks once again like she will not use the veto and Johnny Mac will go.
  • I cannot predict how this will go down. She's too hard for me to read and, unlike some, she doesn't talk to us. 
  • In other news, Julia claims she's lost Liz because Liz is "in a relationship."
  • @@
  • Okay, then break up the relationship!
  • Austin continues to have delusions of grandeur about how the show's fans perceive him and how we see his "relationship" with Liz.
  • That boy is in for a shock when he gets out.
  • He also thinks Johnny Mac's speeches (at ceremonies) are unintelligent.
  • Need we get a transcript of his own speech from last night's show? That had some mighty big words in it, yet made no sense at all. It was written like he thought he'd be impressing people, but instead it just perplexed us and gave us more reason to want to chop off that ponytail beard.
  • The poll on the website for live feed voters had us wanting them to play hide and seek. Johnny Mac was the winner, finally scaring Julia when he leaped from under one of the dentist's chairs.
  • I guess we'll see whether Vanessa uses the veto or not.
  • Then we'll see who Vanessa wants to go home.
  • I'm so glad that Vanessa won HoH again this week!
  • Heh.

Julia wouldn't mind if Austin was OUT

Continues to run the house

Can he hang in?


uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

Jackie,OMG! I just finished watching last night's episode. Aushole's Nom speech was the most incoherent rambling word salad that I've ever heard in BB history.

Ed in Ohio said...

Austin is delusional in more ways than one!

That Nom speech was from another world!!

uncartie said...

Yes Ed,and all week he was crowing about having his moment in the spotlight. Shame on Vanessa! As long as she was running his HOH the least she could have done is volunteer to write his speech for him too. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa housemates are no more intelligent than the housemates of Derrick, the big difference between the two of them is her SPACED-OUT look, and Derricks calm demeanor. That being said, Vanessa knows how to play the game and her housemates don't have a clue. Had Vanessa had some housemates like, Dr. Will, Nakomis, Janelle, Dan and some others she would have been gone on day one or two, because they would never have let none of this paranoid nonsense happen. They knew how to play the game, the twins coming into and staying the house would not have happened either. So I'm not so sure Vanessa can be classified as the great manipulator, she has easy prey, a good liar yes indeed.

Chacha said...

The best last night was while watching the show and Austins DR he said Vanesaa you aren't running my HOH, Vanessa was on the feeds running his HOH.
Last night Austin said to the twins with changing the Noms basically we do what Vanessa wants and we lose someone who would keep us safe for another week or so.

Sharon N said...

Notice...Vanessa is once again wearing her thinking/manipulating green cap.
It's kind of like Judas' hat, but functions much much better!! lol

uncartie said...

Anon 11:28,Are you serious? Becky,Shelli,and Steve alone were probably smarter than anyone on BB 16 cast and even Meg would have cleaned the clocks competitively vs the likes of Paola & Victoria. James wouldn't have been afraid to make a move either. BB16 was the weakest cast ever.

Sharon N said...

It's always easy for "us" to criticize the intelligence of the hamsters... because we actually get to know what's going on with all the backstabbing, lying, alliances, paranoia and fake paranoia.

But that's only because we have BBAD, the Feeds, Jackie's blog, and other sites to keep up with what's going on. They don't have those privileges, nor phones or computers. They only have their lying selves to depend on! Some are better at lying than others. This year, the award goes to Vanessa... whether she wins or not.

Along with all that, we get to watch annoying nincompoops like the AusTwins.

Sharon N said...

POV over and Noms apparently stayed the same.
Steve still trying to work it so he stays.
JMac accepting what he thinks is his fate, but not going to play patty-cake with Austiz.

Liz astounded JMac would 'tell' about their 5-person alliance/deal. Yup, whether you are OTB or not, you need to keep your mouth shut... so the AusTwins (and Vanessa) stay safe.

IAgirlsmom said...

O.M.Gosh! The spin on the truth this season has me about speechless. The Austwins have a deal with everyone once or twice in some combo or another - but Austin blows one up by putting 2 of them from the same "deal" OTB and Liz is enraged? How can she blame JMac when he outs an alliance that totally deceived him? One that he was so happy to get invited too in the first place?
Maybe I just don't understand after all these year, but I think JMac was totally the victim here. He is only guilty of believing them. That they can see it any other way confounds me. They totally took advantage of him and then are mad that he is acting out.
I used to think it was Steve that they were dangling the "in crowd" to, but now I thinks it's JMac too.
*sigh* No way could I play this game.

David said...

We have a long way to go until Thursday. I am glad the noms stayed the same. I am sure the target will switch back and forth a couple of hundred times before eviction day depending on how Vanessa perceives each one of them doing something.

JMac snored louder than normal last night, he must be after me. Oops, Steve ate a different kind of cereal this morning, he must go now. JMac got yelled at by BB to put on his mic, he is plotting against me, he must go. Steve made another very bad joke that fell flat, it is a clue and he must go. JMac looked at the duck in the pool, he must go. Steve failed to put up the hood on his hoodie, he must now go. etc. And on and on it goes.

I would prefer Steve goes out on Thursday myself. That boy needs a good slap in the face to wake him up about how they were just using him.

Since James is staying this week, I want Jackie to come back and for them to win HoH and start ripping the other side apart.

Anonymous said...


You are too funny, however you have Ms Paranoid down to a tee. lol, I'm with you I just want someone to get her out quick.

monty924 said...

Have to agree with uncartie. This year's cast has it all over last season's. Derrick was the only real gamer last year and everyone came in gaming this season.

Sharon N said...

lol David!
That does seem to be the way they choose who should be evicted... over silliness.
I'd prefer Steve gone over JMac also.

What's everyone's thoughts re: the who will be on the returning player's hit list?
Here's my thoughts:
-I'd also like to see Jackie return, team up with James/Meg and JMac (if he stays) and finally get out Vanessa/Aus/Liz.
-Becky's "me-ism" was hard to take, but she'd still team up with James/Meg and go after Vanessa.
-I'm not sure about Shelli, but she realized Vanessa instigated everyone's eviction, including her's, but that might not stop her from teaming up with Vanessa.
-JMac would team up with James/Meg and be out for blood: the color of Van/AusLiz.
-Never know about Steve. If evicted, he might go after AusTwins/Vanessa, or he still might remain in lala land. @@

Chacha said...

I want either Becky or Jackie to come back. That would be the worst for Vanessa and the Austwins.

I want Steve gone just to piss off the twins.

I will say that I like watching the goblins/austwins interactions.

Chacha said...

I really can't take Shelli and don't want to see her go after my comdedy relief James.

Sharon N said...

James really does provide comedy relief, and Meg is a great sidekick.
Aushole wants to keep James/Meg around because... they are fun! @@ Great thinking there. Let's hope James "funs" that crew right to Jury!!

uncartie said...

Congratulations to Julia. She's just moved down to the 15th spot on Jokers,meaning the Austwin 3 now occupy the bottom 3 rungs of the fan favorites ladder.

Nickelpeed said...

Crap, I do not want JMac to leave. If JMac and Becky had gone with the other crew earlier, they might be in a better position. UGH

~~Silk said...

I just watched Wil Heuser's latest on Youtube, and you know how at the end Youtube offers you 9 suggested videos related to what you just watched? Well I was offered 8 more BB videos, and ... Danger Dolan's video "15 Biggest Traitors Throughout History"! Cracked me up.

Cheryl in NC said...

Its going to suck if Jmac goes home this week,but I just dont see any other outcome. However with Vanessa I could be wrong. If Vanessa were smart she would team up with one would ever suspect thinking

Witt said...

David 5:01 is brilliant....and hilarious!!!

David said...

I wish I could tell them in there to use Vanessa's paranoia for some fun. If everyone got together and came up with a strange hand gesture or movement to use anytime Vanessa walks by or is near them to each other without saying anything it would drive her completely bonkers. Anything happening that she does not know about already does that and that would drive her over the edge. =)

Sharon N said...

David has an evil streak! LMAO
Seriously, with James' affinity for pranks, seems like something like that would be right up his alley.

JonMD1267 said...

Oooohhhhhh mmmmyyyyyy ggggoooosssshhhh lol