Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - August 26

Liz in a quiet moment

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waiting for Thursday:
  • Gah. They slept in. Noon for them is 3pm for me!
  • They talked again of using Rock, Paper, Scissors for the vote.
  • I'd still be in on that if just one of them would add Lizard, Spock to it.
  • Austin thinks that Rock, Paper, Scissors would leave them blameless for the eviction.
  • @@
  • Damn, Austin. Take a real stand, will you! You're playing all namby-pamby. 
  • Vanessa is still preaching an anti-Steve sermon to whomever will listen.
  • Except Steve, that is.
  • However, Vanessa did tell James and Meg that no one should tell the nominees who they're voting for and just vote for who they want to leave.
  • (Of course, she thinks they both want Steve to leave.)
  • When cornered by Johnny Mac, Vanessa wouldn't tell him by name who she'd vote for. She talked a lot about having to work with others and watch her own game.
  • That, at this time, would mean a vote to keep Steve.
  • While the Austwins keep seeming to go back and forth over the vote, it does come down to the fact that none of them really have any relationship with Johnny Mac. They do have one with Steve.
  • Austin is trying to figure a way to get Johnny Mac out without Johnny Mac blaming him. Ah, blame Vanessa!
  • @@
  • Julia thinks white rice is made from flour.
  • Oh my. I'm speechless. Someone else comment on that, please.
  • James and Meg also talked Rock, Paper, Scissors (sans Lizard, Spock) for the vote. James wants a quarter with Steve and Johnny Mac's heads on either side for a coin toss.
  • What is going on with this crew?
  • Lots of talk back and forth only to conclude that Steve will stay (once again).
  • Yawnsers.

Vanessa's new hat

Breakfast at 1pm

As always, Vanessa on his shoulder

Should be staying ...

Should be going ...

Julia and the evil eye


Carol Calvin said...

Julia must wonder how they form the rice bits from the flour. Maybe it's like making pasta but it breaks up into little grains of rice!? Reminds me of Jessica Simpson and Chicken of the Sea being chicken instead of tuna.

Sharon N said...

^^^ LMAO ^^^

Sharon N said...

I can't figure out who James will choose to vote out. Last night, he was apparently telling Meg that JMac out would be better for his game because he and JMac are similar in physical comps. Steve would beat him on memory comps though.

I'm tempted to say, 'stick with the devil you know.' However, others here believe James will choose to vote out Steve, but if he and Meg go that way, the votes will be a clear 3/2... which would probably solidify Steve's relationship with Vanessa. :(

Never seen so many chicken-poop people, and Austin tops the list!

monty924 said...

James does have a point though about voting JMac out. Johnny Mac is really competition in the endurance and physical comps for James. James knows that he can't beat Steve, and just say Vanessa, Austin, and possibly the twins for the mental comps because they all Jedi Drill together. He's basically said I'm losing those comps and I can win the physical ones. I think James will vote JMac out. It's smart to and he knows that whoever comes back in would likely work with him and Meg. I want to see James/Meg/Steve and the returning hamster mount something substantial against the Austwins and Vanessa. That makes for an exciting game and more drama. I'm still rooting for Liz (only out of pool pick loyalty) but I'm really rooting for James :))

David said...

I think there is zero chance Steve will work with anyone but Vanessa and the twins no matter what happens. He has had no interest in even trying to work with anyone else. He still holds a grudge about them laughing at him when they said he listens in on their conversations more than the camera's, (which he did) and he can't get past it even if it takes him down.

No matter what happens tomorrow I want next week to be a very bad week for the Austwins. Even if they just have to sit on the block and Vanessa is backdoored as long as they have to worry all week would be fine with me.

monty924 said...

Can't say that I disagree with you David. Steve is a whipped pup at this point, but you never know. Say Jackie comes back in and teams up with Meg/James. If one of them win HOH, it's a different game. Even Steve would have to realize the advantage of breaking up the foursome. Let's not count him out just yet. Same thing with JMac. I think next week will set the rest of the season as far as who will be in the driver's seat going forward. Still lovin' this season :))

Sharon N said...

I hate to have Vanessa skate by for another week, but 2 of those AusTwins need to be OTB next...and the glue between Austin & Julia is Liz.

Without Liz, Austin won't care much if he goes to Jury. He's had his TV time (such as it is) and will want to "join" Liz for that "private play time" in Jury. Barf

Julia is a wash without AusLiz... though I think she would still work with Steve and Vanessa. But she would continue to be the Meg of their group.

Vanessa will still work with Steve and anyone else she can suck into her web.

Stormy said...

I have been watching BBAD tonight. I can understand why Meg and James is letting Austin and the twins dictate who can put up who next week, etc. Can they not COUNT and see that there is THREE of Austin's group and TWO of theirs? Vanessa, Meg, James and the remaining (John or Steve) should be working together. Austin thinks he can control everyones votes. At best Vanessa is 4th on their priority so she should be finding another team. All they will have to do is beat Liz and Julia next week and put one of their team up and break that threesome up. I do not understand why they are playing this way. After this week it will be to late to make a move because the numbers will be even. NOW NOW NOW is the time for the others to join forces.

David said...

Stormy, A lot depends on what happens tomorrow. It all depends on who comes back from jury and who wins HoH. James has already said he wants to go after the Austwins. But he is trying to hedge his bets in case Vanessa or one of the twins win HoH next and has been playing nice with them. It won't help if Vanessa or Steve (if still there) wins HoH. There is a lot riding on tomorrow and how the rest of the season will go. A good fight to the end, or the same predictable bull we have endured for weeks.

Stormy said...

Thank you David. That does make sense. I hope something changes because I am about to lose interest in the whole thing. Can not take much more of Austin and his superior attitude strutting around, bossing everyone, making others decisions for them and running after Liz like a dog going for well===enough said about that. You get my point.