Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 25

It's making me pull my hair outuuuh!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Workin' Things Out:
  • When I last left you, Vanessa was all kinds of mad at Steve because Johnny Mac told her Steve orchestrated a five-person alliance against her.
  • Of course, things are different now.
  • This is BB17.
  • Steve is no dummy. He often just plays one in the house. He knows that his relationship with Vanessa has been rocky all along and, more that a few times, she's wanted him out.
  • He has a lot of damage control ahead. 
  • He also knows the Austwins are closer with him and trust him more than they do Johnny Mac.
  • His one game feather in the cap to "prove his loyalty" is that he got their nemesis Jackie out during his short-lived HoH reign.
  • In talking with Austin, Vanessa has decided that Steve has too much dirt on them to go now, so she needs to play nice with him.
  • And 'round and 'round it goes.
  • Meanwhile, James told Meg that it's best Johnny Mac goes because he's his main competition for the kind of competitions he does well.
  • Got that? In other words, the physical comps -- to James, Johnny Mac is more of a threat to him than is Steve. I believe he's giving Steve the fact that he'd win the remembering stuff comps over either of them.
  • Meg, being Meg, isn't sure who she wants out.
  • Steve and Vanessa had a talk during which he used the confusion over dates card about when the alliance was formed.
  • In actuality, he's protecting Austin and company. He can't come out and say it was Austin and him forming the alliance -- then he'd have everyone mad at him.
  • But, whether she's just playing nice or whether she's changed her mind (again), she and Steve mended fences.
  • With the accusations that Steve and Johnny Mac have a final two deal, Steve denied it was such. He said they had a team, not an alliance. And, they called themselves Rock Stars because they're both musicians.
  • Austin kept insisting that the team was a final two alliance because you don't make a bond like that without it being one.
  • Hmm. What would you call what Austin has? A final three deal, leaving both Steve and Vanessa in the dust.
  • Hmm.
  • Anyway, things are back to Johnny Mac probably being voted out three-two.
  • We still have a few days.

Steve, Johnny Mac, Vanessa pow-wow

Don't lie to me!

Vanessa and Steve smooth things over

Back in



ceemurph said...

You know, every year a bunch of people say how the cast is so boring and the comps are so boring and it sux more than ever. I have never felt that. Ever. Until this year.
I even missed watching the OTEV episode and erased it from my dvr without caring. I just don't care. This season there's no one really worth watching for me, and they've been so consistent in their game week after week that there are no surprises and no reason to watch. I feel sad I hope next year is better. At least we have Jackie and Jokers ❤️

Chacha said...

I have to say last week when Liz won I began feeling that way.
When Austin won I felt it even more.
Once Vanessa won POV my heart sunk that James would be put up when
Austin kept saying we need a reason to put him up.
I told my husband I was done.
I barely watched the episode Sunday with the exception of James/Meg DR
I hope that James or even Meg(lol) win HOH this Thursday. I love the talk of James
saying he would put up Austin and a twin. At least he is thinking.
I hate saying who I want to win HOH or POV because it always seems to send bad JU JU

IAgirlsmom said...

I started off the year pretty excited until, like Chacha said, Liz' HOH and then Austins. Vanessa with the POV topped the cake. Just made me kinda blue. I am hopeful that the re-entering jury member brings enough excitement that I'm interested again.
Have they ever done America's Choice for that? Or always a comp?

uncartie said...

I wasn't even going to watch this year. After last year I had had it. Watching the TV episodes felt like doing homework. The only bright spot was this blog and the jokes we all shared.

I decided I would take a very close look at the cast members this year to see if there was anyone I'd be the least bit interested in. When I saw Vanessa and after reading her biography I was hooked. I had watched "The Apprentice" for the first time a few years ago when they had pro poker player Annie Duke in the cast and I knew from watching her that Vanessa would be worth watching. She certainly hasn't let me down.

Even though the cast is better than last year if Vanessa goes,I go. I simply have no interest in the rest of these people.

Why? As Chacha pointed out "Once Vanessa won POV my heart sunk that James would be put up when Austin kept saying we need a reason to put him up."
NO! You don't need a god damn reason! The object of the game is to eliminate players that are a threat to your game! Period!! James can win physical comps and could beat Austin in an endurance comp. There's your reason.

Instead they need a "reason" and then they'll have to talk to everyone to make sure they're on board,yada,yada,yada. What's next? Group therapy? Then they go home on a ? to 0 vote. I'm sick of this "do what the house wants" mentality. Love her or hate her,Vanessa is playing the game like it should be played. Thinking ahead,eliminating her enemies pure and simple and too freakin bad if someone's feelings get hurt.

Thoughts anyone?

Chacha said...

IAgirlsmom- they always do a comp for returning jury member.
I also said I wanted it to be a vote from America. I kept looking
at cbs BB feeds to see if I could vote on that. Why would we want to
vote on hide and seek or cinnamon rolls.

Chacha said...

If Shelli does enter the house it would be interesting to see her dynamic with Vanessa and Austin. I believe that is when Vanessa would get Sheeli(if she won HOH) to target Austin and the twins.
I really don't want Shelli back

Judi Sweeney said...

At least Shilli got people out and pissed people off!!! She and Becky went after their targets and were willing to get blood on their hands! Personally, I am so tired of watching the immature, whining twins with their self proclaimed America's favorite player... I am rooting for ANYONE to take them out!!! I will be so glad to see Vanessa, Steve/JMac, James, Meg and whoever returns TURN on Austwins... That whining I will be willing to listen to!!!

Sharon N said...
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Sharon N said...

That post was convoluted, I had to start over!! lol

I want someone, besides Becky, to go after Vanessa.
However, it's more important to break up the AusLiz pair... perferably, Liz gone.
With Liz gone, Aushole would be severely/permanently wounded. Ha!
JMO, but Julia doesn't count for much... unless Liz stays and Aushole is gone.

With that 3-some split, Vanessa's gaggle would be broken as well, leaving her weak(er). Especially when those who are feeling 'forced' to join 'her side' feel it's a better plan to flip and get her out (Steve and/or JMac come to mind).

At this point, I have a mental conflict over who I'd like to see win.
Vanessa has been stellar in her play and is most deserving.
But I'd rather see James win... just cause.

Chacha said...

Sharon N-

In a few interviews with Shelli she stated that her targets would be James, Austin and Vanessa. If she hooks back up with Vanessa then they will target James.

I would prefer Jackie or Becky. I want to keep James/Meg safe for another week or so.

This all hinges on who enters and then who wins HOH Thursday

If Austin voted out next week that leaves Vanessa to take his spot.
First take out a twin, preferably Liz. then there is Vanessa, Julia and Austin.
Julia doesn't like Austin to begin with.

I want James to win it all but that seems unlikely.
Vanessa who I loved Pre Season is one of the only people actually playing. I do believe James is playing in his own strange way.
Liz, Julia, and Meg are all a bit lost.

Vanessa who is my pick in the pool is still in this thing. I think this is the farthest I have ever gone!

monty924 said...

There hasn't been an America's vote for the revive a hamster since S6 with Kaysar. That was the pre-Grodner era of BB though. Since then, the only returnees have been jurors and it's been a comp to get back in.

I guess I'm the oddball of this group because I don't think this season has been boring at all. Just the opposite and I'm still loving it. To break up the Austin's Angels, you have to put Austin and Liz on the block against each other so only one of them can be saved and then you put Vanessa up as a replacement. Julia would save Liz over Austin. Austin would stupidly use veto on Liz and then you just put Julia up against him.

It probably will be James who takes the shot at them and even I would cheer that (pool pick and all). I like James in this final eight.

Sharon N said...

Kaysar was one of my favorites. Seemed like a really nice guy, and the fact that he was a hunk didn't hurt! lol

I know it's unlikely for him to win, but...

monty924 said...

Me too, Sharon. Another bit of trivia... Kaysar went out the same week both seasons, 6 and 7 and I think it was his birthday or something both times. Rotten luck he had :((

Chacha said...

Monty 924-

James stated last night to Meg that he wants to take a stab at Austin/Liz if he wins HOH this week.
I agree you need to put Austin and Liz up together. That would be a split vote, not a house vote.
for example-
James- HOH
Austin/Liz -NOM
Vanessa- POV
Julia, Steve, Meg,Vanessa and returning HG vote. its a toss up as to who would go. one would think the twin would go but we aren't so sure.
I would think that Vanessa would not use POV because she would know that the other twin would go up. She wants that threesome broken up with soon and I think she wants Austin to go even though she tells him different. She feels she can control the twins.

monty924 said...

Agree, Chacha. It's definitely a toss up who would go out of any combination of them, but one of them would be gone. I agree with everyone here that you have to break up that threesome somehow and add in a fourth with Vanessa. It's the only way the others will survive.

Sharon N said...

No doubt Vanessa could control the twins... they aren't the brightest bulbs!
She's already shown she can control Aushole with insinuation and paranoia.
Even if Liz was evicted, I think Vanessa could still control Aushole, and Julia... even though She could even lead Julia, though Julia would want to drop him like the not so hot meadow-muffin that he is.

Sharon N said...

What a memory, I think you're right that he was evicted both times on the week of his birthday! Very likable guy... wonder whatever happened with him.

monty924 said...

If Liz were voted out first, Austin would pull a Lawan just to get to jury with her. @@

monty924 said...

He's a love sick fool...

JonMD1267 said...

I may not always like the casts each year and would like them to diversify it instead of the normal cookie cutter types the cast each year but I don't think I will ever not watch BB. This years cast has had its moments but I don't hate any of them and have enjoyed watching them. Vanessa alone is worth watching how she can flip the script and has avoiding das boot almost from the get go. I really enjoy at this point hearing how Austin thinks he will be adored and is so popular lol. I have also taken to talking like the twins lol. I do like I have my like James and am sure he will get fan favorite and am pulling for Jackie to roll back in Thursday.

JonMD1267 said...

I fn messed up the wording as you can see in the post and I'm not typing that all again so sorry about that lol

Sharon N said...

I had a feeling someone was going to get hurt with all that chocolate throwing going on.
And the one that hit Meg was very close to her eye.

Throwing stuff around in the house and the general rough-housing reminds me of when sis and I were young. Mom would always say, "If you girls don't stop that fooling around, someone's gonna end up crying!" Moms are so smart... and everyone knows they have eyes/ears at the backs of their heads too! lol

monty924 said...

I get ya Jonnnnuhh. I'm the same way. Sharon, it happen right after BBAD went off last night. It's like it's all fun until someone gets hurt, lol. It wasn't serious, it did make a pockmark and it left a bruise. They have a rule during their "chocolate wars" and it is nothing above the neck but it was bound to happen. Austin was actually the guilty thrower, but she was bent over and everyone was pelting at her and his happened to hit her right around her beauty mark mole on the left eye. She kept ice on it all night hoping to not have a black eye on Thursday. She went in the DR this morning and had it looked at and they said something like 'well you do always play hard'. They're all adults and if you play, you pay. My dad always told me that. Dads are smart too, LOL.

ceemurph said...

^^^all that^^^ and this idea that "they didn't congratulate me after..." And "they didn't come up to talk to me when..." That's never been an expectation. These HGs have no idea.

Anonymous said...

so whatever happened to the BB Takeover this summer?
3 weeks and...?

Sharon N said...

Anon, that was it. 3 weeks and...
It died on the vine.

Cheryl in NC said...

@ monty and Sharon...Kayser was one of my faves ...way to nice for this game ..buts definately easy on the eyes.. :-) One of my favorite seasons with him Janelle and Howie!

I have to agree Vanessa is playing this game way better than the rest of the group,though I am not a fan. Too many out and out lies for me. I would love to see James win this thing but he is going to need some help with Jackie or whoever comes back in. Unfortunatelly the chance of Meg winning anything is slim to none. If he were to win the next hoh and guns for the Austwins...he will need someone on his side to win the next week when he cant play and right now hes got nada..hahaha...but hey go James for the win!!

Sharon N said...

Cheryl, love your 'vacancy' avatar! LOL

At this point, Steve is promising the world (Vanessa) loyalty. But he's an odd kid and pretty hard to read, so he might be lying to her and hoping to turn it all around.

JMac hasn't been promising much of anything to anyone.
Mostly confounding them all by saying things like, "I don't care" or making off the wall quips while OTB.. which blows them all away. LOL

I'm really really hoping for someone to come back in and align with James.
He needs the help, or he's going to have to win HOH and POVs from now on!!

Nickelpeed said...

I don't want JMac gone. Dang it. I like him a lot better than Steve. I'm sad. I'll be home tomorrow night, but not Thursday. I'll sneak a look at my phone.

IAgirlsmom said...

So, this week couldn't work with Austin as HOH, but why isn't Vanessa aligning with James/Meg. She must think that when one of the Austwins go, she'll move up the totem pole? I know it's a numbers game for her these last 2 HOHs, but at some point, like soon, she has to jump ship. Right?
Kudos to her for being the master manipulator she is, but I have trouble routing for her. I liked JMac, but think he's going. Really I'm for anyone other than Liztin and Julia by default.

Sharon N said...

No clue if this is true, but maybe Vanessa has been blowing comps... because she thinks she can snow AusTwins (worked so far), and has a better chance of beating them than James (Meg doesn't count, poor thing).

Vanessa has been practicing 'Days' with AusTwins, but I think her mind is a steel trap and suspect she's feeding some bad info to them.

uncartie said...

Meg doesn't like Vanessa and James is her puppy. Vanessa has tried to be nice to her but she's set in stone now. She's probably still sore about Jason. ("Why wasn't I told." whah,whah,whah)

Best line of the day I saw on another site...

Vanessa regarding Becky.."What did she think she was signing up for? The F'n Partridge Family?"

Sharon N said...

I can't help wonder how Vanessa will react when/if she gets put OTB.
Whether her paranoia is an act or not, I think she will be a total basket case while OTB. If, by some weird fluke, she gets voted out, I'm just as sure she'll be a good sport and stay classy with Julie... just like everyone else.

As tiresome as Becky's stories got, she grew in my view when she went out on a positive note. She didn't say anything negative, even about Vanessa's exit message to her...and even agreed.

Petals said...
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Petals said...
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Petals said...

Thanks for the updates, Jackie. I cannot watch feeds, so I rely on you & Jokers for any hi- & lo-lights.
CeeMurph - I agree. I, too, am apathetic about this season. I am not excited about watching a high school hallway (which this has become, IMO. All the stereotypes are there).
Uncartie - I loathe Vanimal so much for so many things, her game-play doesn't faze me. I am always too distracted by her green beanie and/or her acne. Then I remember that she is a lounge lizard, and she looks exactly like a person with that lifestyle should look.
Re KING KAYSAR - he is doing fine and still living in California. He is a graphic designer with Facebook (of all places) and still looks amazing! You can follow him on Twitter @Kaysar Ridha

Aushole & Skiz in the HoH for another week have become too much - the MGM (mutual gratification maneuvers) are disgusting, and they never seem to stop. The other day, I saw him slide-in (to the bed) while she was napping, he woke her up, got his handy, then she rolled over & tried to go back to sleep. And that was in the middle of the afternoon! It's just too much. At least McCranda did it in the middle of the night.
OH! And, in keeping with his sophomoric seduction techniques, he actually asks Liz, "Will you be my girlfriend"! I was completely expecting him to pass her a note
that said 'WILL YOU GO STEADY WITH ME? CHECK ONE: YES [ ] or NO [ ]'

And he keeps referencing all the "good TV" he is making. Is he talking about his eyes rolling back into his skull when they MGM? ICK. Just like that letter he wrote his girlfriend, he mentioned "I'm going on the show to make business contacts so that I can earn money". He is unemployed and unemployable, yet HE HAD THE AUDACITY (key phrase this season) to take jabs at Johnny Mac being a dentist? The gall! He is a bouncer in bars, who lives with his mother just like Jason - at least Jason had a job. GRRRR

You all know how much I loathe Vanimal & Aushole, mostly for things beside the game. They are despicable people, IMO. I love that their ugly outsides reflect their ugly insides.
Well, the twins seem to have been raised right, with proper table manners & decent everyday etiquette, but they also have an evil streak that keeps slipping-out when they can't control themselves. Like we didn't know it was there, LOL

I'll watch the show tonight, mostly for you guys, but also to hear the ZING about Aushole's smell. BWhahahahahaha
Hey - it's National Dog Day, so I say let's have a weenie roast! We can even make an effigy of Aushole out of weenies & burn his butt - seems fitting! YAY