Monday, August 24, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, PoV Meeting - August 24

Entertainment Boy safe this week

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Kerfuffles:
  • Vanessa did NOT use the veto -- either Steve or Johnny Mac will go out this week.
  • Johnny Mac went to Vanessa telling her that Steve orchestrated a five-person alliance against her.
  • Vanessa blew up at Steve who hemmed and hawed when confronted.
  • She screamed at him that he's lost her vote.
  • Steve immediately kind of called out Austin in public and Austin could only say that he (Austin) didn't orchestrate it.
  • Liz and Julia are mad at Johnny Mac for telling Vanessa about the alliance.
  • Steve is befuddled.
  • Austin talked to Johnny Mac and JM said he'd go to Vanessa and tell her they were all a part of it and Steve didn't start it.
  • @@
  • Austin told him he ought to work things out with the twins instead.
  • Austin is laying all the nominations blame on Vanessa.
  • That's even though we all know he wasn't going to backdoor her anyway.
  • But he's acting to both Johnny Mac and Steve as if he was going to do it.
  • The twins want to convince Vanessa to keep Steve as they think that James and Meg will vote Steve out.
  • They need three votes.
  • It's a mess.
  • And, it all could change (and be a bigger mess) by Thursday.

You've lost my vote, Steve!

What are we going dooooo?

You made Liz and Julia mad

It's all Vanessa ...


Sharon N said...

Wait till Vanessa finds out Aushole is putting NOMs all on her!
Even though it is all her doing...

JonMD1267 said...

I do love how everyone blames Vanessa even though they are HOH or have power and then just see something shiny and forget it until the next time. It's like hocking shampoo bottle lather rinse repeat ha

Sharon N said...

Oh man, I hope James wins next HOH... he wants to target Austin & Liz!!!

Sharon N said...

Geez. I hope JMac is feeding Vanessa a line and really isn't planning to team up with her...if he stays.
At this point, it looks like James is right...he needs JMac gone.
But for a different reason than them both being good at the same kind of comps!

David said...

I don't know Sharon, it is hard to tell what JMac is thinking as they have never kept the camera on him long enough to get a good read on him.

I think whoever comes back as long as it is not Steve or JMac if voted out this week will poison the well as they say against Vanessa and possibly the Austwins. Vanessa's worst nightmare, someone who doesn't care what she says and doesn't even want to hear it from her.