Saturday, August 22, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Saturday - August 22

Finally, it's the smaller table.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Someone Has to Go:
  • Despite the tension in the house, they're still having fun with chocolate throwing fights and their "Cooking Show."
  • That's a good thing.
  • One thing about this cast is that it seems the majority of them will probably keep in touch after leaving the house. No one really seems to "hate" each other.
  • That's not good in the fact that we lack real brouhahas and there's no chance of fisticuffs or arrests!
  • Heehee.
  • In a long talk to us from bed (they're no John and Yoko), Austin explained his plans.
  • They told both Steve and Johnny Mac they're pawns.
  • They told Johnny Mac there's a backdoor plan.
  • Vanessa is NOT a backdoor plan and Austin will not be putting her on the block.
  • Steve would be their second choice to leave.
  • At the moment, Johnny Mac is their first target -- mainly because they don't really have him figured out.
  • I don't think anyone other than perhaps Becky had John figured out.
  • What the Austwins (which, right now is more just John and Yoko ... er, Austin and Liz) don't have is a real contingency plan if the veto is used.
  • They're thinking that they'd put Meg up and have the votes to keep her.
  • Steve, after his bit of a fall from grace yesterday, seems the lesser target once again.
  • But if Johnny Mac saves himself, Steve will be in trouble.
  • Both Steve and Johnny Mac have a knack for winning veto when needed.
  • But, obviously, there are no ties in Big Brother.
  • If someone doesn't rise up soon to break up the twins, I can see them as the final two.
  • Not too bright of a cast this year to let such a strong bond stay.

He'll stay if he stays.

Shrewd, but can she beat The Three?

Explaining plans to us.

More cooking fun


Cheryl in NC said...

I said ot on the last post but it looks like reality is Austin wont put Vanessa so I really hope she wins next HOH because I think she might just have the sense to breakup that 3 some and ..haha.. that would be just what they deserved for keeping her these last 2weeks.

I really hope Jmac pulls out the vetwo win...I would hate to see him go!

Cheryl in NC said...

Geez I really shouldn't type before I have had my is autocorrect when you need

~~Silk said...

Vanessa doesn't lie as much as she misrepresents. She will volunteer information to someone, and then later claim that that person had asked about it out of the blue. You could say to her, "Nice day, isn't it?", and she'll claim you copped an attitude with her. Her paranoia causes her to interpret incidents and conversations somewhat differently from what actually happened. She tends to hear what her paranoia tells her to hear. I think the green hat is whispering in her ear.

JonMD1267 said...

The only thing this means for us is that you know production will haul out this twin thing again considering how far these two have gone and being so close now and looking good for a possible final two.

Petals said...

What did Steve do? You references his "fall from grace". Since I don't watch feeds - as I am not fond of watching Skinemax - I have no idea what happened with Steve yesterday.

I agree Silk re Vanessa, except I do think she has absolutely, deliberately lied.

And I also totally believe that she has promised various things to ALL the houseguests, but they all know better than to say it out loud (except when Austin slipped-up and told Steve).
Apparently, these conversations - including her admission of her real job and net worth - happen while the music is playing.
Some people will say, "oh no! Vanessa knows that to offer gifts is against the rules!" Yeah, she knows the rules and she also knows how to go around them. Why do you think she is always asking the DR for the BB Rule Book?

Jon - oh no, I sure hope not. It's too cheesy. lol

uncartie said...

Sat 11:48 AM BBT Austin says that's why it's good having Vanessa in the house because the returning jurors will go after her first.
Nope! Sorry genius but Becky has already said in her exit w/Julie that she would go after Liz. Shelli would probably go after James for lying to her in HOH comp. Now Jackie has had a hard on for Vanessa ever since Jeff left. However she's sitting in jury due to Steve. She's also the weakest of the 3 in comps.
Evictee #4 is going home courtesy of you!

Sharon N said...

Petals, I think Steve's fall from grace was when he wouldn't readily agree to being a pawn along with JMac (who also thinks he's a pawn). @@ Vanessa got in Austin's ear last, saying Steve isn't a team player (even tho she won't volunteer for the job 'this week' [really, not any week]), so Steve ended up along with JMac anyway.

I agree that Vanessa lies, and she knows it. But she's good at screaming 'foul' when she's caught. The secret to lying is deny-deny-deny and then make up a new one!

AusTwins are so afraid Vanessa will reveal their secrets that they let her get away with it... to stay safe. @@ At the moment, the only secret they really have is they have separate alliances with everyone.

How long before people wait to talk with each other?
Probably until the twins (or Vanessa/1 twin) are sitting in the final 2 chairs?

Sharon N said...

I'm not too sure who Shelli would go after. Could be James or Vanessa.
True, James did lie to her, BUT in the Jury House reveal, the light came on about Vanessa being behind everything during her talk with Jackie.
So.... might she might go for Vanessa.

Anonymous said...

These people are so boring! I hope Becky comes back and goes for the twins!! Liz specifically and keep Austin in the game until the end as a pawn. No one would vote for him and anyone could win against him. I hope they have more interesting people and not because it is politically correct. Could we get Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in here next season. Man that would be a show!! Whoo whoo! LOL

Sharon N said...

In the popularity pole, Aushole been dead last at #17 since Day 37... except for ONE day... Day 58. What could have possibly happened on that day to give him a ONE-day bump from his steady-as-he-goes #17, all the way up to #16? lol

Anonymous said...

The funniest part is he thinks he is soooo "marvelous darling" and doesn't have a clue he is so in the dumpster. He would go to the final two thinking he could win. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Petals said...

from Jokers:

Austin thinks they definitely went to Austin/Liz's hometown "because we're running the house. The whole show is us."


Sharon N said...

^^^ yep ^^^

monty924 said...

Austin just now called to DR. Could finally be veto players pick??? They've done evening veto's with Zingbot ever since the gal almost had a heat stroke in the costume in S14. Can't wait for the Wednesday show now, LOL.

Marybeth said...

I am far from a Vanessa fan, but I must say, she deserves a few props for being able to continue to save herself over and over. She has found everyone's weaknesses and is using it. I really don't get how these houseguests thought it was good to let the twins in.

Petals said...

OMG, I'd almost forgotten that, Monty! Wasn't that she same year that there was a "Baby Bot"?

monty924 said...

I think so, but can't remember. I know it was Brittany's second season with Ian because Brit described "HER", lol. It was comical that we assumed it was a man inside the suit before that.

monty924 said...

Players picked: Vanessa, Meg and Julia

Sharon N said...

JMac keeps telling Steve they are ok and can trust the AusTwins. Surely he doesn't really believe that? Or maybe he's saying that in hopes Steve will throw it, but I don't think Steve has any intention of throwing this comp.

Anonymous said...

I will be willing to bet if either Jackie or Becky come back into the house they would most definitely go after Vanessa. oh I pray that either one of them come back just to make the game more interesting. I do believe James is not afraid of Vanessa, these dummies allowing the Austwins to remain in the house is just ludicrous. It's not that Vanessa is so smart, shrewd and find a way to keep them from putting her on the block, they just don't know how to play the game they are like I said a bunch of idiots. Steve is non-significant, Jmac wants to be a comedian, Meg is a perpetual floater, just can't win a comp to save her life, so who ever. should take Meg to the end, the three who thinks they're running the house now are delusional thinking they don't really need to get rid of Vanessa YET. Vanessa is running the house, because she in there with a bunch of losers. because it's for sure if she gets a chance to get at least one of the three stooges (Austwins) out when they get down to the last four of five she will, Why are they worried about blood on their hands at this stage in the game.

David said...

Steve pointed out to the Austwins the folly of keeping Vanessa but with their empty heads the information just flowed right back out of their ears. So Steve knows but he is such a wimp that if he got the chance he would crumble and make the worst nominations possible again for his own game.

The one thing I can say about the twins going this far in the game is anyone with any sense in future seasons will not allow it to happen again. Unless we get a bunch of idiots again that is. =)

If Vanessa would stop talking game for 5 minutes I could like her and her game play, but it just will not stop and she just talks in circles constantly about it. What I like about Meg is she can take a joke and is good-natured about it all. If you tried anything on Victoria last year she would look at you sideways and not get the joke.