Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 26

Vanessa attacked Steve ... for the HoH cam

Did you notice I didn't post last night? Well, they didn't give me a heck of a lot of fodder. One of the problems when the hamsters have been in the house this long and it's that three day lag between PoV meeting and eviction ... there's not much new ground for discussion. Of course, had there been a brouhaha or ax murder, I would have posted. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dwindling Days:
  • There were no ax murders.
  • BB doesn't allow them to have axes or even hatchets, most likely to keep them from becoming ax murderers or victims of such crimes.
  • While Vanessa is giving Steve noogies in the screen cap above, it was all for the HoH camera.
  • Those were fake noogies.
  • Leave it to BB to remind me that noogies even exist. Now I'll have childhood nightmares!
  • Despite many talks back and forth, it's still probable that Steve will stay by a vote of three (Vanessa, Liz, Julie) to two (Meg, James) or even that Meg and James or a combination thereof might flip.
  • Anyway, it's going to be Johnny Mac going out the door.
  • That's even though he agreed to a deal with the twins that if he remains and gets HoH, he'd go after whomever returned from the jury.
  • Liz and Julie were talking to Vanessa -- "We don't know anything about this game! We were recruited because we're twins!"
  • I wonder how BB decided which twin to feature in the "initial" hamster cast. Did they Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock it?
  • Julia pointed out that BB hasn't given them any more alcohol since Meg was hit in the eye during one of their chocolate wars.
  • I personally think that BB should give all Chocolate War participants penalties as chocolate, dear to me, was meant to be imbibed ... not thrown about like that!
  • After all, you could put an eye out with that stuff.
  • Austin prepared a pork dish, shared it and then said the pork expired last week, but still smelled good.
  • Heh. They almost choked.
  • He was kidding. But I have seen many cases of expired food in the house over the years.
  • Liz talked to Meg and James about their vote and the discussion turned to Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Had they added in Lizard, Spock ... it would have been something.
  • Meg and James wouldn't commit their votes to Steve and told him they'd let him know Wednesday night.
  • I still say three to two unless it gets into one of those house votes again.
  • I don't think there's much point in house votes at this time because the lines are clearly drawn.
  • We'll see. 

Meow James posed

Vanessa schemed

Johnny Mac was given false hope

Crowds gathered for tomfoolery

We don't know this game!


Cheryl in NC said...

lol@ we dont know this game..its pretty simple at this the last person standing as long its not beside Vanessa and you might win...hahahahaha

Chacha said...

Vanessa is crazy as I like to say but she is playing the game.
At this point she is playing both Jmac and Steve. She just wants
to cover her bases for whichever one stays and also get as much info as possible.
I am not sure he will stay, The twins really want him out. I don't think Austin convinced them yet.
Like I said on another site, I am praying that whatever John promises, if he stats he will go back on his word. I hope if he wins HOH he will nominate Vanessa/Austin and have Liz as a backup.

Sharon N said...

James may be more inclined to vote out JMac because he feels JMac is good at the same (physical) comps.
I say, it's a better plan to get out the guy who's good at the memory comps...if you KNOW you'll lose those! At least he'd have a fighting chance to win the physical comps.

Chacha said...

Meg and James both want to vote out Steve. They also believe that is what Vanessa plans on doing because of her outburst Monday.
If Jmac goes then James/Meg will know for sure that the twins are still with Vanessa.
Last night James made the comment that he believes they are all still working together.
I can't believe these hamsters are still all about the bigger target ahead of me to get out.
Once the returning Jury member comes back tomorrow night it will be a total game changer.
I am hoping that it is a luck of the draw to re enter but then endurance for the HOH

chrob61 said...

Chacha- I think the next HOH will be like last year, with an endurance comp up on a wall standing. The 4 returning players will be off to one side. Now I am not sure, but they had 2 winners. One was the last person standing of the returning 4, and then the overall winner would be HOH.

Also, I seem to remember something about immunity for the returning houseguest.

Sharon N said...

O.M.G. LMAO!!!!!

Julia: "White rice is made out of flour, right?"

uncartie said...

Immunity for the returning HG? Terrible idea. Why should they get a leg up on those who have not been evicted? I hate the whole twist of returning houseguests.

Meantime we have another brainiac in the house...
Wed 1:51 PM BBT Julia: "White rice is made out of flour, right?"@@

Sharon N said...

Just to show how disgusting Aushole really is...
He apparently told Liz the cameras/feeds aren't on after everyone is in bed with lights out. @@ No doubt so he could have his nooky movie time. There are no words...
The look on Liz's face when Steve said the cameras/feeds run 24/7 was... priceless.
So, mom and dad, guess your daughter is a "porn star" now! @@

monty924 said...

I can't remember if Nicole had one week of immunity after she came back in last season. Last season it was a crap shoot with them Nicole, Hayden, Zach and Jocasta sliding pucks into the center of a wheel thing. chrob61, I think you are thinking of S15 when Judd came back in. That was the wall challenge with him/Helen/Jessie and someone else on one side and the other houseguests on the other.

monty924 said...

*Candice was the fourth

David said...

lol Monty. It is funny how some BB players can make an impression on you and others can't. I could not remember Candice at all. Judd because he was a character, Helen because she lost by always saying the time is not right to make a move yet, Jessie because she had booty going on and kiss with Judd, but even after looking at Candice's picture online I can not remember anything she did. I remember the picture but nothing about her. =)

Sharon N said...

Pretty hard to forget someone like J.U. dubble D. JUDD
I can't remember Candice at all. eek

monty924 said...

Lol, David and Sharon... really!! I couldn't remember it at all. I think she was first to jury and left in the clown suit. She's the one that Aaryn gave such a hard time to (the racial stuff/"whatcha gonna do girl") That was the ugliest season of BB ever for me.

Sharon N said...

Yes!!! I think you're right Monty!
For me, the seasons all sort of blend together after a while.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I know, LOL. Me too about the majority of the cast(s) especially the ones who leave pre-jury. I honestly had even forgot all about who the Aaryn racial stuff was aimed at until I went to look up who the fourth person was. I have a lot of room for useless knowledge in my brain when it comes to BB, but I still have lapses about some of them :))

David said...

I must not have any room in my brain for useless BB information. It seems after the season is over most of the information is wiped from my brain. lol I have seen every season yet the knowledge someone like Steve or Jason has about the game astounds me. I guess it is just summer fun for me and when it's over I move on to something else until it returns again. =)

Sharon N said...

Glad to know it's not just me David! lol