Sunday, August 23, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Sunday, Power of Veto - August 23

But, is his mind racing?

Oh my. I didn't really see that one coming. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Zingle and Ready to Mingle:
  • Blocked to the feeds, the comp was a mixture of the Zingbot and face morph.
  • Apparently Meg did horribly and was crying when the feeds came back.
  • That made Austin and company worry that she doesn't trust them not to put her up if the veto is used.
  • First, she shouldn't worry -- Vanessa isn't planning on using it.
  • Second, they shouldn't worry -- I think the stress and doing so poorly on every comp in the book is getting to Meg in addition to the Zingbot zings. She can get a bit teary anyway. I don't think she's all that worried about being evicted. She told Vanessa it's because she feels like a "total ditz" on the show.
  • Yeah, she is a bit of a ditz. But she's very likable and personable. That's far more than some past (and maybe present) hamsters.
  • It's Steve and John who should be worried. One will definitely go home this week.
  • So, now we have the big conundrum in front of us -- which one to send home? Steve or Johnny Mac?
  • I can see this quandary being discussed and dissected until Thursday.
  • While Vanessa has been pushing for a Steve ouster (and still is), I did catch her saying that he'll be out next week when she wins HoH.
  • Hmm.
  • Heh. Liz won't talk about her zing and it was mentioned it's a sore point. It has to be about her using/being with Austin, methinks.
  • They keep going back and forth over who will go. Ack. I can see these revolving door conversations going on for days!
  • I might just have to go join Meg in a good cry!
  • The zings included ones about Vanessa crying so much, Steve being a "nerd dude," James living in the "friend zone" and some kind of reference to Austin's (at home) girlfriend. Eep.
  • The latest on which should go home is Vanessa saying that she knows Steve is loyal to Austin and should be kept.
  • Round and round it goes.
  • Steve kept reading what looked like his HoH letter from home (from his short reign).
  • They're all in bed as I get this posted.

Will this week be his last?

Watching "Netflix" (HoH spy cam)

Johnny Mac approaching the Twins

Steve lied to me!

Talking mostly about Steve

In deep thought


Terry is a Texan! said...

oh my gosh unholy smoke. vanessa? eek! That girl is being left to be the winner, silly hampsters she is outplaying all of you.

Ed in Ohio said...

They all are & have been so concerned with & focused on Vanessa, she is just one person geeesh!

Have any of these hamsters (past & present) considered the Austwins threesome? These 3 are going to skate to the end. BORING!!

Jackie said...

Ed - James has certainly thought of it. But he's lost all of his stronger allies. While Meg is a dear, she's no back-up for him. He needs to win HoH or, at least, Jackie or Becky would have to return from jury so he has help. If it comes down to it, I think Vanessa would be smart enough to turn on Austwins if the numbers are way down. She knows none of them would take her in the end. She may not need the money, but she would revel in a win of the game.

Anonymous said...

The smartest move for the Austwins is to Bd James, the only one capable of breaking them up, so they probably wont.


uncartie said...

Jackie,The win is far more important than the money to Vanessa. She'd make a side deal in a heartbeat if it meant that she'd win.

Sun 2:39 AM BBT Liz: "I'm too stupid for this show."

Ed in Ohio said...

Thanks for your comment Jackie. I agree whole heartedly. I've actually done a 180 on Vanessa and am now pulling for her to break up the trio.

As for James I do give him, Becky, & Jackie (the hamster) credit for at least trying but that "side of the house" never seemed to be on the same page.

Sharon N said...

Unfortunately, the other side of the house began on the same page as James. But then Vanessa was able to 'fold the corners' and, somehow, the page started looking like it should be turned later. It's always manjana. @@

Sharon N said...

Vanessa has done her snow-balling discussion with JMac.
I think it's possible she might take him down and try to convince Austin to put up James.

David said...

I predicted that might happen a few posts back. Everyone knows Vanessa needs to go to further their own games but they keep sending out the people who are willing to do it, with a lot of coxing from Vanessa. If James does go then I think I would rather see Shelli come back as that would insure the group has to start eating their own and things could get interesting. If James stays then I want Jackie to come back to give them a fighting chance.

monty924 said...

Haven't been on the feeds since I went to bed, so thank you Jackie and all of you updaters for the info. I'm worried about James now. He's really grown into my favorite this season despite my rooting for the Austwins/pool girl. I'd definitely vote him or Meg AF. May not make the party tonight, but I'll catch up later.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Vanessa fan but I am hoping she uses the veto on Johnny. He is the only one that I am rooting to win. I think it has gotten to the point that I am rooting for Vanessa over Austin and the twins. Liz, Julia and Austin are just too much for me to root for. I won't watch if it is those three in the end. Can't root for Meg either. Sorry to say but she sucks. Zoe in California

Sharon N said...

Zoe, I couldn't vote for Meg to win either, but I could vote for either Meg or James as AF. James is still my fav to win, but I doubt he'll get much further... unless Jackie comes back in. How odd is it for Vanessa to be paranoid-ing over Meg? LOL