Monday, August 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday into the Evening - August 17

Rowdy games inside

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Animal House Rejects:
  • Here's a shocker for you -- Liz did NOT use the Power of Veto and the nominations remain the same.
  • Do you need a moment to get over that unexpected news?
  • Heehee.
  • Vanessa hugged and otherwise sucked up to Liz for not backdooring her.
  • If only she knew that they just figured the next HoH would do that dirty deed.
  • Becky talked to (of all people) Johnny Mac about not knowing where she stands with Steve and how she might be able to work with him.
  • Huh? Ask the guy you're on the block with about working with someone he is friendly with? Why ever would her opposing nominee help with that? What sense does that make?
  • It sounds like Johnny Mac had a good speech, Becky not so much. That's in the PoV meeting which we're blocked, that is.
  • Vanessa thinks she's in like Flint with the Austwins bunch now.
  • She's not. 
  • They're just leading her along.
  • Austin and Liz do seem to want to keep Steve around. And, they want Steve to bring Johnny Mac aboard.
  • Y'know, if the house becomes one big alliance with one fake member (Vanessa), that's not such a good thing.
  • Becky pleaded her case with Austin and Liz.
  • They humored her. Their minds are already made up, but they'll take any info she can give.
  • Julia proposed keeping Becky this week and keeping Vanessa next week.
  • That got shot down.
  • Liz and Austin really really really want Johnny Mac to win HoH and send Vanessa packing under his reign. Really.
  • They can't do that if they boot him this week!
  • Game talk died down as they all had fun in the yard and pool.
  • Julia pushed Liz more and then Steve about voting out Johnny Mac this week.
  • No.
  • Ain't gonna happen, Julia.
  • ("The only person I don't care for in here is Johnny Mac," she says.)
  • The pork chops they were given for the Have Nots don't look too appetizing -- cut way thin.
  • The word is out how much Vanessa earns with poker and how she doesn't "need" the BB winnings monies.
  • Rowdy fun inside the house ensued.
  • Little or no game talk.
  • Well, Julia might be somewhere telling people how they need to get Johnny Mac out, I guess.

Um, I'll pass on the coffee, thank you.

Johnny Mac making faces

Steve eats dollar store pork chops

Thinking of his next prank?

Vanessa smiling and sans winter hat?


JonMD1267 said...

Sweet baby Jesus why isn't Austin wearing a) a hair net b) a hocking shirt while cooking lol

Monty sidebar: my headache is off the shnizzle from all those oooooohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ggggooosshhhh's going on lol

monty924 said...

LOL... I'm listening to JMac and Steve in the BY. Sounds like JMac doesn't want to necessarily take out Vanessa. Hmmmmm

monty924 said...

I do agree though about Austin. At least pull your freaking hair back like the girls have. UGH

Sharon N said...

Don'tcha know... his pony-tail beard, 'flowing locks,' and over-tatted body are all kinds of SEXY!!!!
(in his own mind)

monty924 said...

Julia told James earlier that he had to wear the kitty hat because if the judges find a hair, we're automatically disqualified. I guess Liz should have reminded Austin of that, LOL

~~Silk said...

In general I'm fine with tattoos (below the neck), but I intensely dislike Austin's tattoos. The branches and tendrils are interesting, but overall it looks muddy, grayed, faded, like the colors all ran together like old madras shorts. Somebody should tell him that when he runs around without a shirt and long pants, the sun will cause further fading.

Monty - what judges? Disqualified from what?

monty924 said...

Silk, the cooking show that they are putting on tonight. Becky and Meg are the judges because Steve, Vanessa and JMac are have nots. They are doing a BB version of Chopped, with team Liztin and team Julia/James. Three rounds, appetizers, entree and dessert.

At least they have fun and make the fun all on their own without help from BB. :))

Sharon N said...

They've been having a 3-part cooking contest tonight: Austin/Liz vs James/Julia.
Other hamsters are the judges.

Sharon N said...

Monte said it best!!! lol

monty924 said...

Enjoyed it! Loved all the bickering and frantic finishes. Not as good as CHOPPED but funny for BB. Good for them. :))

~~Silk said...

Oh, thank you. I don't watch the feeds, so I didn't know the cooking was a contest.